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Tea with Martha Washington

Fri, Aug. 8 '08 - Sat, Aug. 8 '20

Culinary • VA
Mount Vernon • 3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway, Mount Vernon VA 22309

Step back in time and join Martha Washington for a cozy tea as she shares memories of her and the General’s life as a young married couple, during the Revolutionary War and Presidency, and at their beloved Mount Vernon.

Enjoy some of the Washingtons' favorite treats and delicacies prepared by the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant. Following the program guests are invited to take a self-guided tour of the estate.


Sweet potato biscuits with ham
Raspberry and strawberry preserves
Rice pancakes with orange slice
Stewed peas and lettuce
French olives - the General's favorite
Martha's candied ginger and orange peel
Cherry tart
Afternoon English tea

Phone: 703-780-2000
Email: events@mountvernon.orgWebsite: http://www.mountvernon...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Inspired Design: Asian Decorative Arts and Their Adaptations

Sat, Mar. 2 '19 - Sun, Feb. 9 '20

Exhibition • MA
Historic Deerfield • 84B Old Main St, Deerfield MA 01342

Historic Deerfield, 84B Old Main St, Deerfield MA 01342, Saturday and Sunday 9:30-4:30.

Official Opening: May 3, 2019

By the 17th century, English and European merchants purchased and traded quantities of luxury goods such as lacquerwares, porcelains, and textiles from cultures centered in Southeast Asia. Emerging New England elites also acquired these tangible examples of global sophistication and economic success to decorate their homes and adorn their bodies. These imports proved so popular that they could hardly satisfy the growing desire for new textiles, clothing forms, furniture, ceramics, and other decorative arts. To meet this increasing demand, enterprising English, European, and American manufacturers competed with these global imports by producing more affordable versions of Asian design and decorative elements.

Inspired Design: Asian Decorative Arts and Their Adaptations highlights 18th- and 19th-century Asian decorative arts and their imitations, drawn from the museum’s rich collection. The exhibition explores how Western craftsmen adapted Asian decorative arts into a design vocabulary more familiar to them and their customers, and highlights New Englanders’ own quest for these imported goods.

Contact 413-775-7217.
Email: events@historic-deerfi...Website: http://www.historic-de...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Forgotten Soldier Special Exhibition

Sat, Jun. 29 '19 - Sun, Mar. 22 '20

Exhibition • VA
Historic Jamestown • 1365 Colonial Parkway, Williamsburg VA 23185

Discover personal stories of enslaved and free African Americans who fought on both sides of the Revolutionary War through interactive elements and compelling art displays, including a new contemporary work by nationally acclaimed artist Titus Kaphar. Follow the forgotten stories of African Americans who enlisted as soldiers for the American cause for a free and independent nation and those who joined British forces with the promise of obtaining their own freedom. Related public programs feature a series of lectures, genealogy workshops and interpretive demonstrations with re-enactors from African-American military regiments.

Phone: 757-253-4572
Email: rsvp@jyf.virginia.govWebsite: http://www.historyisfu...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Trails West

Mon, Jan. 6 - Sun, Feb. 2

Exhibition • MO
Missouri History Museum • 5700 Lindell Blvd, Saint Louis MO 63112

The history of the West can’t be told without St. Louis. Likewise, the history of St. Louis can’t be conveyed without the role of westward expansion. From its founding in 1764 to the Civil War period, the city was a vital trading post, launching point, and supply center for tens of thousands of immigrants, soldiers, explorers, naturalists, traders, Gold Rush miners, and pioneer families.

But it’s easy to forget that the trails flowed in both directions: Many people returned to St. Louis and greatly contributed to the city’s economic, cultural, and ethnic development. Drawing from the Missouri Historical Society’s unrivaled collections, the Atrium installation Trails West features letters, journals, maps, and illustrations from immigrants of many nations who left their mark on US history.

Phone: 314-746-4599
Email: info@mohistory.orgWebsite:
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Cost of Revolution: The Life and Death of an Irish Soldier

Tue, Jan. 7 - Tue, Mar. 17

Exhibition • PA
Museum of the American Revolution • 101 South Third St, Philadelphia PA 19106

What can a life tell us about an era?

Follow the untold story of Irish soldier and artist Richard St. George, whose personal trauma and untimely death provide a window into the entangled histories of the American Revolution of 1776 and the Irish Revolution of 1798. The art he created and commissioned visualizes a unique perspective of the physical and emotional costs of these revolutionary moments.

