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Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia (DE)
Embroidery: The Language of Art (DE)
Aprons, Robes, and Thrones: Fraternal Regalia Catalogs in the Library & Archives Collection (MA)
Keeping Time - Clockmakers and Collectors (MA)
Into the Woods: Crafting Early American Furniture (MA)
Engraved Powder Horns from the French and Indian War and the American Revolution (MA)
Let's Grow, Build and Learn (MA)
Baltimore Art, Antique and Jewelry Show (MD)
The Currency of Colonial America - the Struggle for Economic Independence (NH)
"Bartering for a Continent: How Anglo-Indian Trade Shaped America" Special Exhibition (VA)
Architectural Clues to 18th-Century Williamsburg (VA)

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Thomas Wright
an English astronomer, mathematician, instrument maker, architect and garden designer. He was the first to describe the shape of the Milky Way and speculate that faint nebulae were distant galaxies.

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A bat (the animal); plural, rearmice. Also reremice; hryremus, reremows, and more. Shakespeare in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (1590) says: Some warre with reremise for their leathern wings. The word was used in the 12th century and still survives in dialects; Browning in PARACELSUS (1835) queried: Do the rearmice still Hang like a fretwork on the gate? The German word for bat is Fledermaus, flitter-mouse; the French, chauve souris, bald mouse. The origin of the English word is not clear; the first syllable may be from Old English hreran, to move (flitter).

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Early Republic
In 1812, how long does it take for any information between England and the United States to cross the Atlantic?
  1. Six weeks

  2. One week

  3. Two months

  4. Three weeks

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We should be unfaithful to ourselves if we should ever lose sight of the danger to our liberties if anything partial or extraneous should infect the purity of our free, fair, virtuous, and independent elections
— John Adams
Inaugural Address, March 4, 1797

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This Day in Early Modern History -- August 25th

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 •  1499-The Battle of Zonchio -- the first naval battle where cannons were used on ships -- ends with the Turkish fleet beating the Venetians
 •  1566-Iconoclastic fury begins in Dutch province Utrecht 
 •  1580-Battle of Alcântara, Spain defeats Portugal
 •  1609-Galileo demonstrates his first telescope to Venetian lawmakers 
 •  1628-Assault on sultan of Mantarams of Batavia 
 •  1688-Sir Henry Morgan dies of "dropsie" in Jamaica
 •  1689-Battle of Charleroi: Spanish and English armies chase French 
  -Montreal taken by Iroquois 
 •  1698-Czar Peter the Great returns to Moscow after trip through West-Europe 
 •  1718-Hundreds of French colonists arrive in Louisiana, found New Orleans
 •  1758-Battle of Zorndorf: Prussia beat Russia, 1000s killed
 •  1768-Captain James Cook departs from Plymouth with Endeavour to Pacific Ocean 
 •  1776-David Hume dies
 •  1795-Curacao slaves opponents return to St. Christopher 
 •  1802-Toussaint L'Ouverture imprisoned in Fort de Joux, Jura, France
 •  1804-Alice Meynell becomes first woman jockey (England)
 •  1814-British forces set fire to the White House, the Capitol, Library of Congress, US Treasury, and other buildings in Washington DC
 •  1825-Uruguay declares independence from Brazil (National Day)
 •  1828-Uruguay's independence is recognized during the Brazil-Argentina peace talk
 •  1829-President Jackson makes an offer to buy Texas, but Mexican government refuses 
 •  1830-Belgium revolts against Netherlands 
 •  1835-The New York Sun publishes Moon hoax story (life found by astronomer John Herschel)

Latest Broadsheets -- Daily news from around the world about the Early Modern Era

Older articles can be found in the Broadsheet Archive
posted on Colonial Sense: 08/10/2016
New England’s largest Revolutionary War reenactment returns
August 06, 2016, The Associated Press by Staff
Grab your musket and tricorn hat: New England’s largest Revolutionary War reenactment is back.

Old Sturbridge Village is hosting the 13th edition of its annual “Redcoats and Rebels ” event. Nearly 1,000 uniformed Revolutionary War enthusiasts are engaging in mock battles and skirmishes on Saturday and Sunday.

Visitors also can watch cannon firing demonstrations and musket drilling exercises, and see troops being inoculated for smallpox and getting their “wounds” dressed at a battlefield hospital.

posted on Colonial Sense: 08/10/2016
‘Pokemon Go’ players blamed for damage at historic fort
August 06, 2016, The Associated Press by Staff
A fort destroyed in the Revolutionary War is again fending off attacks - this time from “Pokemon Go” players.

