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διαθήκηEnglish and Irish Reformations, Puritanism, Post-Reformation Scholasticism & more!Blogs
1666 Great Fire Of LondonOne morning in 1666 a sudden fire in a Pudding Lane bakery went on to destroy two-thirds of London. Read the key facts here.Culture
1692 In AmericaA year in the life of a colonial landCulture
17th Century Physician's HandbookTreatments and remedies transcribed from a working Physician's handbook published in the 17th centuryBlogs
The 17th Light DragoonsBlog for Living History group based at Mt. Harmon Plantation in Earleville, MDBlogs
17th-century American Women "a museum in a blog, with snippets of history & paintings & images that fascinate me"Blogs
18cNewEnglandLife.orgInterpretive Resources of 18th Century Clothing & AccoutrementsCulture
18th Century Bibles & Other Literature"preserve historical accuracy and to present the great Christian literature of the 1700s"Documents
18th Century Blog"Fashion and Culture from the 1700s"Blogs
18th Century History"...a source of anything and everything related to the 18th Century."Blogs
18th Century LifeApparently defunct - "...a group of friends who share a passion for the 18th century"Blogs
18th Century Music"I have been working on this 18th century music project for two years and welcome suggestions and contributions"Blogs
18th Century Stays"Discussing aspects of Stays and the Stay-Making Trade"Blogs
18th-century American Women Including portraits of women & a look at the artists who painted them..Blogs
18thC Cuisine"Explore with me 18thC French cuisine as a habitante in Nouvelle France may have cooked"Blogs
An 18thc. house for sale in New HampshireAn 18thc. house resotred over many years for sale in New Hampshire. Many photos.Blogs
The 1st Continental Artillery Regiment"...attempts to as accurately as possible recreate the life and times of the common Continental artillerist through encampments and battlefield reenactments"Living History
The 1st Delaware Regiment"Sons of the Blue Hen & Game to the End!"Living History
28th North Gloucestershire Regiment of Foot1802-1815 Living history GroupLiving History
2d Virginia Regiment"...recreated by a group of dedicated historians with a love of history who which to represent the life and times of the common Continental soldier as accurately as possible."Living History
44th Regiment of Foot"A re-cration of a British regiment in the year 1755"Living History
The 4th Legionary CorpsRecreates the activities of the original regiment during their service in the American War of Independence from 1781-1783Living History
93rd Sutherland Highland Regiment of FootPrimary emphasis is on the 1812/Napoleonic era, extending into the Crimean War and Indian Mutiny of the 1850sLiving History
Adams National Historical Park
John Adams' home. Includes Peacefield and the Stone Library.Historic Sites
Samuel Adams: Assorted WorksAssorted worksDocuments
John Adams: Official PapersOfficial papersDocuments
Age of Discovery News"devoted to sharing information related to exploration history, through a news-based blog and links to resources"Blogs
Airs, Waters, Places"The seventeenth-century environment"Blogs
An American Colonial ExperienceAn educational and theatrical organization created by Roger Cooper, a "reenactor" and amateur historian of the American Colonial and Revolutionary War period.Living History
The American Colonist's LibraryA treasury of primary source documents pertaining to early American history (500 BC - 1800 AD)Documents
American CreationA group blog to promote discussion, debate and insight into the history, particularly religious, of America's founding.Blogs
American Duchess"...a costume blog designed to educate and entertain those interested in learning more about the fashions of the 18th century and other periods of dress"Blogs
American History CentralOnline digital encyclopediaCulture
American Origins 1600-1900Interactive exhibit by the National Portrait GalleryCulture
American Revolution & Founding EraExplores the critical formative years of the United States of America, from the days of colonial unrest through the American Revolution and into the Constitutional era and the War of 1812.Blogs
The American Revolution and Maryland’s PressMaryland State Archives: To study eighteenth century life and the advent of the American Revolution as reported in the Maryland Gazette.Documents
American Revolution Blog A Blog Dedicated to the American Revolution, American Colonization, and Early American History in General. Blogs
The American Village Citizenship Trust
NAtionally Pioneering Civic Education Center & Historical Village: To strengthen and renew the foundations of American liberty and self-governmentHistoric Sites
AmericanLongrifles.orgPromote, preserve and support the traditional art and craft of building and using the American Longrifle.Culture
Anchora"The history and future of early modern books and their readers."Blogs
The Androscoggin Historical Society
"The discovery, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Androscoggin County and the State of Maine."Societies
Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century"Secrets, rumors and scandals whispered throughout the age of Louis XVI"Blogs
Arbuckles Fort
(West Virginia)
Fort used to protect the western frontier Historic Sites
Archiving Early America"Your Window to Early America"Culture
Arkansas Post National Memorial
Site of the Colbert Incident in 1783Historic Sites
The Arlington Historical Society
To promote and encourage the knowledge of the history of the Town of Arlington and the preservation of its antiquities.Societies
ar_1Interactive presentation of the American RevolutionCulture
A Jane Austen Gazetteer"Virtually visit the real places that Jane Austen and her family inhabited in reality"Blogs
Austen Only"Jane Austen's life, times and works explained and discussed"Blogs
The Jane Austen Society of North America
"...dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of Jane Austen and her writing"Societies
Jane Austen Today"...explores Jane Austen as we see her today in movies, print, sequels, web sites, and other modern day media."Blogs
Jane Austen's Letters"Jane Austen's Letters Annotated and Explained"Blogs
Jane Austen's World "...brings Jane Austen, her novels, and the Regency Period alive through food, dress, social customs, and other 19th C. historical details related to this topic"Blogs
The Avalon Project: 18th-Century DocumentsDocuments from 1700-1799 in the Lillian Goldman Law LibraryDocuments
Bacon's Castle
Built in 1665, rare surviving example of Jacobean architecture in America. Historic Sites
Benjamin Banneker Historical Park & Museum
The museum and park honor America’s first great African American man of mathematics and science on the site of his birthplace and farmstead.Historic Sites
The Bar Harbor Historical Society
"To maintain a permanent exhibit of all historical materials relating to the town of Bar Harbor."Societies
Baroque Explorations"research into 17th century life, and the era of the Court of Louis XIV, the Sun King, in particular"Blogs
Battle RoadA group of reenactors, all of whom volunteer their time to research, plan, and put on events related to April 19, 1775 in the Lexington and Concord area.Living History
Bedford Minuteman Company"...a marching and ceremonial unit dedicated to keeping our Colonial Heritage alive and honoring the Bedford Flag, the first Battle Flag to fly over the Colonials in the Revolution."Living History
Being Bess"...dedicated to celebrating the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603) through research, first-person interpretation and multimedia."Blogs
Belle Grove Plantation
An authentic 1797 Manor House, built by Major Isaac Hite and his wife Nelly Madison Hite, sister of President James MadisonHistoric Sites
The Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society
(New York)
"...devoted to the preservation and interpretation of Long Island's past, in particular with the history of the Bellport, Brookhaven, East Patchogue area"Societies
The Bennington Battle Monument
British General Burgoyne met defeat hereHistoric Sites
Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site
(New York)
British General Burgoyne fought against the American forces here in August 177Historic Sites
Bennington Museum
Includes information about the battle of BenningtonHistoric Sites
Bennington's Colonial BlogBlog on restoring a colonial home.Blogs
Berkeley Plantation
Site of the first official Thanksgiving in 1619Historic Sites
Bites of Food History"Sharing my Experimental Archaeology of Food "Blogs
The Black Powder JournalAn electronic magazine for the Black Powder enthusiast; apparently defunct, still contains articles of merit.Living History
Blogging Shakespeare"Embracing Shakespearean Conversation in a Digital Age"Blogs
Blogging the Renaissance"Early modern topics and whatever else we want" (now defunct, but still some good articles)Blogs
Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park
Site of the last battle of the Revolutionary WarHistoric Sites
Bodleian Library Broadside BalladsContains over 30,000 16th-, 17th-, and 18th-century broadside ballads. Documents
The Anne Boleyn Files"The REAL TRUTH about Anne Boleyn 'The Most Happy'"Blogs
Daniel Boone of Kentucky"Bringing History to Life...."Living History
Boston 1775History, analysis, and unabashed gossip about the start of the American Revolution in Massachusetts.Blogs
Boston Massacre Historical Society
"...experience the rich and complex history of the Boston Massacre through innovative online features and content."Societies
Boston National Historic Park
Comprised of eight different important Revolutionary sites Historic Sites
Brandywine Battlefield Park
Largest engagement of the Revolutionary War was fought here on September 11, 1777Historic Sites
The Brattleboro Historical Society
"Finding ways to acquaint succeeding generations with information about their heritage."Societies
Breeding Dunghill FowlFollow our journey to continue the breeding of the Dominique as well as cross/back breed to recreate the old Dungill FowlBlogs
The Brewster Historical Society
“Create and foster an interest in the history of the Town of Brewster; to promote historical research; to preserve historic structures; to collect and preserve documents and artifacts, and to provide for their custody”Societies
The Bridgehampton Historical Society
(New York)
Owns several historic buildings in town, the Corwith House, and stewards of the Nathaniel Rogers HouseSocieties
The Bridgton Historical Society