In 1776, Richard St. George joined the British Army and donned a red coat to fight against the American “rebels.” Over the next twenty years, St. George survived a severe head wound at the Battle of Germantown, mourned over the tragic death of his wife, and saw the rule of kings and of gentlemen like himself violently challenged on two continents. Along the way, he made sketches, published cartoons, and commissioned portraits and paintings to document his experiences and emotions. In 1798, he stood in opposition to the growing Irish Revolution and was killed by his tenants.

As a result of new discoveries made by the Museum’s curators, the art and artifacts from St. George’s life and death will be reunited in Philadelphia from across the globe.

Phone: 215-253-6731
Email: info@amrevmuseum.orgWebsite: http://www.amrevmuseum...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Life in the Western Country: Arkansaw Territory from 1819-1836

Tue, Jan. 7 - Sun, Apr. 5

Exhibition • AR
Historic Arkansas Museum • 200 E. Third St, Little Rock AR

This exhibit celebrates the 200th anniversary of the creation of “Arkansaw” Territory. Historical documents, like the deed to the first newspaper print shop west of the Mississippi, provide context for stories of opportunity and westward migration, while a needlework sampler stitched by a young Cherokee girl at the Presbyterian school known as Dwight Mission speaks to the displacement and cultural assimilation of Native Americans. House shoes worn by William Savin Fulton, the last governor of Arkansas Territory, and tablewares similar to what would have been used at Jesse Hinderliter’s tavern remind us of the timeless desire for the comforts of home. These authentic items shed light on the culture, experiences, and beliefs of some of the state’s earliest inhabitants. Life in the Western Country continues through April 5, 2020.

Phone: 501-324-9351
Email: info@historicarkansas....Website: http://www.historicark...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Stitched Together

Tue, Jan. 7 - Sat, Oct. 31

Exhibition • AR
Historic Arkansas Museum • 200 E. Third St, Little Rock AR

Quilting is a skill that was carried to the New World by immigrants. However, in the almost two and a half centuries since the colonies became states, quilting evolved into a uniquely American tradition. Most early quilts were not the thrifty creations of hard-strapped settlers, but elegant, complex compositions that commemorated significant life events and were reserved for the family’s best bed.

Arkansas quilts pre-dating 1850 are rare; the majority of surviving 19th century quilts were produced in the last quarter of the century by the hard-working wives and daughters of independent yeoman farmers. Despite the demands of daily life, Arkansas women found time to create some of the most exquisitely crafted quilts in the entire country.

This exhibit tells the story of quilting in Arkansas through a selection of the museum’s most treasured bed covers. On display in Cabe Gallery from through October 2020.

Phone: 501-324-9351
Email: info@historicarkansas....Website: http://www.historicark...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Paul Revere’s Ride Revisited: Drawings by Fred Lynch

Wed, Jan. 8 - Sat, Mar. 7

Exhibition • MA
Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library • 151 Essex St, Haverhill MA 01832

“Paul Revere’s Ride Revisited: Drawings by Fred Lynch,” a new exhibition now on view at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library, provides a fresh perspective on Paul Revere’s famous ride. This exhibition features 19 drawings by artist Fred Lynch, accompanied by his written impressions. Fred Lynch’s drawings of landmarks—both celebrated and lesser known—show how much has changed since Revere’s time, even as echoes of his era remain. The exhibition is on view through March 7, 2020.

Americans recognize Revere’s now-famous warnings: “The British are coming” or “The Regulars are out.” The story of Revere’s ride is over 200 years old, and its place in the early days of the American Revolution is well understood. For many, however, the details of Revere’s ride are left to their imagination. Fred Lynch’s drawings fill some of the gaps. His visual and written impressions provide viewers with an opportunity to consider how the scenes and buildings along Revere’s path have changed. Fred Lynch resides in the Boston area and is an artist, illustrator, and professor of Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design.

“Paul Revere’s Ride Revisited” illustrates this evolution within a modernizing metropolis. In one of the more harrowing experiences of his journey, Revere was forced to divert course to narrowly avoid capture by British officers. Today, the location sits across from a pizza shop, represented in Lynch’s drawing “Royal Pizza & Subs” in Somerville, MA. The site of a perilous moment in Revere’s story is now shown as a peaceful suburb, far removed from the urgency of Revere’s ride.

While time has changed much along Revere’s route, some landmarks have been preserved. The drawing, “Munroe Tavern,” shows a well-maintained building in snowy Lexington, MA. The building has long been seen as an important landmark and a reminder of the events that took place on April 19, 1775. The tavern currently operates as a museum, on the day of the battles in Lexington and Concord it served as a makeshift field hospital and, in 1789, hosted George Washington when he came to pay visit to the battlefield.

