It's amazing to think that the common everyday accoutrements of colonial life -- the pottery, the tools, the kitchen utensils -- would one day be valued at thousands of dollars apiece (imagine a future antique dealer shelling out $10k for your Tupperware set!). Of course, not every artifact from early America can command such prices, nor is every one of them deemed "valuable;" you can still find many colonial objects at a much lower cost.

This section is devoted to other antiques -- other than furniture, the mainstay of the antiques market -- that we have found to be of special interest to us. You'll find the gamut runs from extremely rare and valuable items to others that, while not collectible from a monetary standpoint, are still unique or interesting enough on their own terms. We hope you enjoy learning about them.

Antique Schoolgirl
Brandywine River Antiques
Market: Chadds Ford, PA
Brimfield Antique Market
Christmas Toys
Early Lighting
Foot Warmers
Glass Manufacturing:
Pittsburgh, PA
Ivy Hall Antiques:
Abbottstown, PA
The Jacquard Loom

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