We've had a lot of inquiries about paid text links.

We hate text links. We think they look amateurish and fly-by-night-ish and have resisted posting them on CS for a long time. But when is a text link not a text link? When it's a Colonial Sense Sponsorship link!

So what we offer now is a paid link to your page and/or site. Unlike most other advertising on CS -- which has to conform to the early modern era in some way, shape or form -- we'll accept Sponsor links from most anybody (keeping in mind that we're a family-friendly site, so no porn (or most other adult-only) links are accepted).

Your "text link" can have a logo, site name, tagline, and of course, a link to your page. There are many options (see below) to craft your link exactly as you please.

Currently, Sponsor links cost you $150/year, $75 for six months. This (as far as we can tell) is well below current market rates, but at that price we can still pay our bills as well as give you a really good deal for sponsoring us.

So, at a minimum, we need:

Name: Name of your page or web site
Logo: Your logo or other representative image
Tag: Your slogan, or other promotional text
Link: Full URL of your page or web site
Duration: 6 or 12 months, basically the same monthly expenditure for either

Prices are subject to change. Your Sponsorship will be valid until the end of its run. Changes in fees would be applied to renewal of your sponsorship.


LogoAlt: Alternate text displayed instead of Logo if images are turned off in browser; default is "[Name] Logo"

LogoLinkOnly: Only your Logo will be an active link (normally Logo, Name & Tag are all clickable)

LinkTitle: Displayed when user hovers over your link; default is "[Name]"

GETParam: Allows you to append a GET parameter to the end of your link to be used by your site to know that the page request is coming from your CS Sponsor link (i.e.

ShowName: Shows the Name with your link. Used to suppress display of your Name when it is incorporated within your logo

NoMetrics: Normally, your link calls a Javascript routine that records the clickthrough (and perhaps other info), then opens your indicated page. If you do not wish to collect metrics with your link, no info will be gathered and your link will directly open your page.

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