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1666 Great Fire Of LondonOne morning in 1666 a sudden fire in a Pudding Lane bakery went on to destroy two-thirds of London. Read the key facts here.Culture
1692 In AmericaA year in the life of a colonial landCulture
17th Century Physician's HandbookTreatments and remedies transcribed from a working Physician's handbook published in the 17th centuryBlogs
The 17th Light DragoonsBlog for Living History group based at Mt. Harmon Plantation in Earleville, MDBlogs
17th-century American Women "a museum in a blog, with snippets of history & paintings & images that fascinate me"Blogs
18cNewEnglandLife.orgInterpretive Resources of 18th Century Clothing & AccoutrementsCulture
18th Century Bibles & Other Literature"preserve historical accuracy and to present the great Christian literature of the 1700s"Documents
18th Century Blog"Fashion and Culture from the 1700s"Blogs
18th Century History"...a source of anything and everything related to the 18th Century."Blogs
18th Century LifeApparently defunct - "...a group of friends who share a passion for the 18th century"Blogs
18th Century Music"I have been working on this 18th century music project for two years and welcome suggestions and contributions"Blogs
18th Century Stays"Discussing aspects of Stays and the Stay-Making Trade"Blogs
18th-century American Women Including portraits of women & a look at the artists who painted them..Blogs
18thC Cuisine"Explore with me 18thC French cuisine as a habitante in Nouvelle France may have cooked"Blogs
An 18thc. house for sale in New HampshireAn 18thc. house resotred over many years for sale in New Hampshire. Many photos.Blogs
The 1st Continental Artillery Regiment"...attempts to as accurately as possible recreate the life and times of the common Continental artillerist through encampments and battlefield reenactments"Living History
The 1st Delaware Regiment"Sons of the Blue Hen & Game to the End!"Living History

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