"To preserve the local history, traditions and customs of Bridgton, Maine and the surrounding area"Societies
The Brigade of the American RevolutionA non-profit living history association dedicated to recreating the life and times of the common soldier of the American War for Independence, 1775-1783.Living History
Bristol Historical Society
Promote an interest in local history and encourage an appreciation for its importance.Societies
The British BrigadeTo honour the memories of those British and American soldiers and their families who served their country while fighting and dying for their beliefs and loyalties during the American War of Independence.Living History
British Soldiers, American Revolution"...information about British soldiers who served during the American Revolution, 1775-1783"Blogs
The Brookfield Museum and Historical Society
Collect the history of Brookfield and make it available, educational and interesting to all.Societies
Buckman Tavern
Minutemen gathered here in April 19, 1775 to await the British arrival in Lexington MassachusettsHistoric Sites
The Buffalo Trace"...main focus is the mid 18th century Ohio country frontier and the Hunters/traders that worked out of Fort Pitt."Blogs
Bunker Hill Monument
Site of military engagement in the struggle for BostonHistoric Sites
The Burgwin-Wright House
(North Carolina)
Restored 1770 home of John Burgwin, planter, merchant, and treasurer of the colony of CarolinaHistoric Sites
Buried History of the American RevolutionThe British side of the War of IndependenceCulture
The Burning of the Valleys Military AssociationLiving history group composed of units which reenact, mostly, the Revolutionary War in the Mohawk, Schoharie and Upper Hudson Valleys.Living History
Butler's Rangers"...designed to provide a regimental organization for constituent independent companies to further historical research, standardize uniform design and drill, and integrate company activities at historical re-enactments."Living History
Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village
A living history museum dedicated to the preserving our history and promoting a better understanding of early life in Southwestern OhioHistoric Sites
California Missions
Covers the 21 missions founded in California between 1769 and 1823.Historic Sites
Camden County Historical Society
(New Jersey)
A private, non-profit organization dedicated to the collection, preservation and presentation of the history, historic resources, historical artifacts and documents of Camden County and South Jersey.Societies
Camp Morristown National Historic Park
(New Jersey)
Occupied by General George Washington and the Continental Army during the Revolutionary WarHistoric Sites
Cardiff ShakespeareShakespeare related research and eventsBlogs
Cardinal Wolsey's Today in History"Cardinal Wolsey's Musings on Tudor History, Medieval History, Early-Modern History and Anything Else that Takes His Fancy"Blogs
The Carolina Brigade" provide mutual support for and dissemination of information among Continental reenactment organizations in North and South Carolina."Living History
The Carter Mansion
Oldest frame house in TennesseeHistoric Sites
Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society
(New York)
Preserving the history and heritage of the Moravia, New York area.Societies
The Century House Historical Society
(New York)
Dedicated to the industrial history of the Rosendale natural cement region.Societies
Chester Historical Society
(New Jersey)
Preserving the history of Chester, N.J.Societies
Chinese Historical Society of New England
The first educational organization dedicated solely to documenting, preserving, and promoting the history and legacy of Chinese immigration in New EnglandSocieties
Christiana Historical Society
Historical society for one of the earliest colonial towns in AmericaSocieties
Clinton Historical Society
(New York)
Collect, preserve, document, research, and interpret the Clinton community's past for today and future generationsSocieties
The Coalition of Historical Trekkers"... living historians dedicated to the preservation and study of the pre-1860 frontier people in America"Living History
Coggeshall Farm Museum
(Rhode Island)
A living history farm depicting agrarian life in the year 1799Historic Sites
The Coins of Colonial and Early AmericaThis Project features discussions, descriptions and images of the coins and tokens used in Colonial and Confederation America based on examples in the Department of Special Collections at the University of Notre DameCulture
Col. Knox's Artillery RegimentA group of living history interpreters who participate in battle demonstrations for the public.Living History
The Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards 1815"We are a drill display and living history society representing Monck's Regiment (and its descendents) and currently specialising in the Napoleonic period."Living History
The Colonel's Company of the Thirty-Third FootA re-created company of one of the finest British marching Regiments to serve King George during the American War for Independence.Living History
Colonial America MapsFrom the Rare Map Collection, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of GeorgiaDocuments
Colonial CurrencyStudy of Colonial CurrencyCulture
The Colonial Living History AllianceFocuses on Farmers, Shopkeepers, Tavernkeepers, Midwives and other civillians in the Living History/Reenactment community.Living History
Colonial National Historic Park
Site of Yorktown Battlefield, the final major battle of the American Revolutionary War in 1781 Historic Sites
The Colonial Navy of MassachusettsRecreated unit teaches history and continues the heritage of original navy.Living History
Colonial Williamsburg
Website of the restored colonial capital.Historic Sites
Conder Token Collectors' Club "Welcoming all collectors of 18th century British tradesmen's tokens"Culture
The Conestoga Area Historical Society
Preserving the history of the Pennsylvania townships of Conestoga, Manor, Martic, Pequea as well as Millersville and Washington Borough.Societies
Confessions of a CI-Devant"Musings on History, Life, Literature, Movies, Art and Merriment"Blogs
Connected Histories"Sources for Building British History, 1500-1900"Culture
Connecticut Historical Society
A non-profit museum, library, and education center.Societies
The Constitutional Sources ProjectThe free online library of constitutional source documentsDocuments
Contemporary Jacobean SocietyStudies of Webster, Ford, Shakespeare, Dekker, Marston, et al. Gender and adaptation-history studies.Blogs
The Continental LineAn educational organization of recreated units representing many units active during the American Revolution.Living History
The Continental MarinesBased in Great Britain, they "have recreated the Marines as they appeared during the American War of Independence, based on descriptions from contemporary accounts and sources."Living History
Conversion Narratives in Early Modern Europe"The project team will uncover neglected resources, including letters, pictures, and interrogations, to shed light on the stories people told about their religious lives."Blogs
Cornwall Iron Furnace
America’s most complete charcoal fueled ironmaking complex.Historic Sites
The Costumer's Manifesto: 18th Century ClothingExtensive list of links to online resources for 18th Century clothing (17th & 19th century clothing on other pages)Living History
Costumes, Cats and the 18th Century"I love sewing, costumes and the fashions of the 18th century (and cats). "Blogs
The Country Lady Antiqueswebsite featuring early antiques, tour of our 18thc. home and our living history adventuresCulture
Cowpens National Battlefield
(South Carolina)
On January 17, 1781, Daniel Morgan's colonials defeated Banister Tarletons force of British regulars hereHistoric Sites
Crazy Concord ChicksEclectic blog on 18th-century AmericaBlogs
David Crockett State Park
David Crockett State Park was dedicated in May of 1959, in honor of one of Tennessee's most famous native sons.Historic Sites
Oliver Cromwell
(New York)
The life of Oliver Cromwell in numbersHistoric Sites
Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area
(New Jersey)
"the only state-wide non-profit organization established to offer a forum for new citizen initiatives on education, historical interpretation, site use and heritage tourism; and to raise popular appreciation of the historical significance of the American Revolution in New Jersey"Historic Sites
Crown Point State Historic Site
(New York)
At the outbreak of the war, colonists captured the fort, securing cannons and heavy ordnance; later occupied by General John Burgoynes army in 1777Historic Sites
Culture & Stuff"dedicated to unearthing less familiar stories from the past, prancing in the footnotes of mostly Parisian history of the 17th and 18th centuries"Blogs
The Cumberland County Historical Society
"...dedicated to collecting, preserving and interpreting the rich history of Cumberland County."Societies
A Cuppe of Newes"Early Modern Studies at Exeter, Around the Southwest, and Beyond"Blogs
The Cynic SangThe (Un)Official Blog of the William Blake ArchiveBlogs
The Davistown Museum
A regional tool, art, and history museum with two physical locations in Maine and an extensive website.Societies
Dedham Historical Society
“purposes of collecting and preserving such … records … and traditions as may tend to … perpetuate the history of New England and especially the town of Dedham.”Societies
Delaware County Historical Association
(New York)
Collects, preserves and presents the history and traditions of Delaware County and the surrounding region.Societies
Delaware County History
Devoted to information about the history of Delaware County, its people, and its municipalities.Societies
The Delaware Historical Society
Explores, preserves, shares, and promotes Delaware history, heritage, and culture to strengthen our community.Societies
The Department of the Geographer to the Army"...accurately portray a working interpretation of the Department during the period from 1777 to 1783 with the express goal of portraying the world of the Continental Army staff officer better than has been achieved to date."Living History
Detached Hospital"...a living history organization focused on the medical practices and techniques of the colonial era, with special emphasis paid to the period of the American Revolution"Living History
Dey Mansion
(New York)
General Washington's headquarters in 1780Historic Sites
DiapsalmataDigital Humanities, Book History, Media Archaeology and more!Blogs