Caretakers of Fort Phoenix in Massachusetts say players of the popular smartphone game are damaging the historic site.

posted on Colonial Sense: 08/09/2016
AMC’s historical thriller to film final season in Virginia
August 01, 2016, The Associated Press by Staff
The AMC television series “TURN: Washington’s Spies” is getting ready to film its final season in Virginia.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe says the fourth and final season of the Revolutionary War-era drama will be shot in the Richmond area. Most of the filming of the first three seasons took place in Richmond and Williamsburg.

“TURN,” which is about the nation’s first spy ring, is based on Alexander Rose’s book “Washington Spies.”

posted on Colonial Sense: 08/09/2016
Experts Reveal the True Hidden Message in Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’
July 29, 2016, Artnet by Naomi Rea
In the years since Dan Brown unleashed The Da Vinci Code unto the world, there has been much speculation, but it’s time to settle the matter for once and for all: is there actually a hidden message in Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper?

Brown’s 2003 novel ignited conspiracy theories about an alternative relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. The novel claims the figure sitting on Jesus’s right hand side is actually Mary Magdalene, not the disciple John as many would have us believe.

posted on Colonial Sense: 08/08/2016
Remains of lost Spanish fort found on South Carolina coast
July 26, 2016, The Associated Press by Staff
Archaeologists have found the location of a long-sought Spanish fort on the South Carolina coast at the site of what was once the first capital of Spanish Florida.

A release from the University of South Carolina says the site of San Marcos, one of five forts built during the 21-year history of the early settlement of Santa Elena, has finally been located on Parris Island near Hilton Head Island.

posted on Colonial Sense: 08/08/2016
Alamo Dig Yields Colonial Wall Remnants
July 25, 2016, The Texas Tribune by Kirby Wilson
Texas archaeologists may have found more pieces of the Alamo.

Spanish colonial adobe bricks discovered at a dig site in downtown San Antonio's Alamo Plaza may have made up part of the mission's original western wall, researchers announced Monday, although more analysis is needed to verify the architectural function of the centuries-old bricks.

posted on Colonial Sense: 08/07/2016
Yes, Slaves Did Help Build the White House
July 26, 2016, The New York Times by Julie Hirschfeld Davis
When Michelle Obama said in her prime-time televised address to the Democratic National Convention on Monday night that the White House had been built by slaves, she was citing a little-discussed fact that dramatized her own African-American family’s place in history.

But the first lady’s assertion was met with derision and disbelief by some, who questioned whether it was true and said her choice to mention it amounted to an attempt to divide the country along racial lines.

posted on Colonial Sense: 08/07/2016
Excavation reveals secrets of Enfield palace
July 23, 2016, Barnet & Whetstone Press (UK) by Julia Gregory
The selection included a hammer with parts of its wooden handle still visible was discovered by Enfield Archaeological Society during its annual dig at the site of the historic Elsyng Palace which stood in the grounds where Forty Hall is now.

Queen Elizabeth I and Edward VI spent part of their childhoods at the palace on Forty Hill. They heard about the death of their father Henry VIII whilst there.

posted on Colonial Sense: 08/06/2016
Site with clues to fate of fabled Lost Colony may be saved
July 22, 2016, The Associated Press by Martha Waggoner
Clues to what became of North Carolina’s fabled Lost Colony could lie in a waterfront tract where developers once wanted to build thousands of condos — and now, one of those would-be developers is seeking millions of dollars to preserve the property.

The effort to save the 1,000 acres in rural Bertie County is in an early stage. Even the environmental group that developer Michael Flannelly hopes will help hasn’t seen the property yet. But Flannelly said he’s optimistic that his vision will eventually become a reality.

posted on Colonial Sense: 08/06/2016
Fort Necessity National Battlefield: A living, evolving lab for historical research and interpretation
July 21, 2016, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) by Bob Batz Jr.
Fort Necessity National Battlefield is one of the historic sites and monuments that the National Park Service began administering, in addition to natural parks, back in 1933. But history doesn’t just sit idle at these sites, like an artifact in a display case. As the park service and others continue to research and interpret it, history sometimes literally changes shape.

This park — just southeast of Pittsburgh along Route 40, the old National Road, in Fayette County — is important because it’s the site of the first battle of the French and Indian War. That became the global Seven Years’ War between the colonial powers of France and England, both of which were claiming the Ohio Valley — with their respective native allies. The Brits won that conflict, but the costs would include losing America in the Revolutionary War.

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