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Is it too late to impeach George III?
January 20, 2020, CNN by Joseph J. Ellis

Before there was Donald Trump, there were Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and Andrew Johnson, all presidents who were impeached or, in Nixon's case, resigned before the impeachment vote could occur. There are compelling legal reasons to regard this list as complete. Let me suggest there are also compelling historical reasons to add George III to the list.

For legal scholars, the seminal document of the American founding is the Constitution. That makes splendid sense, especially when it comes to assessing any putative violation of executive power, since the Constitution defines such power in Article II. It also provides the language for impeaching and removing a president, which the framers deliberately made hard to do.

But if you dive a layer deeper, and read the debates over executive power that occurred in June, July and August 1787, it soon becomes clear that the framers were haunted by conversations that had occurred in that very same room 11 years earlier, in July 1776. The ghost at the banquet was George III.

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