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Aert Mijtens
a Flemish Renaissance painter. Mijtens was active in Brussels, Rome, Naples (where he was successful and worked for the court of the Viceroy), L'Aquila, and The Hague. He was a teacher of Barend van Someren during his Rome residency. Van Someren married Mijtens' daughter and returned with her to Flanders. Aert Mijtens painted altarpieces, historical and mythological paintings, and portraits. He died in Rome.

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Fell Monger
One who removes hair or wool from hides in preparation for leather making.

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When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?
— Benjamin Franklin

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This Day in Early Modern History -- September 25th

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 •  1513-Vasco Nunez de Balboa is first European to see Pacific Ocean
 •  1555-Freedom of Religion in Augsburg
 •  1560-Spanish king Philip II names Frederik Schenck van Toutenburg as first archbishop of Utrecht 
 •  1597-Amiens surrenders to French King Henry IV
 •  1621-Swedish troops occupy Riga
 •  1629-Jacques Specx appointed governor-general of Dutch-Indies
  -Sweden and Poland signs Peace of Altmark
 •  1639-First printing press in America
  -Suzuki Shosan, Samurai monk of Zen Buddhism, finds awakening 
 •  1654-England and Denmark sign trade agreement 
 •  1690-Publick Occurrences, first U.S. (Boston) newspaper, publishes first and last edition
 •  1775-American Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen is captured
 •  1780-Benedict Arnold joins the British 
 •  1781-Joan Derk van der Capellen scatters "To the People of the Netherlands" pamphlets to demand the burghers' rightful part in the government
 •  1789-Congress proposes Bill of Rights (10 of 12 will ratify)
 •  1829-Failed assassination attempt on Simon Bolivar
 •  1836-HMS Beagle anchors at St. Michael
 •  1844-Canada defeats USA by 23 runs in the first cricket international
 •  1846-U.S. troops under General Zachary Taylor occupies Monterey Mexico
 •  1857-Relief of Lucknow by Henry Havelock and James Outram begins


 •  1599-  Francesco Borromini -- Architects
 •  1620-  Francois Bernier -- WritersPhysicians
 •  1644-  Ole Christensen Romer -- AstronomersInventors
 •  1694-  Henry Pelham -- Governance
 •  1718-  Nicola Conforto -- Composers
 •  1726-  Angelo Maria Bandini -- Writers
 •  1734-  Louis de Rohan -- ClergyGovernance
 •  1737-  Jonathan Odell -- ClergyWriters
 •  1764-  Fletcher Christian -- Explorers
 •  1781-  William Kneass -- Artists
 •  1782-  Charles Maturin -- ClergyWriters
 •  1793-  Felicia Hemans -- Writers
 •  1798-  Hendrik Scheffer -- Artists
 •  1806-  James H. Ward -- Writers
 •  1829-  William Michael Rossetti -- Writers


 •  1506-  Philip I of Castile -- Governance
 •  1534-  Clement VII -- Clergy
 •  1536-  Johannes Secundus -- Writers
 •  1537-  William Framyngham -- Writers
 •  1617-  Go-Yozei -- Governance
 •  1621-  Mary Sidney -- GovernanceWriters
 •  1626-  Lancelot Andrewes -- ClergyWriters
  -  Theophile de Viau -- Writers
 •  1630-  Ambrogio Spinola -- MilitaryGovernance
 •  1679-  Philips Augustijn Immenraet -- Artists
 •  1680-  Samuel Butler -- Writers
 •  1727-  Sarah Kemble Knight -- WritersCommerceEducators
 •  1767-  Louis-Pierre d'Hozier -- Writers
 •  1777-  Johann Heinrich Lambert -- AstronomersScientists
 •  1849-  Johann Strauss I -- Composers

Latest Broadsheets -- Daily news from around the world about the Early Modern Era

Older articles can be found in the Broadsheet Archive
posted on Colonial Sense: 09/24/2020
HS2 uncovers world’s oldest railway roundhouse at Curzon Street archaeological site
March 10, 2020, HeritageDaily by Staff
HS2 Ltd has unearthed what is thought to be the world’s oldest railway roundhouse at the construction site of its Birmingham Curzon Street station.

The roundhouse was situated adjacent to the old Curzon Street station, which was the first railway terminus serving the centre of Birmingham and built during a period of great significance and growth for the city. Built to a design by the 19th century engineer Robert Stephenson, the roundhouse was operational on 12 November 1837 – meaning the recently discovered building is likely to predate the current titleholder of ‘world’s oldest’ in Derby by almost two years.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/22/2020
The Lost Palace of Whitehall
September 07, 2020, HeritageDaily by Staff
The Palace of Whitehall was the primary residence of English monarchs from AD 1530 until 1698, located in Westminster, London.

The site of the palace was bought by the Archbishop of York Walter de Grey during the 13th century, calling it York Place. York Place was enlarged for King Edward I and his entourage during renovation work to Westminster Palace and was greatly expanded by Cardinal Wolsey during the 15th century.

