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Intro to Forging (AR)
Selvedged Rug Workshop (AR)
Antique Association of Arcadia Antique Fair (FL)
Harvest Froli Fall Celebration (IL)
Randolph Street Markets Chicago (IL)
Forks of the Wabash Pioneer Festival (IN)
Antiquarian and Collectible Book Fair (KY)
Shaker Farm Day (KY)
Celebrating the Fiber Arts: The Helen Geier Flynt Textile Gallery (MA)
Country Fair 2017 (MA)
Dudley's Do-Right Antique and Collectibles and General Flea Market (MA)
Engraved Powder Horns from the French and Indian War and the American Revolution: The William H. Guthman Collection (MA)
Importing Splendor: Luxuries from China (MA)
Into the Woods: Crafting Early American Furniture (MA)
Open Hearth Cooking Demonstration: It's Pumpkin Time (MA)
Oval Box Carrier Workshop (MA)
Raven's Many Gifts: Native Art of the Northwest Coast (MA)
Why We Collect: Recent Acquisitions at Historic Deerfield, 2010-2017 (MA)
Militia Muster (MD)
September Estate Catalogue Auction - Sloans and Kenyon Auctions (MD)
49th Annual Michigan Antiques and Collectibles Festival (MI)
Fall History Conference (MO)
Fall Seminar (NC)
13TH Annual Harvest Festival (NH)
Living History Weekend: 18th Century Medicine (NH)
Chelsea Flea Market (NY)
Fourteenth Annual Fort Ticonderoga Seminar on the American Revolution (NY)
Hell's Kitchen Flea Market (NY)
The Last Argument of Kings: The Art and Science of 18th-century Artillery (NY)
American Indian and Western Art: Live Salesroom Auction - Cowan's Auction (OH)
Annual Fall Fest and Craft Show (PA)
Cast Iron Cooking Demonstration (PA)
Early Fall Antique Auction - Wiederseim Auctions (PA)
Gettysburg Outdoor Antique Show (PA)
Hearth Cooking Workshop (PA)
Heemet Fescht (PA)
Philadelphia Flea Market (PA)
The Original 169th Semi-Annual York Antiques Show and Sale (PA)
Tufted Wool Embroidery Workshop (PA)
Unraveling the Threads of History (PA)
Great Road Open House (RI)
Cole's Antiques and Collectibles Show (TX)
LaBahia Antiques Show and Sale (TX)
A Rich and Varied Culture: The Material World of the Early South (VA)
America's Folk Art (VA)
American Furniture: From Virginia to Vermont (VA)
Architectural Clues to 18th-Century Williamsburg (VA)
Changing Keys: Keyboard Instruments for America, 1700–1830 (VA)
China of the Most Fashionable Sort: Chinese Export Porcelain in Colonial America (VA)
Color and Shape: The Art of the American Theorem (VA)
From Forge and Furnace: A Celebration of Early American Iron (VA)
German Toys in America (VA)
Lock, Stock, and Barrel (VA)
Revolution in Taste (VA)
Silver from Mine to Masterpiece (VA)
The World Made Small (VA)
We the People: American Folk Portraits (VA)

Featured Citizen [More]

Henry Taylor
an English dramatist and poet, official, and well-connected man of letters. In Witton, Taylor wrote The Cave of Ceada which was accepted for the Quarterly Review. Taylor wrote a number of plays, including Isaac Comnenus (1827), and Philip van Artevelde (1834). This latter brought him fame and elicited comparisons with Shakespeare. In 1845 there followed a book of lyrical poems. His essay The Statesman (1836) caused some controversy, as a "supposedly" satirical view of how the civil service worked.

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Of native origin; an early form of indigenous; also, indigenary, indigcnal, indigenital. An indigene, indigena, a native. Latin indu, an early form of in + gen-, gignere, gentium (whence genital) , to bear, to be born. Indigenity, the state of being native. Note that indigent, lacking, deficient; poor -- indigency, indigence -- are from Latin indu + egere, to want. And that indigerablc, that cannot be digested, is from dis, apart + gerere, gestus; digerere, to set in order, to digest. Indigest, undigested, crude, shapeless, confused, was in use from the Hth century; Shakespeare used it as a noun, a shapeless mass, in KING JOHN (1595) : You are born To set a forme upon that indigst, Which he hath left so shapeless and so rude.

