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If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
-- James Madison

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This Day in Colonial History -- June 30th:
click on      for links to additional information; or go to the Timeline for more events
 •  1520-Spanish conquerors under Cortes take gold from Aztecs and retreat
 •  1528-Burgundy army occupies Utrecht 
 •  1548-Emperor Charles V orders Catholics to become Lutherans 
 •  1559-Duke of Montgomery wounds king Henri II during tournament 
 •  1596-English/Dutch fleet reach Cadiz 
 •  1598-King Philip II moves to Escorial palace 
 •  1607-Annales Ecclesiastici (Scientific History of Catholicism) published 
 •  1643-Battle of Adwalton Moor: Royalists beat parliamentary armies
 •  1648-French premier cardinal Mazarin calls Saint Louis Chamber together 
 •  1688-Whig-Lords questions prince Willem III van Orange on Protestantism 
 •  1700-Gelderland goes on Gregorian calendar (tomorrow is 12/7/1700) 
 •  1704-Pirate John Quelch and his crew are hanged in Boston
 •  1722-Hungarian Parliament condemns emperor Karel VI's Pragmatic Sanctions 
 •  1734-Russian army occupies Danzig 
 •  1741-Pope Benedict XIV encyclical Quanta Cura (Forbidding Traffic in Alms)
 •  1755-Philippines close all non-catholic Chinese restaurants 
 •  1775-Congress impugns Parliament and adopts Articles of War
 •  1794-Battle of Fort Recovery, Ohio
 •  1812-Madison makes urgent call to commission more officers to fight the British
 •  1815-U.S. naval hero Stephen Decatur ends attacks by Algerian pirates 
 •  1819-320 ton SS Savannah becomes first steamship to cross any ocean (Atlantic)
 •  1834-Congress creates Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) 
 •  1857-Battle of Chinhat: Indies rebel under Barkat Ahmed beat British)
 •  1859-Charles Blondin is first to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope

Latest Broadsheets -- Daily news from around the world about the Early Modern Era
Older articles can be found in the Broadsheet Archive
posted on Colonial Sense: 06/30/2015
Fake quotes run rampant among GOP candidates
June 19, 2015, MSNBC by Steve Benen
The first hint of trouble came about a month ago, when Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) told supporters that “Thomas Jefferson said it best” when the Founding Father said, “That government is best which governs least.”

Thomas Jefferson never said this. Walker fell for a fake quote.

Soon after, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) told an audience, “Patrick Henry said this, Patrick Henry said the Constitution is about ‘restraining the government not the people.’” In reality, Patrick Henry said no such thing.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/30/2015
Estonian construction workers dig up medieval ships
June 12, 2015, Agence France-Presse (AFP) by Staff
The capital of Estonia is perhaps not the place where one would expect to find the remains of medieval ships, but that is exactly what happened to a group of construction workers in Tallinn this week.

While working on the foundations for high-end apartments in a seaside area of the Baltic state's capital, the men noticed something strange in the ground: the remains of at least two ships thought to be from the 14th-17th centuries.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/29/2015
Spanish Armada cannons retrieved from Sligo seabed
June 17, 2015, The Irish Times (Ireland) by Lorna Siggins
Two 16th-century cannons in extraordinarily good condition have been recovered by underwater archaeologists from the Spanish Armada wreck site off Streedagh, Co Sligo.

Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Heather Humphreys watched one of the two cannons from the wreck, La Juliana, being raised from the seabed when she visited the location in Sligo yesterday morning.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/29/2015
Mummified bishop is a unique time capsule from the 17th century
June 16, 2015, Lund University (Sweden) by Staff
The mummified remains of Peder Winstrup are one of the best-preserved human bodies from the 1600s. Preliminary investigations reveal a sensational find: the internal organs are still in place.