The Diary of Samuel Pepys"Daily entries from the 17th century London diary"Documents
Dorchester Heights National Historical Park
Cannons placed here helped drive the British out of Boston.Historic Sites
Drums Along the MohawkThe American Revolution on the New York FrontierCulture
The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century"Scandalous tid-bits from England's finest socialite of the Georgian age."Blogs
Lord Durham's ReportAKA Report on the Affairs of British North America, 1839 report on the expedition to Canada to investigate the causes of the rebellions of 1837-38.Documents
Duxbury Rural and Historical Society
" foster a better understanding of the heritage and rural environment of Duxbury, Massachusetts"Societies
Early American CrimeAn Exploration of the Social and Cultural History of Crime and Punishment in Colonial America and the Early United States.Blogs
Early American GardensA museum in a blog, with snippets of early American garden history from along the Atlantic coastBlogs
Early Canadiana OnlineOffers seven online collections totalling three million pages of Canada's print heritage published from the time of the first European settlers to the first two decades of the 20th Century. Documents
Early Eighteenth-Century Newspaper ReportsA sourcebook compiled by Rictor NortonDocuments
Early Modern at the BeineckeA Guide to the Osborn & Early Modern Collections [1500-1800] at Yale University's Beinecke LibraryCulture
Early Modern England"On the world of the English (and Welsh, Scots, Irish) between the mid-15th and the mid-18th centuries"Blogs
Early Modern Experimental PhilosophyBlog of a research project entitled “Experimental Philosophy and the Origins of Empiricism”Blogs
The Early Modern IntelligencerBlog for the Birkbeck Early Modern SocietyBlogs
Early Modern NotesBlog on the early modern period (c.1500-1800)Blogs
Early Modern Online BibliographyEEBO, ECCO, and Burney Collection OnlineBlogs
Early Modern Paleography"A Daily Paleographical Gallery from the Beinecke Library's Osborn Collection" -- Apparently defunct, but still has good materialBlogs
Early Modern Rambler"information about 17th-century newspaper advertisements here" -- apparently now defunct, but a lot of material posted...Blogs
Early Modern Thought Online"publishes interesting links, news, and smaller research contributions in the field of early modern history of philosophy and neighboring disciplines"Blogs
Early Modern Underground"A forum for Renaissance lit geeks"Blogs
Early Modern WhaleVariety of articles on 17th- and 18th-century eventsBlogs
Early New England MinistersListing of New England ministers, 1630 - 1641Culture
East Berlin Historical Preservation Society
Maintains five historic buildings, sponsors events, etc.Societies
The East India CompanyBased in London, its influence reached out to all continents, and the consequences of its actions, both great and small, are the very fabric of history itself.Culture
East Tenneessee Historical Society
"Making history personal" for Eastern TennesseeSocieties"an accessible, flexible, powerful collaborative tool for those interested in learning about, researching, & teaching the eighteenth century."Culture
EM Spanish History NotesClearinghouse of information on publications in early modern Spanish historyBlogs
Enfilade"a serial newsletter for Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art & Architecture"Blogs
Eric's Conder Tokens"News and more for the conder token enthusiast"Blogs
Etowah Valley Historical Society
Promote and enhance the awareness and preservation of the heritage and traditions of Bartow County.Societies
EuroDocsLinks to a variety of sites with Primary Documents concerning the creation/history of Many European countriesDocuments
The European Voyages of Exploration"This tutorial introduces the student to these two pioneering nations [Portugal & Spain], their motivations, their actions, and the inevitable consequences of their colonisation. This tutorial also examines the geographical, technological, economic, political, and cultural patterns of that era."Culture
Everything Early Modern Women"All things to do with the study of early modern women."Blogs
Everything Tudor"This site is devoted to all things Tudor. It is a place where Tudor fans can come and discuss and learn about all things Tudor, as well as meet other Tudor fans."Culture
Exploring the Early AmericasLibrary of Congress site with maps, texts, etc. pertaining to the exploration of the New World.Documents
Falmouth Historical Society
Museums, exhibits, research & educational programsSocieties
First Battalion of New Jersey VolunteersBased in Philadelphia and New Jersey, the modern 1NJV reenactment unit currently consists of 25 soldiers, musicians, and camp followers.Living History
The First Foot Guards"We are a Revolutionary War reenactment group based in Boston MA, accurately portraying the royal household regiment that is now known as The Grenadier Guards"Living History
The First Virginia Regiment of the Continental LineA Revolutionary War living history reenactment group. Living History
Fishkill Historical Society
(New York)
" gather and preserve information, objects, and resources relating to the history of Fishkill..."Societies
Fitzwilliam Historical Society
(New Hampshire)
"...o discover and collect that which illustrates and explores the history of Fitzwilliam NH. "Societies
Flintlock and Tomahawk"American warfare 1690-1815 in popular culture, art, in miniature and in wargames, through Living History and in movies."Blogs
The Forces of Montcalm & WolfeDedicated to interpreting the history of Colonial North America during the French and Indian WarLiving History
Fort at No. 4
(New Hampshire)
Military base used by John Stark before his expedition to Bennington, NYHistoric Sites
Fort Barton Nature Walk
(Rhode Island)
Staging area for the Battle of Rhode IslandHistoric Sites
Fort Belle Fontaine
Aka Cantonment Belle Fontaine, the first American military outpost near St. Louis Historic Sites
Fort Boonesborough Living History"to sustain, foster, and promote quality programming at Fort Boonesborough State Park and Boone's Station Historic Site"Living History
Fort Constitution Historic Site
(New Hampshire)
Built to protect Revolutionary War shipbuilding industryHistoric Sites
Fort de la Présentation
(New York)
aka Fort Oswegatchie, this is a French mission fort built in 1749, used in the American Revolution & War of 1812Historic Sites
Fort Dobbs
(North Carolina)
Important site in the French & Indian WarHistoric Sites
Fort Frederica
Founded in 1736, this short lived settlement played a decisive role in America’s historyHistoric Sites
Fort Frederick State Park
Served as a prison for Hessian (German) and British soldiersHistoric Sites
Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park
Basic information about Fort Griswold Battlefield State ParkHistoric Sites
Fort King George Historic Site
The oldest English fort remaining on Georgia's coastHistoric Sites
Fort Lee Historic Park
(New Jersey)
Site built to defend New York and the Hudson Valley Historic Sites
Fort Ligonier
Restoration/reconstruction of the 1758 – 1766 original British fort, with museumHistoric Sites
Fort Loudoun State Historic Area
"learn about life during the French and Indian War"Historic Sites
Fort Massac State Park
Rebuilt fort of the French-Indian WarHistoric Sites
Fort McClary
Used during the Revolutionary WarHistoric Sites
Fort Meigs
Ohio's War of 1812 BattlefieldHistoric Sites
Fort Mifflin on the Delaware
On November 10th 1777, British warships attacked this fortHistoric Sites
Fort Morris
Site of battle on January 9, 1779Historic Sites
Fort Moultrie
(South Carolina)
Place of victory for colonial forcesHistoric Sites
Fort Necessity
The battle at Fort Necessity in the summer of 1754 was the opening action of the French and Indian WarHistoric Sites
Fort Osage National Historic Landmark
Second U.S. outpost built following the Louisiana PurchaseHistoric Sites
Fort Ouiatenon
First fortified European settlement in IndianaHistoric Sites
Fort O'Brien
Oversaw the first naval engagement of the warHistoric Sites
Fort Phoenix State Reservation
Site of important naval engagements Historic Sites
Fort Raleigh
(North Carolina)
Site of first English colony in AmericaHistoric Sites
Fort Raleigh Historical Handbook
(North Carolina)
NPS Historical Handbook on England's first New World SettlementHistoric Sites
Fort Randolph
(West Virginia)
"a refuge for white settlers against Indian attacks, was the farthest most out-post of the colonies and also played an important part in the American Revolutionary War"Historic Sites
Fort St. Simons
One of a chain of forts built to protect the Georgia coast from Spanish attack.Historic Sites
Fort Stanwix National Monument
(New York)
British forces were repulsed while attempting to besiege this fortHistoric Sites
Fort Stark Historic Site
(New Hampshire)
Built to protect Revolutionary War shipbuilding industryHistoric Sites
Fort Ticonderoga
(New York)
Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold took the fort from the British, giving America its first victoryHistoric Sites
Fort Toulouse & Fort Jackson Living History Groups
Official website for the Fort Toulouse / Jackson State Historical SiteHistoric Sites
Fort Toulouse National Historic Park
Unofficial site for the French fort, originally built in 1717Historic Sites
Fort Washington
Built by Washington's Troops in 1777Historic Sites
Fort Wetherill State Park
(Rhode Island)
Fort built by the colonialsHistoric Sites
Fort Yargo Living History Society
"A Society formed to provide an accurate and educational Living History Presentation for the Public at Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, GA"Societies
Fort Yargo State Park
1792 log fort built by settlers for protection against Creek and Cherokee IndiansHistoric Sites
Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park
Living history site with fur trade posts reconstructed at the actual site known to be active from 1802 to 1805, with adjacent re-created Woodland Indian VillageHistoric Sites
The Forty-Second Royal Highland Regiment"We portray the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) of the late 1700s, in North America, and wish to share the history of this famous regiment."Living History
The Founding Era CollectionOriginal documents by John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Dolley Madison, James Madison, George Washington, & on the ratification of the ConstitutionDocuments
Fourth Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers"Our group was founded in 1977 to take part in reenactments of the American Revolution and additional local civic events."Living History