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This Day in Early Modern History -- September 23rd

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 •  1513-King Henry VIII and Emperor Maximilian I conquer Tournai
 •  1561-King Philip II of Spain forbids Spanish settlements in Florida
 •  1642-Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, first commencement
 •  1648-Battle of Pyliavtsi: Bohdan Khmelnytsky's beats John II Casimir Vasa
 •  1666-Princess Maria of Orange-Nassau marries Louis Henry, Count Palatine of Simmern-Kaiserslautern 
 •  1746-Jacob Gilles appointed Dutch pension advisor
 •  1779-John Paul Jones' Bonhomme Richard defeats HMS Serepis in English waters
 •  1780-British Major John Andre reveals Benedict Arnold's plot to betray West Point
 •  1795-Conseil of the Cinq-Cents (Council of 500), forms in Paris
 •  1803-Battle of Assaye-British-Indian forces beat Maratha Army
 •  1806-Meriwether Lewis and William Clark return to St. Louis from Pacific Northwest
 •  1830-Dutch troops occupy Brussels
 •  1835-HMS Beagle sails to Charles Island in Galapagos archipelago
 •  1845-First baseball team, New York Knickerbockers organize, adopt rule code
  -Hunger strike in Hague 
 •  1846-German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle and Heinrich d'Arrest confirm the existence of Neptune, the eighth planet


 •  1734-  Matthew Pratt -- Artists
 •  1740-  Go-Sakuramachi -- Governance
 •  1756-  John Loudon McAdam -- Inventors
 •  1771-  Kokaku -- Governance
 •  1775-  Elisabeth von Adlerflycht -- Artists
 •  1784-  Peter von Cornelius -- Artists
 •  1791-  Johann Franz Encke -- Astronomers
 •  1795-  Alexander Twilight -- ClergyGovernanceEducators
 •  1806-  Frederik Moltke Bugge -- WritersEducators
 •  1812-  Georgiana Fullerton -- Writers


 •  1582-   Louis of Bourbon -- Military
 •  1604-  Gabriel Vasquez -- Writers
 •  1605-  Pontus de Tyard -- Writers
 •  1624-  Willem Pietersz Buytewech -- Artists
 •  1666-  Francois Mansart -- Architects
 •  1675-  Valentin Conrart -- Writers
 •  1696-   Dionysius IV Muselimes -- Clergy
 •  1723-  William Babell -- Composers
 •  1743-  Eric Benzelius the Younger -- ClergyWriters
 •  1789-  Silas Deane -- Governance
 •  1828-  Richard Parkes Bonington -- Artists
 •  1835-  Vincenzo Bellini -- Composers
 •  1852-  John Vanderlyn -- Artists

Latest Broadsheets -- Daily news from around the world about the Early Modern Era

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posted on Colonial Sense: 09/23/2017
America’s First Addiction Epidemic
August 29, 2017, LongReads by Christopher Finan
In spring of 1799, Handsome Lake, a Native American, joined members of his hunting party in making the long journey from western Pennsylvania to their home in New York. Handsome Lake was a member of the Seneca Nation, one of the six nations in the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy). He had once been renowned for his fighting skill. But the Iroquois had been stripped of almost all their lands after the American Revolution. Now fifty years old, Handsome Lake, too, was a shadow of what he had been. He would later say that heavy drinking had reduced him to “but yellow skin and dried bones.” After stopping in Pittsburgh to trade furs for several barrels of whiskey, the hunters lashed their canoes together and began to paddle up the Allegheny River. Only those in the outer canoes had to work. The rest of the party drank whiskey, yelling and singing “like demented people,” Handsome Lake said. The good times didn’t stop after they picked up their wives and children, who had accompanied them on the hunting trip and were waiting at a rendezvous. Everyone looked forward to being home in Cornplanter’s Town, named for its Seneca Leader.

The joy of their homecoming did not last long. There was enough whiskey to keep the men drunk for several weeks. Handsome Lake described the horror of that time:

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/19/2017
Rare Alexander Hamilton Letters Made Public for First Time
August 28, 2017, Time by Olivia B. Waxman
To answer the question posed by the musical Hamilton — how did a "bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman" become one of the Founding Fathers of the United States? — you don't need to score a ticket to the hit show.

