Morgan House - Colonial Candlelight Tour 2007
Colonial Candlelight Tour 2007
Each year in
Kulpsville, Pennsylvania to celebrate holiday festivities, the Morgan Log House holds their annual Colonial Candlelight Tour. For a fee, visitors can enjoy a tour of the home which will be decorated in the 18th century tradition. The house was built around 1700. The Towamencin Historical Society has researched the previous owners. In their research, they found that Edward and Elizabeth Morgan, grandparents of Daniel Boone, owned the property from 1708 to 1741. Edward purchases 309 acres of land from Griffith Jones. On the land was a dwelling house.

Morgan House - Detail of the Germanic Architecture
Detail of the Germanic Architecture
After various owners and once being condemned in 1967, the Morgan Log House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and restoration of the log home was completed in 1976. The project architect determined that 90% of the house's architecture remained in tact from the initial construction period. It is the only surviving 2 1/2 story log home in America.

Morgan House Picture
Step back in time with stories being told by some of the original owners. Drink hot mulled apple cider as you enjoy the warmth of the fire. Historical Welsh interpreters dressed in clothing of the day will share the holiday customs and traditions by candlelight. This year's tour will be hold December 13 from 2 pm to 7 pm. There is a gift shop to buy some of your holiday gifts.

Source: Research, photos & text by Bryan Wright

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