Recent Additions
Jacquard Loom Walkthrough
Duration: 7:13
Duration: 1:32
overview of the Jacquard loom
Duration: 0:20
WHC Behind the Scenes Jacquard Loom
Duration: 4:36
27th Annual Lee Academy -Fabric Being Woven on a Jacquard Loom.AVI
Duration: 1:25
jacquard loom
Duration: 0:21
Making of TPG Issue 7: Jacquard Loom footage
Duration: 5:16
Jacquard loom weave in motion
Duration: 0:41
Polish weavers keep "Jacquard" tradition alive
Duration: 2:05
Smit Textile GS900 Jacquard Loom
Duration: 0:58
Electric Jacquard Needle Loom
Duration: 1:37
Jaquard Loom at Busatti Mill
Duration: 0:41
Jacquard Loom Video Clips
Duration: 1:50
Jacquard Loom: Early Computer Programing
Duration: 2:35
Lang Pioneer Village - Two Harness Loom Demonstration and Weaver's Shop Project Update
Duration: 6:22

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