Thanks to a new project at the Library of Congress, it just became easier to figure it out online.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/18/2017
North Africa and the Birth of the U.S. Navy
August 23, 2017, AllAfrica by David S. Bloom
Many people already know that Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States, on December 20, 1777, while it was still in the throes of the revolutionary war. Less well known is the fact that this act of recognition was but a small chapter in the long and complicated story of one of America's first global entanglements-which ultimately led to the birth of the US Navy. As the fledgling United States tried to cope with complicated relations with the European powers, it also had to contend with Mediterranean pirates from Africa's northern coast as it attempted to emerge as a prominent global trader--a conflict that eventually led to the Barbary wars.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/16/2017
Christopher Columbus monument vandalized in Baltimore
August 21, 2017, The Baltimore Sun by Pamela Wood
A monument in Baltimore to Christopher Columbus — believed to be the first one erected to the Italian explorer in America — was vandalized.

Baltimore Police said they were looking into the incident, but couldn’t say when the damage took place.

A video posted to YouTube on Monday by a user named “Popular Resistance” shows a man striking the base of the monument near Herring Run Park repeatedly with a sledgehammer. Another person holds a sign that reads: “Racism, tear it down.” Another sign is taped to the monument reading: “The future is racial and economic justice.”

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/15/2017
Christopher Columbus Was a Murderous Moron
August 16, 2017, YouTube by College Humor
[VIDEO] Turns out Christopher Columbus wasn't brave, he was just really bad at math.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/14/2017 -- Followup
Luna Site Confirmed As Largest Mid-16th Century Spanish Settlement In The Southeast
August 06, 2017, NPR by Sandra Averhart
University of West Florida archaeology students and researchers have spent the summer uncovering more details about the 1559 Luna Settlement.

The Tristan de Luna Settlement overlooking Pensacola Bay existed for just two years until 1561.

After its discovery in the fall of 2015, one of the primary goals of UWF researchers was to determine the spatial extent of the site. Now, after two summer field schools - conducted by the UWF Archaeology Institute - and over 900 shovel tests, they have a good idea.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/13/2017
Physicists shed light on rarely seen 16th-century metal-working technique
August 04, 2017, by Hayley Dunning
Imperial researchers have tested a 'blued' gauntlet from a 16th-century suit of armour with a method usually used to study solar panels.

Metalworkers have used various techniques to prevent steel from rusting, some of which turn the metal black-blue. This 'blueing' effect can be created in several different ways, including by applying heat or (in later years) chemicals.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/12/2017
Losing millions of dollars, Colonial Williamsburg makes ‘difficult decisions’
June 30, 2017, WTVR (VA) by Scott Wise
The President and CEO of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation announced "difficult decisions" were made in an effort to keep the historic tourist attraction up and running. In addition to cutting budgets in all departments, Colonial Williamsburg will begin outsourcing jobs it once handled itself. "The Foundation will be outsourcing our golf operations, our retail stores, much of our maintenance and facilities operations, and our commercial real estate management. As we've entered into these outsourcing agreements, our primary consideration was that our employees be treated fairly and respectfully," Mitchell B. Reiss wrote in an open letter to the Colonial Williamsburg Community.

"After a series of tough negotiations, we have required each vendor to retain every employee in these four areas for at least one year. If employees in these four areas decide to join their new employer or if they decline to do so, they will receive a generous severance payment from the Foundation."

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/11/2017
The story of St. Louis’ beginnings becomes more complicated with new archaeological findings
June 08, 2017, St. Louis Public Radio by Alex Heuer
Archaeologists from the Missouri Department of Transportation believe they have found artifacts and evidence of permanent residences in St. Louis prior to 1764, when the city became a permanent trading post along the Mississippi River.

The discoveries and inferences that archaeologists can derive from them add nuance to the complex story of how St. Louis became an important commerce center in the 18th century – more than a decade prior to United States’ independence and nearly 40 years before the country acquired St. Louis through the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/10/2017
Family Reunion at NY Home Damaged During Revolutionary War
August 05, 2017, The Associated Press by Staff
Members of one family whose ancestors owned a New York home damaged during a Revolutionary War battle are gathering at the upstate property for a reunion. More than 40 members of the Marshall family are attending the reunion this weekend at the Marshall House in the village of Schuylerville, on the Hudson River 30 miles (48 kilometers) north of Albany.

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