The starting point of Revere’s ride was, of course, his own home. In his drawing, “The Paul Revere House,” Lynch captures the oldest house in downtown Boston—constructed in 1680—behind a modern car, representing the past and present. The building changed hands for years until 1902, when Paul Revere’s great-grandson purchased it. The house was restored with the purpose of turning it into a museum, as it is today.

“Paul Revere’s Ride Revisited” traverses Paul Revere’s famous route, underscoring some of what has been preserved, as well as a lot what would be unrecognizable to colonists. Lynch explores this dynamic in a visual essay that talks about Revere’s journey from Boston to Lincoln in a new way.

Phone: 781-861-6559
Email: info@srmml.orgWebsite:
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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43rd Anniversary Antique and Collectible Auction Weekend #2

Thu, Jan. 23 - Sun, Jan. 26

Antique Auction • IN
Kraft Auction Service • Kraft Auction Service, Valparaiso IN 46383

43rd Anniversary Antique and Collectible Auction Weekend #2 January 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2020 Starting at 10am CDT Each Day!

Phone: 219-973-9240
Email: info@KraftAuctions.comWebsite: http://kraftauctions.h...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Redwood Country Flea Market

Fri, Jan. 24 - Sun, Jan. 26
8am - 4pm

Flea Market • CT
170 S Turnpike Rd, Wallingford CT 06492

Friday-Sunday 8-4.

Phone: 203-269-3500
Email: kennydubar@hotmail.comWebsite: https://www.facebook.c...
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24th Annual Vero Beach Extravaganza

Fri, Jan. 24 - Sun, Jan. 26

Antique Show • FL
Indian River Fairgrounds • 7955 58th Ave, Vero Beach FL 32967

Early Buyers Friday 12-5, general admission Saturday 9-5, Sunday 9-4.

Phone: 941-697-7475 • Contact: Puchstein Promotions Inc
Email: info@WPBAF.comWebsite:
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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The Art, Design and Antiques Show

Fri, Jan. 24 - Sun, Jan. 26

Antique Show • NY
Wallace Hall • 980 Park Ave at 84th St, New York NY 10028

Friday 10-7, Saturday 11-6, Sunday 11-5.

Phone: 516-971-7710
Email: bradreh2@aol.comWebsite:
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Cole's Antiques and Collectibles Show

Fri, Jan. 24 - Sun, Jan. 26
9am - 6pm

Antique Show • TX
3637 South State Highway 237, Warrenton TX 78954

Phone: 281-229-5877
Email: dianecole10@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.colesantiqu...
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The Winter Show

Fri, Jan. 24 - Sun, Feb. 2

Antique Show • NY
Park Avenue Armory • 643 Park Avenue, New York City NY 10065

Opening Night Party January 23, 2020, 5–9 PM

Young Collectors Night January 30, 2020, 6–9 PM

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12 PM–8 PM
Tuesday & Thursday 12 PM–4:30 PM
Saturday 12 PM–7 PM
Sunday 12 PM–6 PM

Phone: 212-355-9009, ext #311 • Contact: TYLER MAHOWALD
Email: https://thewintershow....
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Brian Lebel's Western Americana Show

Sat, Jan. 25 - Sun, Jan. 26

Antique Show • AZ
Mesa Convention Center • 263 N Center St, Mesa AZ 85201

Saturday 9-4, Sunday 9-3.

Phone: 480-779-9378
Email: http://www.oldwesteven...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Wheaton Arts Mid-Winter Antique Show

Sat, Jan. 25 - Sun, Jan. 26

Antique Show • NJ
Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center • 1100 Village Drive, Millville NJ 08332

Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4.

Phone: 856-825-6800
Email: tthompson@wheatonarts....Website:
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Winter Workshop Series: 1777 British Canada Army Coats

Sat, Jan. 25 - Sun, Jan. 26
9am - 5pm

Workshop • NY
Fort Ticonderoga • 100 Fort Ti Rd, Ticonderoga NY 12883

In this two-day workshop, learn the latest research on British enlisted regimental coat construction and their modification by the British Army in Canada in February 1777. Discover period shortcuts for these military garments, produced en masse for regimental contracts. Saratoga National Battlefield Historian & author, Eric Schnitzer will present his research on Captain Fraser’s Company of Rangers in 1777. In addition to coat cloth and lining, lace and buttons are available for Burgoyne campaign regiments including the 9th, 20th, 21st, 33rd, 47th, 53rd. Please inquire about the availability of other regimental coats.