“We can now observe that Winstrup’s mummy is one of the best-preserved bodies from Europe in the 1600s, with an information potential well in line with that offered by Ötzi the ice man or Egyptian mummies. His remains constitute a unique archive of medical history on the living conditions and health of people living in the 1600s”, says Per Karsten, director of the Historical Museum at Lund University.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/28/2015 -- Followup
At Waterloo Re-Enactment, History So Real You Can Taste It
June 20, 2015, NPR by Eleanor Beardsley
Tens of thousands of people have been gathering in the Belgian countryside over the last week to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo. The bloody battle of June 18, 1815, marked the final defeat for Napoleon at the hands of a coalition of his enemies. The re-enactment is attracting history buffs, tourists and wannabe soldiers.

Napoleon himself is also a big draw. At one intersection where police have blocked a road, a crowd gathers to watch the spunky, 19th century French emperor jump out of a car and take on modern-day Belgian traffic cops. "Uh, we've got Napoleon here," says one policeman into his walkie-talkie.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/28/2015
Study reveals more evidence than expected
June 08, 2015, The Arkansas City Traveler by Foss Farrar
A weeklong archaeological expedition in eastern areas of Arkansas City turned up more evidence than expected that the town was the site of the second-largest Native American settlement in the United States more than 400 years ago, the leader of the expedition said Friday night.

Among the finds during the “dig” last week were three metal balls that were X-rayed in a mobile archaeological lab and found to be made of pure iron and lead, the type of ammunition that was shot from cannons and muskets by Spanish conquistadors who explored the Great Plains in the 16th and 17th centuries.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/20/2015
Face to face with two doomed Franklin members
June 04, 2015, The Star (Canada) by Paul Watson
Archeologists trying to solve one of the Canadian Arctic’s coldest missing-persons cases have called in a forensic artist skilled at getting justice for the lost and murdered.

A team of archeologists, led by Nunavut’s director of heritage and culture, Douglas Stenton, is hoping to solve part of the mystery of Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition with the help of forensic artist Diana Trepkov, who reconstructed the faces of two sailors.

Using two skulls discovered in the High Arctic 22 years ago, the Ontario forensic artist produced two busts that look like figures in a wax museum, staring out from the mists of history.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/20/2015
Centuries-old dugout was discovered in the Bug
June 03, 2015, Science And Scholarship In Poland by Staff
Four-meter boat made from a single piece of wood has been discovered by an accidental finder in the Bug near the village Stary Bubel in the Lublin province. Preliminary analysis of the physicochemical properties suggests that it was made between the fifteenth and mid-seventeenth century.

"Dugouts are not extremely rare finds, but they are certainly interesting and noteworthy. Currently, there are more than 330 known in the Polish territory. Boats, the age of which has been determined, mostly date back to the Middle Ages and modern times" - explained Grzegorz ?nie?ko from of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology PAS in Warsaw.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/19/2015
Entire horse skeleton found in archaeological dig
June 09, 2015, First Coast News (FL) by Jessica Clark
An archaeological dig was tucked next to a construction site of a new restaurant in downtown St. Augustine.

There, St. Augustine Archaeologist Carl Halbirt uncovered a big find.

"During the first day of the excavation, we ran across a bone," Halbirt said. "We knew we had something, but we didn't know exactly what it was."

It turned out to be an entire horse skeleton, a horse burial.

posted on Colonial Sense: 06/19/2015
"Robots of the Caribbean" photograph infamous sunken pirate city
June 03, 2015, by Victoria Hollick
An international marine robotics team including a University of Sydney researcher has conducted a preliminary search of Port Royal capturing large scale images of the infamous sunken pirate city.

Invited by Jamaica's National Heritage Trust the high resolution under water images taken by the team will assist in the Caribbean nation's bid to have the area included in UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Lead by the University of Michigan's Assistant Professor Matthew Johnson-Roberson, an alumnus of University of Sydney's the team used underwater 3D camera diver rigs to map portions of the notorious metropolis, submerged as a result of an earthquake more than three hundred years ago.


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