The Fourth Company of Foot Guards, King George III"...commemorates the service of British soldiers in the colonies during our war for independence."Living History
Ben Franklin 300Celebrating the Benjamin Franklin TercentenaryCulture
Franklin County Historical Society - Kittochtinny
Maintains a museum and several historic sites.Societies
Benjamin Franklin: Digital ArchiveDigital archiveDocuments
Benjamin Franklin: Official PapersOfficial papersDocuments
The Freedom Trail Foundation
Welcome to the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile, red-lined route that leads you to 16 historically significant sites — each one an authentic treasure.Historic Sites
The French in WisconsinResearch, recreation, reenacting, and teaching of the prominent role French people had in Wisconsin from the 17th into the 19th centuryCulture
Friends of 1776Exploring the Significance of the American Revolution, its People and Events.Blogs
Friends of Fort Frederick
Sponsors, or provides assistance to, many activities at the fort throughout the year, geared toward enhancing the visitor’s experience and providing educational opportunities at Fort Frederick.Historic Sites
Friends of Fort Harrod
First permanent settlement in KentuckyHistoric Sites
Friends of Historic Northport
"To promote our city's history and heritage through education, preservation, planning, and documentation."Societies
Friends of Schuyler Mansion
(New York)
" the State of New York maintain Schuyler Mansion as an historic house museum..."Historic Sites
Frontier CarpenterApparently now defunct -- "Early American Woodworking and Pioneer skills"Blogs
Fuchsia's 18th Century Dress Project" document the process of my making a whole 18th century outfit – complete with stays, pocket hoops, petticoat, stomacher and stuff"Blogs
Ganondagan State Historic Site
(New York)
'Town of Peace,' where thousands of Seneca lived 300 years ago, with a full-size replica of a 17th-century Seneca Bark Longhouse, and more...Historic Sites
Genealogia: Articles and Books about New SwedenThis is a collection of articles presenting New Sweden genealogy, history, immigration, and traditions to everyone with Finnish ancestry. Culture
George Masons Gunston Hall
Home of the author of the Virginia Declaration of RightsHistoric Sites
George Rogers Clark National Historic Park
Fort captured by Colonial forces under Lt. Col. George Rogers Clark on February 25, 1779 Historic Sites
Georgian LondonCovers immigrant population and the artisan communities of London between 1660 and 1836Blogs
Glover's Marblehead Regiment"...a typical colonial military unit that, in the 1770s, would have included sailors and soldiers, their wives, a gaggle of camp followers, and various children."Living History
Gracie Mansion
(New York)
General Washington built a fort here to defend New York CityHistoric Sites
Grand Republican"The Online Resource of the American Revolution"Culture
Rebecca Gratz & 19th-Century AmericaRebecca Gratz (1781-1869), a Philadelphia philanthropist, founded the first Hebrew Sunday School in America a founding member in other charitable organizations which were among the first to be organized and run by women.Blogs
The Great Quinnehtukqut Company of Artificers and Traders"...we portray a company of citizens providing services and products in support of American Revolutionary military units."Living History
The Green Mountain Rangers, Captain Warner's Company"...the art of North Country (Frontier) Living during the American Revolutionary era (1775-1783)"Living History
The Nathanae Greene Homestead
(Rhode Island)
Known as Spell Hall, it was the home of Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene from 1770 to 1776.Historic Sites
The Greenville County Historical Society
(South Carolina)
"To collect and preserve those documents, records and other materials which comprise the history of Greenville County and the surrounding area."Societies
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
(North Carolina)
Battle fought here on March 15, 1781, part of the Southern CampaignHistoric Sites
H-AtlanticInternational online discussion list for Atlantic World History from 1500 to 1800Culture
Hale-Byrnes House
Site of a Council of War on September 6, 1777, five days before the Battle of the BrandywineHistoric Sites
The Hampton Historical Society
(New Hampshire)
Increase public knowledge and understanding of the history and cultural heritage of the town of Hampton, New Hampshire, from its earliest inhabitants to the present generation.Societies
Hampton National Historic Site
Official Hampton Mansion SiteHistoric Sites
Hancock Shaker Village
"...we promote appreciation of the aesthetics, beliefs, achievements and controversies that have defined the Shaker experience in America."Historic Sites
Harriton House
1704 home; lived in by Charles Thomson, first and only Secretary to the Continental Congresses.Historic Sites
Hatheway House
Built in the 1760s by Shem Burbank for his bride. Historic Sites
Haw River Historical Association
(North Carolina)
Dedicated to the preservation of Haw River and its unique heritageSocieties
Hebron Historical Society
"to develop interest in, preserve, and promote interest in Hebron history by every feasible means to as wide an audience as possible."Societies
Henricus Historical Park
(Virginia) the second successful English settlement in the New World.Historic Sites
The Hermitage Historical Society
Involved in a variety of preservation projects.Societies
Hingham Historical Society
To collect, preserve and exhibit items of historical significance and to study the history of the Town of HinghamSocieties
His Majesty's Fortieth Regiment of Foot" commemorate the role of the British soldier who served in the colonies during America's struggle for independence, 1775-1783."Living History
His Majesty's 33rd Regiment of FootBritish group, "...represents the 8th company of the 33rd Foot, from 1812 to 1816"Living History
His Majesty's Sixty-Second Regiment of Foot"...strives to portray the officers, men, and followers belonging to the junior British regiment in Lieutenant-General John Burgoyne's Army from Canada during the Northern Campaign of 1777."Living History
Historic Angling Enterprises"Fly & Coarse Tackle from the 1400's to the Mid-1800's"Culture
Historic Catasauqua Preservation Association
"Our members enact their passion for historic preservation through events that highlight Catasauqua's rich history."Societies
Historic Hampton, Inc.
" promote directly the historical, scientific, educational and interpretive activities of the Hampton National Historic Site"Societies
Historic Hudson Valley
(New York)
"Celebrate the history, architecture, landscape, and material culture of the Hudson Valley, advancing its importance and thereby assuring its preservation."Historic Sites
Historic Jamestowne
"...preserve, protect and promote the original site of the first permanent English settlement in North America"Historic Sites
Historic Locust Grove
"...original 694 acre farm established by William and Lucy Clark Croghan in 1790"Historic Sites
Historic London Town and Gardens
Located on the South River, just 10 minutes from Annapolis, MD, London Town is a unique historic treasure with 8 acres of woodland gardens, a national historic landmark, on-going archaeology, and wedding or events destination.Historic Sites
Historic New England"...a museum of cultural history that collects and preserves buildings, landscapes, and objects dating from the seventeenth century to the present..."Culture
The Historic Preservation Trust of Berks County
Owns and maintains eight historic properties in Berks CountySocieties
Historic Roscoe Village
A restored 1830s canal town along what once was the Ohio-Erie Canal.Historic Sites
Historic St. Mary's City
The site of the fourth permanent settlement in British North America, Maryland's first capital, and the birthplace of religious toleration.Historic Sites
Historic Washington
"One of the most unique communities in the world and THE MOST Unique community in Kentucky"Historic Sites
An Historical LadyThe country diary of a living history reenactor living in an 18thc. houseBlogs
The Historical Marker DatabaseAn illustrated searchable online catalog of historical information viewed through the filter of roadside and other permanent outdoor markers, monuments, and plaques.Culture
Historical Society of Amherst, NH
(New Hampshire)
"Promote the study and recording of Amherst’s rich history, and to arrange for the safekeeping of artifacts and old records."Societies
Historical Society of Berks County
" focus attention on the unique local history, the vast material culture, and the diverse cultural heritage of Berks County."Societies
The Historical Society of Dauphin County
Collect, preserve, exhibit, publish, and promote interest in the history of Dauphin County for the education, enjoyment, and benefit of the public.Societies
Historical Society of East Hartford
"Instill into the townspeople of East Hartford a sense of the history of the town..."Societies
Historical Society of Penns Grove, Carneys Point, and Oldmans
(New Jersey)
"... to preserve the history of the Penns Grove, Carneys Point, and Oldmans communities."Societies
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania
One of the oldest historical societies in the United States and holds many national treasures.Societies
Historical Society of Princeton
(New Jersey)
A museum and library dedicated to interpreting the history of PrincetonSocieties
The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills
(New Jersey)
"...acquire, conserve and share local artifacts and information on matters of local historic interest; cultivate interest in local history; encourage the preservation of local historic resources; facilitate historic research..."Societies
The Historical Society of the Town of Bolton
(New York)
Locate and preserve any materials that may relate to the history of the TownSocieties
Historical Trekking"...a hobby where we as 21st century people attempt a task someone in our chosen time period would have done, using only the tools and equipment they would have used, or the knowledge we have gleaned from research."Living History
History Directory -- Eighteenth Century PeriodA collection of information concerning the Eighteenth Century period of history.Culture
The History Girl"Join me as I discover the unique and interesting historic sites and antiques New Jersey has to offer."Blogs
History Myths Debunked"The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth"Blogs
