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300th Anniversary Denison Day Celebration (CT)
Herrmann's Royal Lipizzan Stallions (CT)
Lakewood 400 Antiques Market (GA)
Hearth Cooking Demonstration (KY)
Why We Collect: Recent Acquisitions at Historic Deerfield, 2010-2017 (MA)
Dudley's Do-Right Antique and Collectibles and General Flea Market (MA)
Nooks and Crannies (MA)
Engraved Powder Horns from the French and Indian War and the American Revolution: The William H. Guthman Collection (MA)
Celebrating the Fiber Arts: The Helen Geier Flynt Textile Gallery (MA)
Into the Woods: Crafting Early American Furniture (MA)
Raven's Many Gifts: Native Art of the Northwest Coast (MA)
Importing Splendor: Luxuries from China (MA)
42nd Annual Barnstable Antiques Show and Sale (MA)
10th Annual Jonathan Fisher House Antique Show (ME)
Ellsworth Antiques Show at Woodlawn (ME)
Shaker-Style Carrier Workshop (ME)
Nature’s Outdoor Classroom (ME)
Behind Closed Doors of Castle Tucker (ME)
Space-Dyed Market Basket Workshop (ME)
Woodcarving Workshop: Dogwood Flower Pin (ME)
Candlewicking: Embroidered Sachets Workshop (ME)
Pastimes at Times Past (MI)
American Furniture & Folk Art, Marine and China Trade Auction - Northeast Auctions (NH)
Warren County Antiques Show (NJ)
Chelsea Flea Market (NY)
Hell's Kitchen Flea Market (NY)
The Last Argument of Kings: The Art and Science of 18th-century Artillery (NY)
East End Antique Show (NY)
Madison-Bouckville Big Field Antiques Show (NY)
Cider House Antiques Show (NY)
Out Front at Pinebrick Show Field (NY)
Madison-Bouckville Antique Week (NY)
Indian Opening Acres Antique Show (NY)
Revolution on the Ohio Frontier (OH)
Sonny's Country Store Antiques Public Auction - Conestoga Auctions (PA)
Indian Artifacts and Western Art/ Civil War Swords and Accessories (PA)
Single Sisters Series: Sit & Stitch (PA)
Unraveling the Threads of History (PA)
Afternoons at the Farmstead: Soap Making with the Hyders (TN)
82nd Metroplex Antique Show and Sale (TX)
America's Folk Art (VA)
We the People: American Folk Portraits (VA)
Revolution in Taste (VA)
American Furniture: From Virginia to Vermont (VA)
Lock, Stock, and Barrel (VA)
Changing Keys: Keyboard Instruments for America, 1700–1830 (VA)
China of the Most Fashionable Sort: Chinese Export Porcelain in Colonial America (VA)
A Rich and Varied Culture: The Material World of the Early South (VA)
Silver from Mine to Masterpiece (VA)
Architectural Clues to 18th-Century Williamsburg (VA)
German Toys in America (VA)
Color and Shape: The Art of the American Theorem (VA)
The World Made Small (VA)
From Forge and Furnace: A Celebration of Early American Iron (VA)
Sixth Biennial Windham County History Fair (VT)
Wild Spaces, Open Seasons: Hunting and Fishing in American Art (VT)

Featured Citizen [More]

Eli Whitney
an American inventor best known for inventing the cotton gin. This was one of the key inventions of the Industrial Revolution and shaped the economy of the Antebellum South. Whitney's invention made upland short cotton into a profitable crop, which strengthened the economic foundation of slavery in the United States. Despite the social and economic impact of his invention, Whitney lost many profits in legal battles over patent infringement for the cotton gin. Thereafter, he turned his attention into securing contracts with the government in the manufacture of muskets for the newly formed United States Army. He continued making arms and inventing until his death in 1825.

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A water-nymph. See eche. This form, a diminutive of nix, q.v., was first used by Scott, in THE ANTIQUARY (1816) and in THE PIRATE (1821) : She who sits by haunted well Is subject to the nixie's spell.

