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Sagtikos Manor (New York)Built in 1697, served as headquarters for the British Army on Long Island for a brief time during the Revolutionary War; President George Washington stayed there during his tour of Long Island in 1790.Historic Sites
A Sailor's Life for MeInteractive role-playing adventure presented by the USS Constitution that introduces players to the life of a sailor during the early 19th centuryCulture
Salem County Historical Society (New Jersey)"...Interpretive exhibits and guided tours of historic buildings, period furnishings, decorative arts, textiles, wistarburg glass and much more..."Societies
Salem Witch TrialsSalem Witch Trials Digital ArchiveCulture
Salem Witchcraft Trials 1692"Famous American Trials" -- Exhaustive compendium of source materialCulture
Salt River Long Rifles (Kentucky)A black powder muzzleloading gun club in Harrodsburg, KYSocieties
Sarah Elizabeth Gallery AntiquesThe Journal of Fashion and Taste -- by the founder of Sarah Elizabeth Gallery, a global resource for fine quality, original, historical garments from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuriesBlogs
Saratoga County Historical Society (New York)Promote a deeper understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of Saratoga County’s past.Societies
Saratoga National Historic Park (New York)Site of the first significant American military victoryHistoric Sites
Savannah History Museum (Georgia)Interprets the siege and battle of SavannahHistoric Sites
Saybrook Colony Founders Association (Connecticut)Study, record and preserve the genealogy and history of the Colony's original founding families.Societies
Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site (New York)Home to Philip J. Schuyler (1733-1804), renowned Revolutionary War Major-General, State Senator, and business entrepreneur.Historic Sites
The Second Company, Governor's Foot GuardA historical state military organization, headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut. Living History
The Second Massachusetts Regiment, Colonel Bailey"...continues to celebrate our countries heritage through first-hand experience recreating the events of the American Revolutionary War."Living History
The Second New Hampshire Regiment, Light Infantry, Captain Samuel Cherry"We are a re-created Light Infantry Unit of the Continental Army, General George Washington, Commanding."Living History
The Second New Jersey Regiment "Through "living history" displays and battlefield reenactments, we educate the public and honor those whom we depict."Living History
The Second North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Line"We are a group of amateur historians who devote a good deal of our time to historic research on Colonial America, particularly the period of the American Revolution."Living History
The Second Regiment Light Dragoons, Tallmadge's Troop"We re-enact a dragoon regiment (mounted and dismounted) of Gen. George Washington's Continental Army during the American War for Independence."Living History
The Second Regiment, South Carolina"We are a volunteer living history organization dedicated to recreating the daily activities and experiences of one of the most famous American units of the Revolutionary War in the southern colonies."Living History
The Secret Dreamworld of a Jane Austen Fan"... Jane Austen and everything around her and her books"Blogs
The Seventeenth Light DragoonsA non-profit educational group devoted to the accurate portrayal of the British Horse Soldier throughout the American War of Independence.Living History
The Seventh Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line"Bringing to life the common soldier and civilian of the American Revolution"Living History
Sew 18th Century"...shares my research regarding 18th century textiles, daily life and material culture."Blogs
Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill (Kentucky)" preserve and maintain the site of the Shaker community which once existed here..."Historic Sites
Shakespeare’s England"Everyday life in Seventeenth Century London"Blogs
The Sheffield Historical Society (Massachusetts)" preserve the story of the oldest town in Berkshire County"Societies
Shelby County Historical Society (Alabama)Dedicated to the discovery, collection, and preservation of all things related to the history of Shelby County AlabamaSocieties
The Sixth North Carolina Regiment"...we reenact battles and demonstrate eighteenth century skills and camp life."Living History
Slave Trade Atlantic Slave Trade Visual ArchiveCulture
Smith's Castle (Rhode Island)Richard Smith's home & gardens, c. 1678Historic Sites
The Society of 18th-Century Gentlemen (Wisconsin)"...a loosely-structured club primarily focused on recreating 18th-century fieldsports, foods and gaming...and information on a broad range of 18th-century topics"Societies
The South Carolina Historical Society (South Carolina)"To expand, preserve, and make accessible our invaluable collection, and to encourage interest and pride in the rich history of our state."Societies
South Fork Militia" history interpreting and serving the North Carolina area since 2008"Living History
South River Historical & Preservation Society (New Jersey)Dedicated to sharing and preserving the proud history of South River for future generations.Societies
The Southampton Historical Museum (New York)Owns and maintains 12 historic structures including a one-room schoolhouse, a colonial era barn, and a 19th century paint shore, among others.Societies
Southeast Native...dedicated to the collection, presentation, and interpretation of the historical events, conditions, and persons affecting life of indigenous people living in the Southeast.Culture
Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution (South Carolina)An informal fellowship of people with an interest in the events, people, places, and ideas surrounding the American War of IndependenceSocieties
Spy Letters of the American RevolutionFrom the Sir Henry Clinton Collection of the Clements LibraryDocuments
Stagville (North Carolina)"...comprises the remnants of one of the largest plantations of the pre-Civil War South."Historic Sites
The Star Spangled Banner National Historic Trail (Maryland)A 560-mile land and water route that tells the story of the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake Bay region.Historic Sites
Stay-ing AliveHistorical Dress Adventures and RamblingsBlogs
The Stonington Historical Society (Connecticut)Records of the lives and fortunes of colonial settlers, blockade runners, ship captains, whale hunters, patriots, explorers, artists, and writers.Societies
Strawbery Banke (New Hampshire)The present-day site known as Strawbery Banke has a long and rich history, stretching back to the earliest years of English settlement in New England.Historic Sites
Stuck in the 18th Century"Reliving the past and using lots of band aids"Blogs
Sudbury Companies of Militia and MinuteHistorical interpreters of the Colonial Period, specifically for the American Revolution from 1774 to 1775 and the locale of Sudbury, Massachusetts. Living History
The Summit Historical Society (New Jersey)Preservation and dissemination of information about Summit's past.Societies
Surry County, Virginia, Historical Society and Museums (Virginia)Preserve and promote the history of Surry County for future generations.Societies
Susquehanna County Historical Society (Pennsylvania)The oldest and largest of the county's historical organizations, and has, for 113 years, collected and preserved the history of the Susquehanna CountySocieties
The Swedish Cabin (Pennsylvania)Built by early Swedish settlers (likely between 1638 and 1655) as part of the New Sweden colony.Historic Sites
The Swedish Colonial Society (Pennsylvania)Founded in 1909, it is the oldest Swedish historical group in the U.S. dedicated to preserving the legacy of the New Sweden Colony in America.Societies
SwedishHeritage.USSwedish history in the United StatesCulture
Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area (Tennessee)Meeting place of the Overmountain Men who helped defeat the British at the battle of Kings MountainHistoric Sites

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