Historyonics"...a space for me to rant in that most seventeenth-century sense of the word..."Blogs
Richard Hooker: Assorted WorksAssorted worksDocuments
Hope Lodge
Encampment for colonial troops after the Battle of Germantown Historic Sites
Horry County Historical Society
(South Carolina)
"Discovering and preserving written records and oral traditions pertaining to the history of Horry County"Societies
The House of the Seven Gables
Built in 1668, this is the oldest surviving 17th century wooden mansion in New England. Historic Sites
Sam Houston Historic Schoolhouse
it is the year 1812 and Samuel Houston is your schoolmasterI.Historic Sites
Hoydens and Firebrands"Roaring Ladies Who Write About The Seventeenth Century"Blogs
Hubbardton Battlefield State Historic Site
General Burgoyne's advance was checked here in 1777Historic Sites
The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin In the Colony of Virginia
To promote interest in the study of Huguenots who settled in and around Manakintowne, Virginia, and the family lines descended therefrom.Societies
The Huntington Historical Society
(New York)
"Perpetuate an interest in things Historic; fact all Historic relics relating to the Town of Huntington since 1653."Societies
Hyde Collection Catablog"The World’s Greatest Samuel Johnson Collection, One Book at a Time"Blogs
I Love Shakespeare"thoughts and reflections on everything Shakespeare"Blogs
The Illinois RegimentRe-enactors of those who served in the old Northwest putting down Indian raids and battling the local Crown ForcesLiving History
In Pursuit of HistoryMostly covering the 17th century -- "articles that touch on many aspects of history, from the personal to the grand"Blogs
Independence National Historical Park
Independence Hall, Liberty Bell Center, and the Independence Visitors CenterHistoric Sites
Interesting Antique Textiles"...discuss some of my more obscure, strange and often quite damaged textile finds with the hope that people may want to join in the discussions, and make some suggestions about the pieces based on their own experiences and textile knowledge!"Blogs
Interpreting Slave Life"slavery: let's talk about it"Blogs
The Island Farm
Interprets daily life on Roanoke Island in the mid-1800sHistoric Sites
Andrew Jackson: Official PapersOfficial papersDocuments
Andrew Jackson: State of the Union MessagesFull text of the eight State of the Union addresses given by president JacksonDocuments
Jamaica Plain Historical Society
Sponsors occasional lectures and a regular weekly series of walking tours during the summer.Societies
The Jamestown Online AdventureYou are the Captain of the Jamestown Colony. Can you do any better than the real colonists?Culture
The Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Project
... to find the site of the earliest fortified town on the island that was first "discovered" in 1607 by English adventurers of the Virginia Company of London.Historic Sites
John Jay: Official PapersOfficial papersDocuments
Thomas Jefferson Papers: An Electronic ArchiveFull-color images and some transcriptions of manuscripts selected from the Coolidge Collection of Thomas Jefferson Manuscripts at the Massachusetts Historical SocietyDocuments
Thomas Jefferson: Digital ArchiveDigital archiveDocuments
Thomas Jefferson: Official PapersOfficial papersDocuments
Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest
Poplar Forest was Thomas Jefferson’s personal retreat, one of two homes he designed and created for his own use. Website includes virtual recreation of gardens and forest.Historic Sites
The Jot and Quill"Shakespeare and beyond!"Blogs
Ye Journal of Mad Anne BaileyBlog on 'an American heroine'; author also offers first-person characterization performancesBlogs
Joy Homestead
(Rhode Island)
Farmhouse built in 1764 by Job Joy, a cobbler and farmer. Five rooms furnished with period antiques.Historic Sites
The Judge Advocate's Office for the British Army in North America 1769-1783An educational not-for-profit organization of people interested in recreating historically accurate criminal, civil and military trials (courts martial) that were conducted primarily during the late 18th and early 19th centuries (roughly 1754 to 1815).Living History
The Kennebunkport Historical Society
"Preserve local history so that succeeding generations may benefit from knowledge of the past."Societies
Kettle Creek Battlefield
A Patriot victory which helped check the British invasion of Georgia Historic Sites
Kings Mountain National Monument Park
(South Carolina)
A victory by American Patriots over American Loyalists during the Southern Campaign on October 7, 1780Historic Sites
The King’s 8th Regiment"...portrays a garrison on-parade impression as well as an on-campaign impression"Living History
The Knickerbocker Mansion
(New York)
Constructed by Johannes Knickerbacker III in Schaghticoke, New York (circa 1780), has been almost completely restored from a semi ruin to its former grandeur by the Knickerbocker Historical SocietyHistoric Sites
Lace Wars"Specialising in the period 1740-1760 and in particular the Jacobite rebellion, we stage events throughout the year at historic sites in the UK and Europe."Living History
The Laconia Historical and Museum Society
(New Hampshire)
Dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreting the history and culture of the City of Laconia, New Hampshire.Societies
John Lambtons 68th Foot"accurately depict life for both soldiers and civilians during the Seven Years War through a period of 1758-1763"Living History
John Lamb's Artillery CompanyA non-profit educational organization dedicated to recreating and reliving the experiences of the American Revolution era.Living History
The Joel Lane Museum House
(North Carolina)
Joel Lane built his home in the early 1770’s in what was a very rural part of North Carolina. His faithfully-restored plantation manor was once deemed “The Best House for 100 Miles.”Historic Sites
Latta Plantation
(North Carolina)
A circa 1800 cotton plantation and living history farmHistoric Sites
Laurelhurst Colonial BlogRestoring a colonial homeBlogs
Lauzun’s LegionA living history organization devoted to the research and portrayal of French and other European soldiers who were part of the French military establishment and served in the American colonies during the American War for Independence.Living History
Lawrence History Center
Collect, preserve, share, and interpret the history and heritage of Lawrence and its peopleSocieties
Lee-Fendall House Museum and Garden
A family home in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, built in 1785Historic Sites
Gregory LeFever's Early American WritingsA number of articles written by a contributing editor to Early American Life.Blogs
The Legend of Plymouth Rock
Personal account of the landingHistoric Sites
Lehigh County Historical Society
Administers 7 museum sites, 35,000 historical artifacts, 65,000 vintage photographs, and nearly 3-million documents.Societies
The Lewes Historical Society
The First Town in the First State -- carefully preservedSocieties
The Lexington Historical Society
"First Shot - The Lexington Revolutionary Experience"Societies
The Library and Museum of FreemasonryA registered museum housing one of the finest publicly available collections of Masonic material in the world.Culture
Library of CongressSlave Court RecordsDocuments
The Lincoln County Historical Association
(North Carolina)
Collect, preserve and interpret the history of Lincoln CountySocieties
The Lincoln Minute Men"The Town of Lincoln, Massachusetts, re-established its company of Minute Men in 1966, and charged us with the duty of keeping alive the history and the principles of the original Minute Men of 1775."Living History
Little Compton Historical Society
(Rhode Island)
Preserve the history and cultural heritage of Little Compton for the enrichment and enjoyment of the general public.Societies
The Living Historians of Ft. Toulouse"...dedicated to the recreation and reenactment of the everyday life of the garrison of Fort Toulouse in the early 1750's period. "Living History
The Living History Re-enactors, Inc."...a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of history and heritage by bringing it back to life through education and demonstration"Living History
Livingston County Historical Society & Museum
(New York)
"to procure, preserve, and display in a museum, articles which relate to the history of Livingston County, and to promote interest in, and appreciation of, the county's splendid heritage."Societies
Locke's Militia & Kingsbury's Artillery"...a group of individuals and families who share a common interest in this period of our American history."Living History
LOL Manuscripts"Everything could use a little LOL, especially the Renaissance"Blogs
London Lives - 1690 to 1800"Crime, Poverty and Social Policy in the Metropolis"Documents
The Long Eighteenth"For anyone interested in the long 18th century"Blogs
Longfellow National Historic Site
Site where General George Washington planned the Siege of BostonHistoric Sites
Louisiana Purchase Newspaper TranscriptsFull text printings of actual news reports published in the Columbian Centinel and Massachusetts Federalist (Boston) covering the Louisiana Purchase. The dates included here are from March 16, 1803 through November 30, 1803. Documents
The Lower Macungie Township Historical Society
"...developing an Historic Structures Inventory and conducts a public lecture series on local history"Societies
The Loyal American Regiment"We participate in battle demonstrations, camp demonstrations, war games, and wilderness treks."Living History
Lynn-Heidelberg Historical Society
Preserving the PA Dutch cultureSocieties
James Madison: Official PapersOfficial papersDocuments
Magia Posthuma"On several occasions, particularly on the periphery of the Habsburg Empire during the 17th and 18th centuries, dead people were suspected of being revenants or vampires, and consequently dug up and destroyed. Contemporary authors named this phenomenon Magia Posthuma. This blog is dedicated to understanding what happened and why."Blogs
Magnificat Baroque Ensemble"For twenty years Magnificat has explored the emotionally charged music of the 17th Century, each season bringing together an assembly of internationally recognized musicians to present unique and innovative programs that engage the senses and inspire the imagination"Culture
The Maine Historical Society
"Preserves the heritage and history of Maine: the stories of Maine people, the traditions of Maine communities, and the record of Maine's place in a changing world."Societies
