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The universe is wider than our views of it.
-- Henry David Thoreau

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This Day in Colonial History -- February 14th:
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 •  1540-Emperor Charles V enters Ghent without resistance, executes rebels
 •  1556-Archbishop Thomas Cranmer declared a heretic 
 •  1610-Polish king Sigismund III, False Dimitri #2 and Romanov family sign covenant against czar Vasili Shushki 
 •  1613-King James I's daughter Elizabeth marries Frederik 
 •  1630-Dutch fleet of 69 ships reaches Pernambuco Brazil
 •  1670-Roman Catholic emperor Leopold I chases Jews out of Vienna 
 •  1689-English parliament places Mary Stuart/Prince Willem III on the throne 
 •  1746-Henry Pelham appointed English premier 
 •  1766-Dutch governor Falck signs Treaty of Batticaloa with rebels
 •  1778-"Stars and Stripes" arrives in foreign port for first time (France) 
 •  1779-Patriots defeat Loyalists at Battle of Kettle Creek
  -Captain James Cook is is murdered by natives in Hawaii
 •  1794-First U.S. textile machinery patent granted, to James Davenport, Philadelphia 
 •  1797-Battle of Cape St Vincent: British fleet defeats a larger Spanish fleet
 •  1803-The Supreme Court led by Chief Justice John Marshall declared that any law that goes against the US Constitution is unconstitutional and not enforcable 
  -Apple parer patented by Moses Coats, Downington, Pennsylvania 
 •  1808-John Dickinson dies
 •  1842-Charles Dickens organize the Boz Ball in New York City
 •  1848-James K. Polk became first President photographed in office by Matthew Brady 
 •  1859-Oregon admitted as 33rd state

Latest Broadsheets -- Daily news from around the world about the Early Modern Era
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posted on Colonial Sense: 02/12/2016
Remember the name Nate Parker. You’re going to hear it a lot when ‘Birth of a Nation’ premieres.
January 26, 2016, The Washington Post (DC) by Stephanie Merry
The reception for “The Birth of a Nation” during its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Monday was rapturous verging on mythic. As the movie ended, the sold-out crowd leaped up for a standing ovation, then viewers remained on their feet, in the dark, in awed silence for minutes as the credits continued to roll.

This is an auspicious start for Nate Parker, the director, producer and co-writer who stars as Nat Turner in the movie about the slave and preacher, who led a rebellion in southern Virginia in 1831. You may have seen Parker before — he’s been acting for more than a decade, starring in “Beyond the Lights,” “Red Tails” and “Arbitrage.” But a couple years ago, he vowed to take a break until he could make his passion project.

posted on Colonial Sense: 02/12/2016
The aftermath of 1492: Study shows how Native American depopulation impacted ecology
January 25, 2016, ScienceDaily by Staff
Among the Pueblo Indians of northern New Mexico, disease didn't break out until nearly a century after their first contact with Europeans, following the establishment of mission churches in the seventeenth century, a team of researchers has shown. The depopulation was so extreme it led to changes in forest fires in the region, they say.

posted on Colonial Sense: 02/11/2016
Historian claims to have found the oldest criminal mugshots 'in the world'
February 04, 2016, BBC (UK) by Staff
The photos were taken by the deputy governor of Derby Gaol of some of the region's most hardened criminals.

They feature the leader of a "cracksmen" (burglars) gang, a 24-year-old who had been imprisoned 12 times and a young expert pickpocket.

The photos were taken from 1857 by the governor William Garbutt and were accompanied by handwritten notes littered with Victorian terminology.

posted on Colonial Sense: 02/11/2016
New York Council Resists Renaming Effort to Honor Evacuation Day
January 29, 2016, The New York Times by Sam Roberts
Evacuation Day was New York’s biggest holiday in the 19th century. Today, the anniversary of the British evacuation of New York in 1783 has been so forgotten that City Council lawyers are resisting efforts to name a street after the historical event the holiday commemorates.

The British departure, after seven dismal years of occupation, was celebrated with mayoral sanction for the last time in 1916. On Nov. 25 of that year, about 60 uniformed veterans of the Old Guard of the City of New York rode the subway from their Midtown armory to City Hall and marched down Broadway for a flag-raising ceremony.

posted on Colonial Sense: 02/10/2016
Carte Ranch
February 04, 2016, Snopes by David Mikkelson
CLAIM: Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution holds that "the Federal Government shall never own title to any real property which is not specifically authorized by this Constitution such as parks, forests, dams, waterways, and grazing areas without the consent of the State where same is located."


posted on Colonial Sense: 02/10/2016
Why We Have a Silent B
January 27, 2016, Now I Know by Dan Lewis
The English language can be difficult to learn. There are some weird, subtle examples which may leave a new learner in doubt about how pronunciation works. For example, take the previous sentence. There are two words — “subtle” and “doubt” — which if you were to try and spell them phonetically, you’d miss the letter “b,” as the “b” just sits there, silently.

What are those “b”s doing there, anyway?

Blame some 16th century linguists who wanted to reform the English language.

posted on Colonial Sense: 02/06/2016
Revolutionary War treasure unearthed by N.J. church
January 26, 2016, USA Today by Jerry Carino
On Sundays, they worshiped together at church. On weekdays, they burned each other’s barns and stole each other’s livestock. There was looting, shooting and, occasionally, death.

This was the scene at Old First Church in May 1777, as Revolutionary War fervor rose toward a fever pitch. The oldest Baptist church in New Jersey, a congregation founded shortly after Middletown was settled in 1664, was splintering apart. So its elders took extraordinary measures: declaring allegiance with the patriots, censuring Tory sympathizers and excommunicating others, including some prominent local citizens.

posted on Colonial Sense: 02/06/2016
Archaeologists uncover surprising secret in Bristol Cathedral’s first dig for more than 150 years
January 24, 2016, Bristol Post (UK) by David_Clensy
I FIND Dr Kevin Blockley in Bristol Cathedral's north transept, kneeling in the shadow of the great wooden Bishop's throne. His head is lost inside a hole in the floor where a few of the Victorian flagstones have been lifted.

The trowel in his hand is brushing gently at a small stone vault that has been revealed beneath the red-brown earth.

At just a metre in length, it is clearly the grave of a child, but which young soul found his or her final resting place in this prestigious spot, a few yards from the high altar, is likely to forever remain a mystery.

posted on Colonial Sense: 02/05/2016
500 years after reformation, Pope knocks on Lutherans' door
January 25, 2016, AFP by Angus MacKinnon
Pope Francis will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation by attending an ecumenical service in Sweden as a guest of the Lutheran church, the Vatican said Monday.

In a highly symbolic act of reconciliation that would even recently have been unthinkable for a Catholic pontiff, Francis will visit the Swedish city of Lund on October 31 for a commemoration jointly organised by his own inter-faith agency and the Lutheran World Federation (LWF).

posted on Colonial Sense: 02/05/2016
How Zildjian Cymbals Made It From the Ottoman Empire to Now
January 15, 2016, Smithsonian Magazine by Staff
VIDEO: In 1622, Avedis Zildjian, an Armenian metalworker in Turkey, melted a top-secret combination of metals to create the perfect cymbal. Nearly 400 years later, Zildjian's descendants are one of the most well-known cymbal sellers in the world today.


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