In 1529 Wolsey was stripped of his government office and property by Henry VIII, who acquired York Place to replace the Palace of Westminster which had been gutted by fire in the royal privy.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/20/2020
Matthew Hopkins – The Real Witch-Hunter
July 24, 2020, HeritageDaily by Staff
Matthew Hopkins was an infamous witch-hunter during the 17th century, who published “The Discovery of Witches” in 1647, and whose witch-hunting methods were applied during the notorious Salem Witch Trials in colonial Massachusetts.

From the 16th century, England was in the grips of hysteria over witchcraft, caused in part by King James VI, who was obsessed with the dark arts and wrote a dissertation entitled “Daemonologie” in 1599.

James had been influenced by his personal involvement in the North Berwick witch trials from 1590, and amassed various texts on magical studies that he published into three books to describe the topics of magic, sorcery, and witchcraft, and tried to justify the persecution and punishment of a person accused of being a witch under the rule of canonical law.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/18/2020
Haul of Rare Items Found Under the Floorboards of Tudor House
August 17, 2020, HeritageDaily by Staff
A rare haul of historic items has been discovered beneath the floorboards of Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk, England.

The discovery was made during a project to reroof Oxburgh Hall, a moated manor house constructed by Sir Edmund Bedingfeld after he inherited the estate in 1476.

Researchers studying the items said that the variety, age, and significance of the items found, gives a unique insight into the history of the Oxburgh Hall. Independent archaeologist Matt Champion agreed to continue researching the finds through lockdown on his own, and carried out a careful fingertip search.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/16/2020
The Lost Palace of Henry The VIII
May 18, 2020, HeritageDaily by Diarmaid Walshe
In a small rural village in West Kent England, remains a relatively unknown jewel of Tudor design and architecture – Otford Palace

In its heyday, Otford Palace was one of the main centres of both Royal and Ecclesiastical power in England. The palace was witness to many of the key events of the turbulent Tudor period and is a physical expression of the rivalry between two major players in the court of Henry VIII – The Archbishop of Canterbury, former Lord Chancellor of England, William Warham and Archbishop Wolsey, Henry’s right-hand man and Lord Chancellor of England.

The site of Otford palace lies in the parish of Otford, Kent, a few miles south-east of Greater London and adjacent to the Pilgrims Way, which tradition maintains was the road taken by pilgrims to the shrine of Thomas Becket at Canterbury.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/14/2020
Sunken Temple Resurfaces in Mahanadi River
June 22, 2020, HeritageDaily by Staff
Archaeologists from the Indian National Trust for Art (INTACH) have announced the re-appearance of a submerged temple in the Odisha region of India.

The temple was dedicated to Lord Gopinath, an avatar of Vishnu and dates from the 15th-16th century.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/12/2020
Oliver Cromwell – The siege of Clonmel
May 17, 2020, HeritageDaily by Diarmaid Walshe
When we look back on the career of Oliver Cromwell, we see a man who is famed for being a genius as a statesman, general and administrator.

If we explore Cromwell’s military record when faced with an experienced and competent adversary, his lack of tactical ability is glaringly exposed.

Cromwell’s reputation as a master of military tactics was earned as one of the main commanders of the New Model Army in the English Civil War, where he played a key role in the defeat of the forces of Charles I. However, when we compare his record at the siege of Clonmel, Ireland, we need to reassess this belief.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/10/2020
The story of three African slaves during Spanish colonialism, as told by their bones
April 30, 2020, HeritageDaily by Staff
Despite the infamy of the transatlantic slave trade, scientific research has yet to fully explore the history of the enslaved Africans brought into Latin America.

In a study appearing April 30th in the journal Current Biology, scientists tell the story of three 16th century African slaves identified from a mass burial site in Mexico City. Using a combination of genetic, osteological, and isotope analyses, the scientists determined from where in Africa they were likely captured, the physical hardships they experienced as slaves, and what novel pathogens they may have carried with them across the Atlantic. This study paints a rare picture of the lives of African slaves during early Spanish colonization and how their presence may have shaped disease dynamics in the New World.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/08/2020
19th-century dock, built to accommodate the HMS Beagle designated a scheduled monument
May 11, 2020, HeritageDaily by Staff
A 19th-century dock that served the HMS Beagle when it was patrolling British waters as a maritime coastguard vessel to be given heritage protection.

...The dock was built around 1847 and was a cut mooring dock, in which vessels could rest during low tide. It remained in use until around 1870, where documentary evidence tells us the Beagle and dock were dismantled and repurposed.

posted on Colonial Sense: 09/06/2020
April 22nd 1778 – The day America raided England
April 05, 2020, HeritageDaily by Staff
On April 22nd, 1778, a lone USS Naval ship carried out a daring raid during the American Revolutionary War on the town of Whitehaven in England.

It was a clear night and the frost had begun to settle across the west coast of Cumbria. Two boats were lowered around 11.00pm from the USS Ranger, a 308 long ton (313 t) sloop-of-war in the Continental Navy, armed with 18 × 6-pounder guns.

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