The Following List Contains the Names of Coverlets Made in the Overshot, Double Weave, and Summer and Winter Styles


Blooming Flower

Catalpa Flower

China Leaves

Cluster of Vines

Dogwood Blossom - Kentucky and Tennessee

Dogwood Rose

Double Rose

Fading Leaf

Fig Leaf

Flower of the Mountain - North Carolina

Flowers of Canaan

Flowers of Edinboro - Kentucky and Tennessee

Flowers of Lebanon - Massachusetts

Flowery Plains - Tennessee

Flowery Vine

Folding Leaf

Four Snowballs

Governor' s Garden

Granny's Garden - Kentucky

Hickory Leaf

Holly Leaf

Indiana Frame Rose - North Carolina

Islands of the Sea - Connecticut

Kentucky Snowballs - Kentucky

King's Flower - Kentucky and North Carolina

King's Garden- Maine

Laurel Blossom

Leaf and Snowball

Lemon Leaf - Kentucky

Lily of the Valley - North Carolina

Lily of the West

Magnolia - Tennessee

Mountain Flower - Tennessee

Mountain Rose

Nine Snowballs

Old ·Roads - West Virginia

Olive Leaf

Orange Trees

Pansies and Roses in the Wilderness

Path of the Sunbeam - Maine

Peony Leaf - Virginia

Pine Bloom - Kentucky

Pine Burr

Pine Top

Piney Rose - North Carolina


Primrose - Connecticut, 1813

Primrose and Diamonds

Red Rose - Virginia

Reed Leaf

Rose and Blossoms

Rose and Compass

Rose and Diamonds


Rose in Bloom

Rose in Blossom

Rose in the Garden - North Carolina

Rose in the Valley

Rose in the Wilderness - Kentucky

Rose Leaf and Bud

Rose of Sharon - Kentucky

Rose of the Valley

Roses and Pinies in the Wilderness

Rose Walk - Sweden

Rosy Walk

Shamrock - Tennessee

Single Snowballs

Sixteen Snowballs

Snowball and Dewdrop

Snowball and Leaf


Snow Drop

Spring Flower

Sun Flower

Sunrise on the Walls of Troy

Trailing Vine - Kentucky and Tennessee

Twining Vine - Kentucky

Wandering Vine

Wide World's Wonder

Winding Vine - Kentucky and Tennessee

Wonder of the Forest - Virginia

World's Wonder - Kentucky

Wreaths and Roses - Tennessee


Alabama Squares

Arrow - North Carolina

Bachelor's Thumb - Kentucky

Bird's Eye

Bricks and Blocks

Buckens [sic] and Owls - Rhode Island

Cat's Paw

Cat Track - Kentucky


Cross Roads Dimity

Dog Tracks - Massachusetts

Dollars and Cents - Kentucky

Doors and Windows - Kentucky

Double Chain

Double Compass

Double Table

Flower Pot

Fool's Puzzle - Tennessee

Forty-Nine Diamonds

Four Times - Virginia

Ginny Fowle - Kentucky and Virginia

Green Veils

Hail Storm - North Carolina

Hen Scratch - Kentucky

Honeycomb - New York


Ice Balls

Little Window Sash - Virginia

Locks and Dams - Kentucky

Log Cabin

Number Three - Virginia

Number Two - Virginia

Orange Peeling

Pea Fowl


Rattlesnake Trail - New York

Reed Canes, Panel Doors, and Window Sash - North Carolina

Rocky Mountain Cucumber

Shuckeroones - Rhode Island

Sister Blankets

Sixteen Squares

Snail Trail

Snake Shed

Snow Storm

Snow Trail


Stripes and Squares

Sugar Loaf - Kentucky and Tennessee

Summer and Winter Wheel Draught

Wandering Winding Blades and Folding Windows - North Carolina and Tennessee

Wheels and Squares - Tennessee

White House or American Beauty

Wild Mountain Cucumber - Rhode Island

Winding Leaves and Folding Windows - North Carolina and Tennessee

Windows - Tennessee

Windows and Doors - Kentucky

Window Sash - North Carolina

Window Sashes


Alabama Beauty

Baltimore Beauty

Beauty of New York

Boston Beauty

California Beauty

Captured Beauty

Everybody's Beauty

Four-Square Beauty

Kaintuck Beauty - Kentucky

Lasting Beauty - Virginia

Missouri Beauty - North Carolina

North Carolina Beauty

Parson's Beauty

Petersburg Beauty - Pennsylvania

Richmond Beauty

Rocky Mountain Beauty


Stolen Beauty

Troy's Beauty

Virginia Beauty


Bachelor's Delight

Bachelor's Fancy - Rhode Island

Diaman's Fancy

Dutchman's Fancy

Frenchman's Fancy

Gentleman's Fancy

Isaac's Favorite - North Carolina and Tennessee

King's Delight

Ladies' Delight

Lady's Fancy

Little Girl's Fancy

Maiden's Fancy

Mother's Favorite - Tennessee

Queen's Delight