His Majesty's MarinesBlog for reenactors of the British Marines, who can trace their ancestry back to 1664Blogs
Making Publics"to discuss and research, in various ways, the formation of new groups of association which appeared in early modern Europe between 1450-1750 alongside the development of new media, the exploration of new continents, the ruptures of religious strife, and the discoveries of the new science."Culture
The Manlius Historical Society
(New York)
Preserve and foster an appreciation of the history and heritage of Central New York, with special emphasis on the Town of Manlius, New York.Societies
Mansker's Fort
Authentic reconstruction of a 1779 frontier forted station typical of early Cumberland settlements.Historic Sites
Many PastsPrimary documents about the experiences of ordinary Americans throughout U.S. history.Documents
Marble Springs State Historic Site
The last remaining home of John Sevier, who lived there from 1801 to 1815Historic Sites
Marietta Restoration Associates
"Preserving the cultural and architectural heritage of Marietta, Pennsylvania"Societies
The Marlborough Historical Society
All-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to historic preservation, education, and celebration in Marlborough.Societies
Martin's American History BlogMartin Kelly's blog on Blogs
The Maryland Loyalists"...not only to educate people about loyalists, but to also present a balanced history of America's first truly "civil war" and to strongly encourage reliving 18th century history as a fun alternative to just reading about it."Living History
The Massachusetts Historical Society
An independent research library and manuscript repository.Societies
The Menotomy Minute Mento "perpetuate the memory and achievements" of Menotomy 's Minute Men in 1775Living History
Mercurius Politicus"A blog about early modern books, history and culture"Blogs
Middlesex Canal
Built between 1793 and 1803, operational until 1853, with museum and Visitors CenterHistoric Sites
The Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes & DrumsA repertory ensemble performing martial, dance, and folk music drawn from 17th, 18th, and early 19th century sources in America and EuropeLiving History
Mifflin County Historical Society
" record and preserve our history and to relate to present day events and places..."Societies
Mifflin Township Historical Society
Document, chronicle and preserve, whenever possible, the artifacts and sites of historical significance from the original Mifflin Township of 1788.Societies
The Milford Historical Society
(New Hampshire)
Interested in preserving artifacts from the past for present and future generations to see and learn about.Societies
Millburn-Short Hills Historical Society
(New Jersey)
Encourage interest in local history, and to preserve and disseminate relevant information concerning Millburn Township.Societies
The Milton Historical Society
Collect, preserve, publish and exhibit artifacts and records relating to the town of Milton.Societies
Minute Man National Historic Park
The turning point in the long struggle between England and the coloniesHistoric Sites
The Moland House
George Washington's headquarters on August 10, 1777 Historic Sites
Monmouth Battlefield State Park
(New Jersey)
One of the largest battles of the American Revolution took place in here in June 1778Historic Sites
Monmouth County Historical Association
(New Jersey)
Collects, preserves, and interprets its extensive museum, library, and archival collections that relate to Monmouth County\'s history and culture and makes these resources available to the widest possible audience.Societies
The Monroe DoctrineJames MonroeDocuments
Montclair Historical Society
(New Jersey)
Promotes preservation, study and appreciation of local history.Societies
Home of James & Dolley MadisonHistoric Sites
Claude Moore Colonial Farm
"...authentically portrays the life of an 18th Century American family building a life on the nearer edges of civilized society"Historic Sites
Moores Creek National Battlefield
(North Carolina)
Decisive victory by 1,000 Patriots over 1,600 Scots Highlanders and other Loyalists on February 27, 1776Historic Sites
Morgan Log House
Restored 1708 "dwelling house," originally owned by Daniel Boone's grandfather.Historic Sites
Morris County Historical Society
(New Jersey)
Discover, preserve, and make known the history of Morris County through exhibits, programs, publications, and preservation advocacy.Societies
Morris-Jumel Mansion
(New York)
Headquarters for George Washington, and later for British and Hessian soldiersHistoric Sites
A Most Peculiar MademoiselleSewing historical clothingBlogs
Mother Bedford
Devoted primarily to the history of Old-Bedford County, Pennsylvania during the American Revolutionary War period.Culture
Mount Independence
Built to guard against a British attack from Canada Historic Sites
Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens
George and Martha Washington's home,Historic Sites
Munroe Tavern
Command post for British Lord Percy during the withdrawal from ConcordHistoric Sites
Murder Pamphlets"True Crime" murder pamphlets (1692-1881) from the National Library of MedicineDocuments
National Constitution CenterThe story of We, the PeopleCulture
National Maritime Museum (Britain)Unrivalled historical collections on ships, seafaring, navigation, and the maritime artsCulture
National Park Service American Revolution Web SitePortal for NPS sitesCulture
NeedlePrintNeedlework blog, with an emphasis on historical designs and piecesBlogs
Nemacolin Castle
Supposedly haunted private home built in 1789 on the site of Fort Bund (and an Indian burial ground) Historic Sites
The New Castle Historical Society
...three centuries of New Castle life, including Dutch colonists, revolutionary leaders, and 19th century Americans"Societies
New England PrimerScan of the 1805 New England PrimerDocuments
New Hampshire Historical Society
(New Hampshire)
Since 1823, the New Hampshire Historical Society has been preserving our state's past and telling its rich stories to each generation.Societies
The New Jersey Historical Society
(New Jersey)
A historical museum, library, and archives dedicated to collecting, preserving, and interpreting the rich and intricate political, social, cultural and economic history of New JerseySocieties
New Providence Historical Society
(New Jersey)
Gather and preserve the history and memorabilia of our pastSocieties
New Sweden Centre
Interpretive center for the colonial history of the Delaware ValleyHistoric Sites
New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site
(New York)
Where the Continental Army under General George Washington spent the last winter and spring of the Revolutionary WarHistoric Sites
The Newport Historical Society
(Rhode Island)
" collect and preserve books, manuscripts, and objects pertaining to Newport’s history."Societies
Ninety Six National Historic Site
(South Carolina)
Scene of Nathanael Greene's siege in 1781Historic Sites
Noah Webster's Harford Home
Birthplace of the dictionary compilerHistoric Sites
North American Frontiersmen"We are not re-enactors, “buckskinners” or trekkers, we are living in the 21st century, but we are using the skills of those that survived in the hardier times from 1750 to 1843."Culture
North Stonington Historical Society
Encourage the study of the history of the town and to preserve manuscript material and relics relating to that History.Societies
The Northern York County Historical and Preservation Society
Promote and encourage the study, collection and preservation of the historical heritage of the Northern York County areaSocieties
The Northwest Territory AllianceA non-profit educational organization that studies and recreates the culture, lifestyle, and arts of the time of the American Revolution, 1775-1783.Living History
The Northwood Historical Society
(New Hampshire)
Town histories, biographies, vital records, photographs, maps and local research addresses.Societies
The Norwich Historical Society
Collections and exhibits celebrating the people and past of Norwich, Vermont.Societies
The Rebecca Nurse Homestead
17th century site associated with the Salem Village Witchcraft Hysteria of 1692.Historic Sites
Oak Alley Plantation
Built between 1837-1839, this Antebellum house has been called the "Grande Dame of the Great River Road"Historic Sites
Of Sorts for Provincials"Information on 18th century American firearms, the Virginia back country and related material culture"Blogs
The Old Barracks Museum
(New Jersey)
Originally known as the Trenton Barracks, it was constructed in 1758 to house British soldiers fighting in North America during the French and Indian War.Historic Sites
Old Canada Road Historical Society
"To research, publish, and preserve the history of Maine's Upper Kennebec Valley"Societies
The Old Foodie"Every weekday I give you a short story on a food history topic, always including a historic recipe, and sometimes a historic menu"Blogs
Old Fort Jackson
A fort fortified during the RevolutionHistoric Sites
Old Fort Niagara State Park
(New York)
British controlled fort that was a key point of contact between the British and the IroquoisHistoric Sites
Old Fort Western
Staging ground for Quebec invasionHistoric Sites
Old North Church
One if by land, two if by sea. Lanterns displayed in the tower here signaled the arrival of the British on April 18, 1775 Historic Sites
Old Salem Museums & Gardens
(North Carolina)
A unique community of original museum buildings, authentic craftsmen practicing their trade, fascinating collections of rare antiques, and one-of-a-kind retail shopping opportunities.Historic Sites
Old Sturbridge Village
...a “must-see” destination to experience early New England life from 1790-1840. Historic Sites
Oldtons Company of Baltemore Rangers" portray a single detachment of Oldton's Company while out ranging as commanded by Lt. Tobias Starnborough in 1696-97"Living History
The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies"Greetings to all those who are in search of Americans who remained Loyal to the British Crown during the War for Independence"Culture
The Orange County Historical Society
A research, archival, and educational organization dedicated to the discovery, preservation, and dissemination of the history of Orange County, Virginia, of its people, and the surrounding area.Societies
Orleans Historical Society
"...organized to collect and preserve the history of the Town of Orleans."Societies
Orton Plantation Gardens
(North Carolina)
A historic landscape designed around the 1735 mansion and colonial rice fields overlooking the Cape Fear River.Historic Sites
