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Adams National Historical Park (Massachusetts)John Adams' home. Includes Peacefield and the Stone Library.Historic Sites
Samuel Adams: Assorted WorksAssorted worksDocuments
John Adams: Official PapersOfficial papersDocuments
Age of Discovery News"devoted to sharing information related to exploration history, through a news-based blog and links to resources"Blogs
Airs, Waters, Places"The seventeenth-century environment"Blogs
Alan's Factory Outlet: Colonial History: Farming and Daily LifeLots of links to articles on different aspects of American colonial life.Culture
An American Colonial ExperienceAn educational and theatrical organization created by Roger Cooper, a "reenactor" and amateur historian of the American Colonial and Revolutionary War period.Living History
The American Colonist's LibraryA treasury of primary source documents pertaining to early American history (500 BC - 1800 AD)Documents
American CreationA group blog to promote discussion, debate and insight into the history, particularly religious, of America's founding.Blogs
American Duchess"...a costume blog designed to educate and entertain those interested in learning more about the fashions of the 18th century and other periods of dress"Blogs
American History CentralOnline digital encyclopediaCulture
American Origins 1600-1900Interactive exhibit by the National Portrait GalleryCulture
American Revolution & Founding EraExplores the critical formative years of the United States of America, from the days of colonial unrest through the American Revolution and into the Constitutional era and the War of 1812.Blogs
The American Revolution and Maryland’s PressMaryland State Archives: To study eighteenth century life and the advent of the American Revolution as reported in the Maryland Gazette.Documents
American Revolution Blog A Blog Dedicated to the American Revolution, American Colonization, and Early American History in General. Blogs
The American Village Citizenship Trust (Alabama)NAtionally Pioneering Civic Education Center & Historical Village: To strengthen and renew the foundations of American liberty and self-governmentHistoric Sites
AmericanLongrifles.orgPromote, preserve and support the traditional art and craft of building and using the American Longrifle.Culture
Anchora"The history and future of early modern books and their readers."Blogs
The Androscoggin Historical Society (Maine)"The discovery, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Androscoggin County and the State of Maine."Societies
Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century"Secrets, rumors and scandals whispered throughout the age of Louis XVI"Blogs
Arbuckles Fort (West Virginia)Fort used to protect the western frontier Historic Sites
Archiving Early America"Your Window to Early America"Culture
Arkansas Post National Memorial (Arkansas)Site of the Colbert Incident in 1783Historic Sites
The Arlington Historical Society (Massachusetts)To promote and encourage the knowledge of the history of the Town of Arlington and the preservation of its antiquities.Societies
ar_1Interactive presentation of the American RevolutionCulture
A Jane Austen Gazetteer"Virtually visit the real places that Jane Austen and her family inhabited in reality"Blogs
Austen Only"Jane Austen's life, times and works explained and discussed"Blogs
The Jane Austen Society of North America (Arizona)"...dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of Jane Austen and her writing"Societies
Jane Austen Today"...explores Jane Austen as we see her today in movies, print, sequels, web sites, and other modern day media."Blogs
Jane Austen's Letters"Jane Austen's Letters Annotated and Explained"Blogs
Jane Austen's World "...brings Jane Austen, her novels, and the Regency Period alive through food, dress, social customs, and other 19th C. historical details related to this topic"Blogs
The Avalon Project: 18th-Century DocumentsDocuments from 1700-1799 in the Lillian Goldman Law LibraryDocuments

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