Rich Man's Fancy - North Carolina

Sally's Fancy

Solomon's Delight Wheeler's Delight

Young Man's Fancy


Blazing Star

Little Blazing Star

Lone Star of Texas

Morning Star

Sea Star - North Carolina

Seven Stars - North Carolina

Star of the East - North Carolina

Sunrise - Kentucky

The Rising Sun

The Star of Venus

Virginia Star


Floating Wave

Flourishing Wave

Ocean Wave


Baltimore Street - Maryland

Brush Valley - Maryland

Cassie Rogan - Tennessee

Cope - Tennessee

Ellen Egger's Counterpane Draught

Eve Mast - Tennessee

Hixson - Tennessee

Isle of Patmos - Tennessee

Mary - North Carolina

Miss Chester - North Carolina

Murphy's Legacy - Tennessee

Old Duckett - North Carolina

Old Virginia

Owlsey Forks - Kentucky

South Country

St. Ann's Robe - Tennessee


Friendship - Kentucky

Girls' Love

Lonely Heart - Kentucky

Lover's Chain - Pennsylvania

Lover's Knot - Pennsylvania

Soldier's Return - Tennessee

True Lover's Knot - Virginia


Charity Wheel

Four Wheels

Iron Wheel - North Carolina

Methodist Wheel - North Carolina

Penford Chariot Wheels - Kentucky

Pilot Wheel - Kentucky

Running Wheel - Kentucky

Single Chariot Wheel - Kentucky

Single Wheel

Sixteen Chariot Wheels - Tennessee

Sixteen Wheel Chariot - Tennessee

Wheel and Squares

Wheel of Fancy

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Time - Minnesota


Broken Diamond - North Carolina

Cross and Diamond

Crown of Diamonds - North Carolina

Double Diamonds

Eight-Block Diamond

Half Diamond

Heart and Diamonds

Nine-Block Diamond

Square and Diamond

The King's Diamond


Battle of Richmond

Battle Union

Bonaparte's March

Bonaparte's Retreat

Braddock's Defeat - Kentucky

Confederate Flag

Cornwallis's Victory - Kentucky

Democrat Victory - North Carolina

Downfall of Paris - Kentucky and North Carolina, 1815

Indian Camp

Indian March

Indian War

Indian Warfare

Jackson's Army

Jay's Fancy

Jefferson's Fancy - New Jersey

Lady Washington's Delight

Lafayette's Fancy

Lee's Surrender

Maid of Orleans - Tennessee

Martha Washington's Choice

Mexican Banner - Tennessee

Missouri Trouble

Mount Vernon - Tennessee

Perry's Victory

Polk and Dallas

Tennessee Trouble

Travis's Favorite

Washington's Diamond Ring - Virginia

Washington's Victory

Whig Rose


Birds of the Air - New York

Bird's-Wye Coverlet

Blue and White Coverlet Number Three

Block Coverlet

Broken Snowballs

Capa's Number Five

Catch Me If You Can

Church Windows - Kentucky

Compass Diaper

Compass Work

Cross-a- Wise (Ireland, 1796)

Cuckoo's·Nest - Kentucky

Double Bow Knot

Double Muscadine Hulls

Federal City - Kentucky

Federal Knot

Flag of Our Union

Flag Work



Fox Trail - North Carolina

Freemason's Walk

Gardener's Note

Guess Me - North Carolina

Irish Chain

Job's Trouble - Tennessee

Kentucky Snowflakes

Lady's Fancy Draught

Leopard Skin - North Carolina

Leopard Spots - Tennessee

Little Checked

Mission Draught

New Jersey Dream

Old Glory

Prussian Diaper

Queen of England - Virginia

Queen's Household

Queen's Patch - Kentucky

Queen's Puzzle

Rings and Flowers of Virginia

Scarlet Balls

Single Chain

Spotted Leopard - Tennessee

Squares of England

Summer and Winter

Tennessee Lace - Kentucky

Tennessee Trouble in North Carolina

The Bride's Table - Kentucky

The Globe - Kentucky

The Seashell

The Union Draught


Waffle Weave

Weaver's Choice

Weaver's Pleasure

Winding Girl - Kentucky

Work Complete

Young Lady's Perplexity - Kentucky

Source: Research, photos & text by Bryan Wright

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I have a Jacquard coverlet(blue on white) with some moth and stain damage. It was made for my great great grandmother in 1829. It has her name and the date woven into the pattern. Can anyone recommend a restoration company?
Ken, Try Family Heirloom Weavers. Here is the website:

They are located in Red Lion PA. You can also contact Melinda Zongor at the Museum,

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