Outwater's Militia"Reenacting the Revolutionary War militia in New Jersey"Living History
Thomas Paine Cottage Museum
(New York)
"... to preserve and perpetuate the history of [...] original Huguenot settlers and founding father Thomas Paine. [This] Cottage is the last building in North America that was owned by Thomas Paine and is open to the public"Historic Sites
Paine: Online ArchiveMajor works by Thomas Paine (free membership required)Documents
The Painted Stone Settlers "To present and emulate frontier life in the Kentucky territory during the years of the American Revolution in as authentic a manner as possible"Living History
Parson John Living History"...dedicated to the study and presentation of the events that shaped the world during the European settlement of the American continent and the founding of the United States of America"Living History
Parting Ways
Website for the Parting Ways/New Guinea settlement in Plymouth, MAHistoric Sites
Past Masters in Early American Domestic ArtsDedicated to research, demonstration and interpretation of English domestic activities prevalent in William Penn's world during the colonial period (1681-1783)Culture
Peach County Historical Society
"To bring together persons who are interested in history, and especially the rich and varied history of Peach County, Georgia."Societies
Penn in the Age of FranklinA collection of online documents pertaining to the University of Pennsylvania, 1749-1790Documents
Pennsville Township Historical Society
(New Jersey)
"...collect, preserve and display articles of historical worth and interest to the residents of our township..."Societies
Samuel Pepys Diary Complete diary & backgroound info of Samuel PepysCulture
The Peterborough Historical Society
(New Hampshire)
Preserve, interpret, and celebrate Peterborough , New Hampshire's history as information and inspiration for our lives today and in the future.Societies
Deborah Peterson's PantryEveryday foods in the late 18th and early 19th centuriesCulture
Picking for Pleasure"Understanding Antiquing Acquisitions"Blogs
The Piedmont Historical Society
(South Carolina)
"Collecting, preserving and publishing historical and genealogy records of upstate South Carolina and other areas of the state."Societies
The Pilgrim Society
Operates the Pilgrim Hall museum, "to protect and foster this heritage as a dynamic national resource."Societies
Pinegrove Historical Society
Researching, recording, and preserving the history and traditions of this close-knit Pennsylvania Dutch community so that future generations may benefit.Societies
Plimoth Plantation
Bicultural museum about the Wampanoag People and the Colonial English community in the 1600s.Historic Sites
Plymouth Colony Archive Project
Indexing and preserving to the original Plymouth colony siteHistoric Sites
Poisoned DwarfBand that plays traditional Celtic music; from Williamsburg, VACulture
Possessions of a lady - an 18th century obsession"That term always intrigued me when I saw it in auction listings. Who was the original owner? And if it's from the 18th century then I am hooked. Why I don't know."Blogs
Prickett's Fort
(West Virginia)
"Travel back in time through the life of the Pricketts...and experience survival on the dangerous frontier of the late 1700's"Historic Sites
Princeton Battlefield State Park
(New Jersey)
On January 3, 1777, American troops under General Washington surprised and defeated a force of British RegularsHistoric Sites
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey"...the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court [1674-1913]"Documents
Putnam Memorial Park
Site of the Continental Armys 1779 winter encampmentHistoric Sites
Raid On Deerfield: The Many Stories of 1704
Interactive museum exhibitHistoric Sites
Raynham Hall Museum
(New York)
Housed the Queen's Rangers, a Loyalist regiment commanded by Lt. Col. John Graves Simcoe Historic Sites
Renaissance Lit"Happenings and Cavorts in the Early Modern World"Blogs
Renaissance MattersThere's more to it than ShakespeareBlogs
Res Obscura"...where I put occasional interesting images and texts I come across while researching a dissertation on the early modern drug trade"Blogs
The Paul Revere House
Home and silver shop of the Midnight RiderHistoric Sites
A Revolutionary DayDiscover America's historic routes on day-long Revolutionary War road tripsCulture
Revolutionary War Photo ArchivesCollection of photos from various reenactmentsLiving History
Rhode Island Historical Society
(Rhode Island)
Events, museums, libraries, and educational resourcesSocieties
River Raisin Battlefield
Major battlefield in the War of 1812Historic Sites
The Roane County Heritage Commission
To preserve our past for all future generations.Societies
Rock Ford Plantation
Historic 18th century home of General Edward HandHistoric Sites
Rocky Hill Historical Society
Preserve the history of this river town and make it accessible to the public. Societies
The Betsy Ross House
"A revolutionary woman, an American icon"Historic Sites
Roxbury Heritage State Park Site
Headquarters for General Thomas during 1775 Historic Sites
The Royal DeuxpontsA living history organization dedicated to portraying the life and times of the common soldier of the American Revolution.Living History
The Royall House and Slave Quarters
Built in 1732-1737, the House is one of the finest 18th century buildings in New England; the Slave Quarters is the only such structure in the Northern United States.Historic Sites
Sagtikos Manor
(New York)
Built in 1697, served as headquarters for the British Army on Long Island for a brief time during the Revolutionary War; President George Washington stayed there during his tour of Long Island in 1790.Historic Sites
A Sailor's Life for MeInteractive role-playing adventure presented by the USS Constitution that introduces players to the life of a sailor during the early 19th centuryCulture
Salem County Historical Society
(New Jersey)
"...Interpretive exhibits and guided tours of historic buildings, period furnishings, decorative arts, textiles, wistarburg glass and much more..."Societies
Salem Witch TrialsSalem Witch Trials Digital ArchiveCulture
Salem Witchcraft Trials 1692"Famous American Trials" -- Exhaustive compendium of source materialCulture
Salt River Long Rifles
A black powder muzzleloading gun club in Harrodsburg, KYSocieties
Sarah Elizabeth Gallery AntiquesThe Journal of Fashion and Taste -- by the founder of Sarah Elizabeth Gallery, a global resource for fine quality, original, historical garments from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuriesBlogs
Saratoga County Historical Society
(New York)
Promote a deeper understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of Saratoga County’s past.Societies
Saratoga National Historic Park
(New York)
Site of the first significant American military victoryHistoric Sites
Savannah History Museum
Interprets the siege and battle of SavannahHistoric Sites
Saybrook Colony Founders Association
Study, record and preserve the genealogy and history of the Colony's original founding families.Societies
Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site
(New York)
Home to Philip J. Schuyler (1733-1804), renowned Revolutionary War Major-General, State Senator, and business entrepreneur.Historic Sites
The Second Company, Governor's Foot GuardA historical state military organization, headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut. Living History
The Second Massachusetts Regiment, Colonel Bailey"...continues to celebrate our countries heritage through first-hand experience recreating the events of the American Revolutionary War."Living History
The Second New Hampshire Regiment, Light Infantry, Captain Samuel Cherry"We are a re-created Light Infantry Unit of the Continental Army, General George Washington, Commanding."Living History
The Second New Jersey Regiment "Through "living history" displays and battlefield reenactments, we educate the public and honor those whom we depict."Living History
The Second North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Line"We are a group of amateur historians who devote a good deal of our time to historic research on Colonial America, particularly the period of the American Revolution."Living History
The Second Regiment Light Dragoons, Tallmadge's Troop"We re-enact a dragoon regiment (mounted and dismounted) of Gen. George Washington's Continental Army during the American War for Independence."Living History
The Second Regiment, South Carolina"We are a volunteer living history organization dedicated to recreating the daily activities and experiences of one of the most famous American units of the Revolutionary War in the southern colonies."Living History
The Secret Dreamworld of a Jane Austen Fan"... Jane Austen and everything around her and her books"Blogs
The Seventeenth Light DragoonsA non-profit educational group devoted to the accurate portrayal of the British Horse Soldier throughout the American War of Independence.Living History
The Seventh Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line"Bringing to life the common soldier and civilian of the American Revolution"Living History
Sew 18th Century"...shares my research regarding 18th century textiles, daily life and material culture."Blogs
Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill
" preserve and maintain the site of the Shaker community which once existed here..."Historic Sites
Shakespeare’s England"Everyday life in Seventeenth Century London"Blogs
The Sheffield Historical Society
" preserve the story of the oldest town in Berkshire County"Societies
Shelby County Historical Society
Dedicated to the discovery, collection, and preservation of all things related to the history of Shelby County AlabamaSocieties
The Sixth North Carolina Regiment"...we reenact battles and demonstrate eighteenth century skills and camp life."Living History
Slave Trade Atlantic Slave Trade Visual ArchiveCulture
Smith's Castle
(Rhode Island)
Richard Smith's home & gardens, c. 1678Historic Sites
The Society of 18th-Century Gentlemen
"...a loosely-structured club primarily focused on recreating 18th-century fieldsports, foods and gaming...and information on a broad range of 18th-century topics"Societies
The South Carolina Historical Society
(South Carolina)
"To expand, preserve, and make accessible our invaluable collection, and to encourage interest and pride in the rich history of our state."Societies
South Fork Militia" history interpreting and serving the North Carolina area since 2008"Living History
