For many Colonial Americans, crafts were any everyday activity in their life. Candles had to be made, chairs had to be caned -- or re-caned, cloth had to be woven...pretty much anything they wanted, they had to make for themselves, or find a neighbor or townsperson who had mastered the craft and buy or trade to them.

However, over time, many or there skills have been lost to history. Well, not "lost," exactly, but certainly set aside as modern manufacturing automated these tasks and many of these skills are only known by a minority of folk who keep the art alive.

This section will cover many of these areas, with a special emphasis on showing you how you can recreate these handmade items in the comfort of your (modern) home. We hope you find them useful, and hope to hear from those of you who undertake these projects.

Appalachian Baskets
Braided Rugs
Natural Dyeing
Shaker Sconces
Shaving Horses
Working with Pewter

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