The workshop includes lunch each day, a cut-out kit for your coat, and sewing materials.

Phone: 518-585-6190 • Contact: Gibb Zea
Email: info@fort-ticonderoga....Website: http://www.fortticonde...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Scott Antique Markets

Sat, Jan. 25 - Sun, Jan. 26

Antique Show • OH
Ohio Expo Center • 717 E 17th Ave, Columbus OH 43211

Saturday 9-6, Sunday 10-4.

Phone: 740-569-2800
Email: info@scottantiquemarke...Website: http://scottantiquemar...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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72nd Annual Lebanon Antique Show

Sat, Jan. 25 - Sun, Jan. 26

Antique Show • OH
Warren County Fairgrounds • 665 N. Broadway, Lebanon OH 45036

Saturday 10-5, Sunday 11-4.

Phone: 513-932-1817
Email: wchs@wchsmuseum.orgWebsite: https://www.harmonmuse...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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The Flea Market at Eastern Market

Sun, Jan. 26
9:30am - 4:30pm

Flea Market • DC
Capitol Hill • 300 7th St SE, Washington DC 20003

Phone: 202-215-6993 • Contact: Mike Berman
Email: http://easternmarket.n...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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White's Auction

Sun, Jan. 26

Antique Auction • MA
White's Auction • 19 Jackson St, Middleboro MA 02346

Previews: Fri. Jan. 24th & Sat. Jan. 25th 12pm-6pm Sunday Jan. 26th...10am to 12:30 PM Start?

Phone: 508-947-9281 • Contact: John White
Email: johnwhiteauctions@yaho...Website: http://www.whitesaucti...
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Before 1704: Wampum Traditions and Landscapes of Memory

Sun, Jan. 26
2pm - 3pm

Forum • MA
Historic Deerfield • 84B Old Main St, Deerfield MA 01342

This year marks the 316th anniversary of the raid on the English settlement of Deerfield by French soldiers, Canadiens, and their Native allies on February 29, 1704. The 2020 Winter Lecture series shares new scholarship and insights on an event that continues to captivate more than three centuries later. Join us for three afternoon lectures where presenters will share insights into the role of wampum in regional inter-tribal alliances and inter-cultural encounters in the decades preceding the 1704 attack, the captive experience, and the continuing relevance of the Deerfield raid.

Phone: 413-774-5581
Email: events@historic-deerfi...Website: http://www.historic-de...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Winter Antiques/Collectibles Show and Sale

Sun, Jan. 26
7am - 1pm

Antique Show • NH
Brookline Event Center • 32 Proctor Hill Rd, Brookline NH 03033

Phone: 603-673-4474 • Contact: Ron and Kathy Pelletier
Email: http://www.brooklineev...
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Milford Antiques Show

Sun, Jan. 26

Antique Show • NH
Hampshire Hills Sports and Fitness Club • 50 Emerson Rd, Milford NH 03055

Early Buyers Sunday 6:30-8:30, regular admission 8:30-9:30, free admission 9:30-12.

Phone: 781-329-1192 • Contact: Jack Donigian
Email: milfordantiqueshows@gm...Website: http://www.milfordanti...
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Important Americana

Sun, Jan. 26

Antique Auction • NY
Sotheby's Auction • 1334 York Ave, New York NY 10021


THU, 16 JAN 20 | 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM EST
FRI, 17 JAN 20 | 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM EST
SAT, 18 JAN 20 | 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM EST
SUN, 19 JAN 20 | 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM EST
MON, 20 JAN 20 | 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM EST
TUE, 21 JAN 20 | 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM EST
WED, 22 JAN 20 | 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM EST
THU, 23 JAN 20 | 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM EST
FRI, 24 JAN 20 | 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM EST
SAT, 25 JAN 20 | 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM EST

Phone: 212-606-7130 • Contact: Erik Gronning
Email: erik.gronning@sothebys...Website:
and: https://www.facebook.c...
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Montpelier Antiques Market

Sun, Jan. 26

Antique Show • VT
Canadian Club • 414 East Montpelier Rd, Route 14, Barre VT 05641

Early Buyers Sunday 8-9, general admission 9-1.

Phone: 802-751-6138 • Contact: Don and Cindy WIllis
Email: info@montpelierantique...Website: http://www.montpeliera...
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