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Early Victorian Era
Reform in education began in Massachusetts when they start the 'common school movement,' advocating a statewide curriculum and institute financing of school through local property taxes. Who is the leader of the common school movement?
  1. Ralph Moreland

  2. Rodney White

  3. Horace Mann

  4. Calvin Bishop

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If misery loves company, misery has company enough.
— Henry David Thoreau

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This Day in Early Modern History -- August 19th

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 •  1493-Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I also becomes Archduke of Austria
 •  1524-Emperor Charles V's troops besieges Marseille 
 •  1561-Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, arrives in Leith Scotland to assume throne after spending 13 years in France
 •  1587- Sigismund III Vasa nominated to be king of Poland
 •  1591-French king Henry IV occupies Rouen 
 •  1627-Prince Frederick Henry conquerors fort Groenlo
 •  1691-Battle of Szalankemen: Austrians beat Turks
 •  1692-5 people, including a clergyman, executed after being convicted for witchcraft in Salem, Mass
 •  1698-Russian czar Peter the Great begins term 
 •  1702-Battle of Santa Marta Venz: English fleet beat French
 •  1772- Gustav III seizes effective control of Swedish government and restores full power of monarchy, which had been subordinate to parliament since 1720
 •  1779-Americans raid Paulus Hook, New Jersey
 •  1791-Benjamin Banneker sends a letter and his first Almanac to Thomas Jefferson
 •  1796-Spain and France sign the Second Treaty of San Ildefonso, combining forces in an anti-English alliance
 •  1812-U.S. warship Constitution defeats British warship Guerriere
 •  1816-Java again in Dutch hands 
 •  1821-Failed liberal coup against French King Louis XVIII 
 •  1826-Canada Company chartered to colonize Upper Canada (Ontario)
 •  1839-Details of Louis Daguerre's first practical photographic process are released in Paris
 •  1849-New York Herald reports gold discovery in California 

Latest Broadsheets -- Daily news from around the world about the Early Modern Era

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posted on Colonial Sense: 08/05/2017
USS Constitution Sails Into Boston Harbor Once Again
August 24, 2017, NPR by Christianna Silva
America's oldest commissioned warship returned to Boston's waters in shipshape on Sunday night.

The USS Constitution eased into the water at Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston National Historical Park on Sunday evening. The dry dock in which it had been repaired was flooded, according to a statement from the U.S. Navy, and at 11:15 p.m. the ship sailed into Boston Harbor. The Boston Globe reported that about 300 people gathered around the ship to see it hit the waters again, and there was a celebration at the USS Constitution Museum.

posted on Colonial Sense: 08/04/2017
Louvre’s Poussin masterpieces damaged after torrential rain hits Paris
August 17, 2017, The Art Newspaper by Gareth Harris
Officials at the Louvre in Paris say that "traces of water" were found last week on paintings by Nicolas Poussin and Jean François de Troy after heavy storms hit the capital (9-10 July). Other works under threat by Georges de la Tour and Eustache Le Sueur were subsequently placed in storage as a safeguard measure.

According to a museum statement, “water seeped into the mezzanine of the Denon wing (the Islamic Art and Eastern Mediterranean areas), the first floor of the Sully wing (Salle des Sept-Cheminées, Henri IV staircase) and the second floor of the Cour Carrée (certain French painting galleries).”

posted on Colonial Sense: 08/01/2017
Why Politicians Are Talking About Duels (Again)
July 25, 2017, by Thad Morgan
...During an interview with local Corpus Christi radio host Bob Jones, Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold surprised many with his comments on a group of fellow Republicans (all women) who didn’t support efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“If it was a guy from south Texas, I might ask them to step outside and settle this Aaron Burr-style,” said Farenthold. Although he quickly issued a statement that his remarks were “clearly tongue in cheek,” it raised more than a few eyebrows, especially since the duel he was referencing was anything but a lighthearted affair.

posted on Colonial Sense: 07/31/2017
Christopher Columbus Replica Ships Confronted By Iroquois Canoeists
July 18, 2017, Indian Country Today by Alex Hamer
As part of a several month tour along the east coast of the U.S. in 2017, two Christopher Columbus’ replica sailing vessels, the Nina and Pinta, arrived at the Albany Yacht Club in Rensselaer, New York, on July 15th. Upon their arrival, a group of 20 Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) canoeists, including Chief Jake Edwards of the Onondaga Nation, met with the captain of the vessels to discuss the impact of Christopher Columbus on Indigenous Peoples.

