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Falmouth Historical Society (Massachusetts)Museums, exhibits, research & educational programsSocieties
First Battalion of New Jersey VolunteersBased in Philadelphia and New Jersey, the modern 1NJV reenactment unit currently consists of 25 soldiers, musicians, and camp followers.Living History
The First Foot Guards"We are a Revolutionary War reenactment group based in Boston MA, accurately portraying the royal household regiment that is now known as The Grenadier Guards"Living History
The First Virginia Regiment of the Continental LineA Revolutionary War living history reenactment group. Living History
Fishkill Historical Society (New York)" gather and preserve information, objects, and resources relating to the history of Fishkill..."Societies
Fitzwilliam Historical Society (New Hampshire)"...o discover and collect that which illustrates and explores the history of Fitzwilliam NH. "Societies
Flintlock and Tomahawk"American warfare 1690-1815 in popular culture, art, in miniature and in wargames, through Living History and in movies."Blogs
The Forces of Montcalm & WolfeDedicated to interpreting the history of Colonial North America during the French and Indian WarLiving History
Fort at No. 4 (New Hampshire)Military base used by John Stark before his expedition to Bennington, NYHistoric Sites
Fort Barton Nature Walk (Rhode Island)Staging area for the Battle of Rhode IslandHistoric Sites
Fort Belle Fontaine (Missouri)Aka Cantonment Belle Fontaine, the first American military outpost near St. Louis Historic Sites
Fort Boonesborough Living History"to sustain, foster, and promote quality programming at Fort Boonesborough State Park and Boone's Station Historic Site"Living History
Fort Constitution Historic Site (New Hampshire)Built to protect Revolutionary War shipbuilding industryHistoric Sites
Fort de la Présentation (New York)aka Fort Oswegatchie, this is a French mission fort built in 1749, used in the American Revolution & War of 1812Historic Sites
Fort Dobbs (North Carolina)Important site in the French & Indian WarHistoric Sites
Fort Frederica (Georgia)Founded in 1736, this short lived settlement played a decisive role in America’s historyHistoric Sites
Fort Frederick State Park (Maryland)Served as a prison for Hessian (German) and British soldiersHistoric Sites
Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park (Connecticut)Basic information about Fort Griswold Battlefield State ParkHistoric Sites
Fort King George Historic Site (Georgia)The oldest English fort remaining on Georgia's coastHistoric Sites
Fort Lee Historic Park (New Jersey)Site built to defend New York and the Hudson Valley Historic Sites
Fort Ligonier (Pennsylvania)Restoration/reconstruction of the 1758 – 1766 original British fort, with museumHistoric Sites
Fort Loudoun State Historic Area (Tennessee)"learn about life during the French and Indian War"Historic Sites
Fort Massac State Park (Illinois)Rebuilt fort of the French-Indian WarHistoric Sites
Fort McClary (Maine)Used during the Revolutionary WarHistoric Sites
Fort Meigs (Ohio)Ohio's War of 1812 BattlefieldHistoric Sites
Fort Mifflin on the Delaware (Pennsylvania)On November 10th 1777, British warships attacked this fortHistoric Sites
Fort Morris (Georgia)Site of battle on January 9, 1779Historic Sites
Fort Moultrie (South Carolina)Place of victory for colonial forcesHistoric Sites
Fort Necessity (Pennsylvania)The battle at Fort Necessity in the summer of 1754 was the opening action of the French and Indian WarHistoric Sites
Fort Osage National Historic Landmark (Missouri)Second U.S. outpost built following the Louisiana PurchaseHistoric Sites
Fort Ouiatenon (Indiana)First fortified European settlement in IndianaHistoric Sites
Fort O'Brien (Maine)Oversaw the first naval engagement of the warHistoric Sites
Fort Phoenix State Reservation (Massachusetts)Site of important naval engagements Historic Sites
Fort Raleigh (North Carolina)Site of first English colony in AmericaHistoric Sites
Fort Raleigh Historical Handbook (North Carolina)NPS Historical Handbook on England's first New World SettlementHistoric Sites
Fort Randolph (West Virginia)"a refuge for white settlers against Indian attacks, was the farthest most out-post of the colonies and also played an important part in the American Revolutionary War"Historic Sites
Fort St. Simons (Georgia)One of a chain of forts built to protect the Georgia coast from Spanish attack.Historic Sites
Fort Stanwix National Monument (New York)British forces were repulsed while attempting to besiege this fortHistoric Sites
Fort Stark Historic Site (New Hampshire)Built to protect Revolutionary War shipbuilding industryHistoric Sites
Fort Ticonderoga (New York)Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold took the fort from the British, giving America its first victoryHistoric Sites
Fort Toulouse & Fort Jackson Living History Groups (Alabama)Official website for the Fort Toulouse / Jackson State Historical SiteHistoric Sites
Fort Toulouse National Historic Park (Alabama)Unofficial site for the French fort, originally built in 1717Historic Sites
Fort Washington (Pennsylvania)Built by Washington's Troops in 1777Historic Sites
Fort Wetherill State Park (Rhode Island)Fort built by the colonialsHistoric Sites
Fort Yargo Living History Society (Georgia)"A Society formed to provide an accurate and educational Living History Presentation for the Public at Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, GA"Societies
Fort Yargo State Park (Georgia)1792 log fort built by settlers for protection against Creek and Cherokee IndiansHistoric Sites
Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park (Wisconsin)Living history site with fur trade posts reconstructed at the actual site known to be active from 1802 to 1805, with adjacent re-created Woodland Indian VillageHistoric Sites
The Forty-Second Royal Highland Regiment"We portray the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) of the late 1700s, in North America, and wish to share the history of this famous regiment."Living History
The Founding Era CollectionOriginal documents by John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Dolley Madison, James Madison, George Washington, & on the ratification of the ConstitutionDocuments
Fourth Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers"Our group was founded in 1977 to take part in reenactments of the American Revolution and additional local civic events."Living History
The Fourth Company of Foot Guards, King George III"...commemorates the service of British soldiers in the colonies during our war for independence."Living History
Ben Franklin 300Celebrating the Benjamin Franklin TercentenaryCulture
Franklin County Historical Society - Kittochtinny (Pennsylvania)Maintains a museum and several historic sites.Societies
Benjamin Franklin: Digital ArchiveDigital archiveDocuments
Benjamin Franklin: Official PapersOfficial papersDocuments
The Freedom Trail Foundation (Massachusetts)Welcome to the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile, red-lined route that leads you to 16 historically significant sites — each one an authentic treasure.Historic Sites
The French in WisconsinResearch, recreation, reenacting, and teaching of the prominent role French people had in Wisconsin from the 17th into the 19th centuryCulture
Friends of 1776Exploring the Significance of the American Revolution, its People and Events.Blogs
Friends of Fort Frederick (Maryland)Sponsors, or provides assistance to, many activities at the fort throughout the year, geared toward enhancing the visitor’s experience and providing educational opportunities at Fort Frederick.Historic Sites
Friends of Fort Harrod (Kentucky)First permanent settlement in KentuckyHistoric Sites
Friends of Historic Northport (Alabama)"To promote our city's history and heritage through education, preservation, planning, and documentation."Societies
Friends of Schuyler Mansion (New York)" the State of New York maintain Schuyler Mansion as an historic house museum..."Historic Sites
Frontier CarpenterApparently now defunct -- "Early American Woodworking and Pioneer skills"Blogs
Fuchsia's 18th Century Dress Project" document the process of my making a whole 18th century outfit – complete with stays, pocket hoops, petticoat, stomacher and stuff"Blogs

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