South River Historical & Preservation Society
(New Jersey)
Dedicated to sharing and preserving the proud history of South River for future generations.Societies
The Southampton Historical Museum
(New York)
Owns and maintains 12 historic structures including a one-room schoolhouse, a colonial era barn, and a 19th century paint shore, among others.Societies
Southeast Native...dedicated to the collection, presentation, and interpretation of the historical events, conditions, and persons affecting life of indigenous people living in the Southeast.Culture
Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution
(South Carolina)
An informal fellowship of people with an interest in the events, people, places, and ideas surrounding the American War of IndependenceSocieties
Spy Letters of the American RevolutionFrom the Sir Henry Clinton Collection of the Clements LibraryDocuments
(North Carolina)
"...comprises the remnants of one of the largest plantations of the pre-Civil War South."Historic Sites
The Star Spangled Banner National Historic Trail
A 560-mile land and water route that tells the story of the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake Bay region.Historic Sites
Stay-ing AliveHistorical Dress Adventures and RamblingsBlogs
The Stonington Historical Society
Records of the lives and fortunes of colonial settlers, blockade runners, ship captains, whale hunters, patriots, explorers, artists, and writers.Societies
Strawbery Banke
(New Hampshire)
The present-day site known as Strawbery Banke has a long and rich history, stretching back to the earliest years of English settlement in New England.Historic Sites
Stuck in the 18th Century"Reliving the past and using lots of band aids"Blogs
Sudbury Companies of Militia and MinuteHistorical interpreters of the Colonial Period, specifically for the American Revolution from 1774 to 1775 and the locale of Sudbury, Massachusetts. Living History
The Summit Historical Society
(New Jersey)
Preservation and dissemination of information about Summit's past.Societies
Surry County, Virginia, Historical Society and Museums
Preserve and promote the history of Surry County for future generations.Societies
Susquehanna County Historical Society
The oldest and largest of the county's historical organizations, and has, for 113 years, collected and preserved the history of the Susquehanna CountySocieties
The Swedish Cabin
Built by early Swedish settlers (likely between 1638 and 1655) as part of the New Sweden colony.Historic Sites
The Swedish Colonial Society
Founded in 1909, it is the oldest Swedish historical group in the U.S. dedicated to preserving the legacy of the New Sweden Colony in America.Societies
SwedishHeritage.USSwedish history in the United StatesCulture
Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area
Meeting place of the Overmountain Men who helped defeat the British at the battle of Kings MountainHistoric Sites
Tempus Fugit"An Account of the Activities and Adventures of A Gentleman Physician -- 1756"Blogs
The Tenth Regiment of FootA historically re-created unit formed to portray the service of the British Army in America during the American War for Independence.Living History
Tew's Company, Colonel Angell's Regiment...composed of men and women who portray the Revolutionary War soldier and his military camp as "living history"Living History
Textual Studies, 1500-1800"This blog charts major happenings in the World of Early Modern Textual Studies: Publications, Conferences, Funding Opportunities, and Major Research Initiatives. "Blogs
The Museum of Early Southern Decorative ArtsA museum solely dedicated to the preservation, scholarship, and connoisseurship of southern decorative arts and material culture.Culture
The Third New Jersey Regiment"bringing the history of The American War for Independence to life for children and adults."Living History
The Third Pennsylvania Light InfantryAn 18th Century, Revolutionary War (also called the AWI or American war of Independence) recreated re-enactment unit.Living History
The Thirty Years War Society"We are an Australian based "Living History" group, interested in Europe's Thirty Years War (1618 - 1648)"Living History
Thomas Stone National Historic Site
Signer of the Declaration of Independence, this site covers his genealogy, restored home, and estateHistoric Sites
Three Pipe Problem"Creative works, be they painting, film or literature draw on many factors - and are intertwined with history and the mysteries of the creative process. This blog is dedicated to presenting some shining examples of this."Blogs
Travels and Travails in 18th-Century England "researching the impact of the professionalisation and commercialisation of healthcare on eighteenth-century domestic medicine, through the medium of manuscript medical recipes."Blogs
True Lover's KnotResearch into this form of handmade love token, popular between approximately 1760 and 1840.Blogs
"A Trumpet of Sedition"Articles and thoughts on 17th-century people and eventsBlogs
Tryon Palace
(North Carolina)
Governor's palace, historic homes, gardens, and history centerHistoric Sites
Tuckerton Historical Society
(New Jersey)
Serving Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton by preserving the History of this unique area for future generations.Societies
Tudor Stuff"Tudor History from the Heart of England"Blogs
The Tudor Tutor"Your cheeky guide to the dynasty"Blogs
Mary Tudor: Renaissance Queen"Series of random posts on the life and reign of the Queen Mary I, England's first anointed, and most notorious, queen regnant"Blogs
TudortasticAll things TudorBlogs
The Twenty-Fourth Connecticut Militia RegimentA group of amateur historians who devote a good deal of our time to historic research on 18th Century America, particularly the period of the American Revolution (1775 - 1783). Living History
The Twenty-Third Foot Royal Welch FusiliersBased in Great Britain, they strive "to recreate the regiment during the American War of Independence 1775-83. "Living History
Two Nerdy History Girls"Bestselling authors Loretta Chase & Susan Holloway Scott gossip about history, writing, and yes, shoes."Blogs
Undressing the Historical Lady"Being a Treatise on the Modes of Dress of a Fashionable Young Woman"Blogs
United States Military Academy
(New York)
Forts and redoubts were built here by colonials to protect against the BritishHistoric Sites
Mansion built on the site of the Battle of GermantownHistoric Sites
Upson Historical Society
"Preserving the records of the past for the sake of the present and future generations"Societies
Valley Forge National Historic Park
Site of the colonial army encampment in winter of 1777-78Historic Sites
Martin Van Buren - State of the Union MessagesFull text of the four State of the Union addresses by Martin Van BurenDocuments
Van Wyck Homestead Museum and Library
(New York)
Headquarters for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary WarHistoric Sites
The Vermont Historical Society
"Collects artifacts, books, and documents that reflect the entire history of the state"Societies
The Verona Historical Society
(New Jersey)
Protect and preserve the rich and colorful heritage of the Township of Verona.Societies
Versailles and MoreHistorical novelist Catherine Delors' blogBlogs
Vespers 1610"An Early Music Blog -- Early Music News, Performances and Recordings"Blogs
The Virginia Historical Society
"To collect, preserve, and interpret the commonwealth's past for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations"Societies
Virtual Interactive Jamestown Online
Recreation of original Jamestown colonyHistoric Sites
Wallace House
(New Jersey)
General Washington's headquarters from December 11, 1778, to June 3, 1779Historic Sites
The Waltham Historical Society
Collect, preserve, & display materials pertaining to the history of Waltham.Societies
War of 1812Canadian site covering many aspects of the War of 1812, including an interactive map, trivia game & timelineCulture
The War of 1812 in MapsA digitized collection of georeferenced maps held in the Brock University Map Library. Requires the Google Earth plugin.Culture
The War of 1812 WebsiteThis "1812 experience" is comprised of numerous articles, quality book reviews and offers, extensive links, and the largest collection of War of 1812 images on the internet.Culture
Washington Crossing State Park
(New Jersey)
General George Washington and the Continental Army landed here after crossing the Delaware River on December 25, 1776 Historic Sites
George Washington Society
"...dedicated to the promotion of a better understanding of George Washington and his ideals, achievements and contributions to the United States of America and humankind"Societies
George Washington: Digital ArchiveDigital archiveDocuments
George Washington: Official PapersOfficial papersDocuments
General Washington's Military HeadquartersBlog on living history program that provides an inside look at the duties and routines of the General and those attached to the headquarters during the war years from 1775-1783.Blogs
Conrad Weiser Homestead
Preserving the home of Conrad Weiser, who mediated peace between Pennsylvania and the Iroquois Nation prior to 1760.Historic Sites
Peter Wentz Farmstead Society
Preserve and interpret an 18th century Pennsylvania German farmstead. Twice used by Washington as headquarters during the Pennsylvania Campaign of 1777 Historic Sites
West Tennessee Historical Society
supports historical programs, archives, publications, preservation, markers, museums, and other historical collections.Societies
The Weymouth Historical Society
Protect & preserve the History of the Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts.Societies
Whitehall Historical Preservation Society
Provide planning, funding, management and general oversight for the advancement and preservation of Whitehall Township's heritage.Societies
James Wilson: Online WorksJames WilsonDocuments
Women of the Fur Trade"encourage research, learning, teaching and the preservation of the history and skills of the women of the fur trade era"Living History
A Woodsrunner's Diary"18th Century Living History, Historical Trekking, & Long Term Survival"Blogs
Writing the Renaissance"Bringing Sixteenth Century France to Life through Historical Fiction"Blogs
Wynken de Worde"books, early modern culture, post-modern readings"Blogs
Yankee Doodle Spies"Tales of Intrigue, Action and Espionage during the American Revolution"Blogs
Yates Mill
(North Carolina)
Yates Mill is a fully restored, circa 1756 gristmill located in Raleigh, NC.Historic Sites

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