The Niña and Pinta ships—built by a private organization known as the Columbus Foundation—are replicas of what Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic on his three famous voyages beginning in 1492.

posted on Colonial Sense: 07/30/2017
James Buchanan Bought and Freed Slaves—But Not For the Reason You Might Think
July 26, 2017, by Erin Blakemore
Every once in a while, a historical rumor turns up that just might change how you see a figure from the past. Take James Buchanan. Though the 15th president is often blamed for inaction in the years leading up to the Civil War, some claim that he purchased, then freed slaves out of his personal hatred of the institution.

So is the story truth or myth? It turns out that Buchanan did buy, then free slaves—but not for the reason you might think.

posted on Colonial Sense: 07/29/2017
History Buffs Celebrate Forgotten Revolutionary War General
July 28, 2017, The Associated Press by Jennifer Mcdermott
History buffs have one wish on the 275th birthday of a Revolutionary War general: That he'll get the recognition he deserves.

Nathanael Greene was a major general in the Continental Army and a trusted adviser and good friend to George Washington. Historians say his decisions were crucial to the American victory in the South campaign, yet many people haven't heard of him.

posted on Colonial Sense: 07/28/2017
America’s Forgotten Swedish Colony
July 25, 2017, by Evan Andrews
Most Americans are familiar with France, Spain, Holland and England’s colonial history in the United States, but lesser-known is New Sweden, a Swedish holding that once spanned parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The upstart settlement dates to the early 17th century, when the great powers of Europe were all scrambling to plant their flags in North America. In the midst of this frenzy of colonization, the Kingdom of Sweden looked to carve out a piece of the New World for itself. The result was one of the most peculiar overseas ventures of the Age of Discovery.

posted on Colonial Sense: 07/27/2017 -- Followup
New Jersey Museum Holds A Stash Of 221-Year-Old Madeira Wine
July 14, 2017, NPR by Camila Domonoske
There's young wine. There's mature wine. And then there's the wine stashed away at Liberty Hall Museum in Union, New Jersey.

The museum's wine cellar includes several cases of Madeira wine that were imported as long ago as 1796. The museum says some of the Portuguese wine was ordered to celebrate the presidency of John Adams, the second president, who took office in 1797.

posted on Colonial Sense: 07/26/2017
The Plundering Politician
July 16, 2017, Today I Found Out by Staff
The Society of Saint Tammany, founded in 1789 in New York City, is named for Tamanend, a chief of the Delaware tribe. It started out as a patriotic and charitable organization, created by tradesmen who weren’t allowed to join the more exclusive clubs that the wealthy belonged to. As wave after wave of new immigrants arrived in New York City during the 1800s, Tammany gave them a helping hand with food, shelter, and jobs.

Meanwhile, the Tammany politicians were building an enormous base of support by organizing immigrants into a voting bloc. By the time Boss Tweed came along, the society had evolved into a well-oiled political machine that was known as Tammany Hall after its headquarters (aka its “wigwam”) on East 14th Street.

posted on Colonial Sense: 07/25/2017
Online Map Charts Massacres of Indigenous Australians
July 11, 2017, Smithsonian Magazine by Brigit Katz
In July of 1843, a group of 20 European colonists in Australia set out on a murderous mission. Members of the Indigenous Brataualang group had killed the nephew of the Scottish pioneer Lachlan Macalister—possibly in retaliation for the deaths of several Aboriginal people—and the colonists wanted vengeance. They surrounded a waterhole at Warrigal Creek in Victoria and opened fire, killing between 60 to 150 Brataualang people. According to firsthand accounts of the incident, the pioneers shot and shot, until the water ran red with blood.

The massacre at Warrigal Creek is one of the largest and most violent killings of Aboriginal people by European settlers, but it is far from the only one. As the BBC reports, researchers at the University of Newcastle in Australia have created a comprehensive online map charting the many massacres that took place between the years of 1788— when the first British fleet arrived in Australia—and 1872. The project seeks to highlight the sheer scope of violence committed against Aboriginal people during Australia’s Frontier Wars, a long, often vicious conflict that pitted Indigenous groups against pioneers from Europe.

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