1579.Sir Francis Drake discovered Nova Albion in the South-Sea.

Others will have Sir Martin Frobisher’s first voyage to discover the North-west passage to be this year.

1580.From Nova Albion he fell with Ternate, one of the Isles of Molucco, being courteously entertained of the King, and from thence he came unto the Isles of Calebes, to Java Major, to Cape buona speranza, and fell with the coasts of Guinea, where crossing again the line, he came to the height of the Azores, and thence to England upon the third of November 1580. after three years lacking twelve days, and was Knighted, and his Ship laid up at Deptford as a monument of his fame.

1581.The Provinces of Holland again seek for aid to the Queen of England.

1582.Six Humphrey Gilbert took possession of New-found-land or Terra Nova, in the harbour of St. John, for and in the name of Queen Elizabeth, it lyeth over against the gulf of St. Lawrence, and is between 46 and 53 degrees of the North-poles Altitude.

1583.Sir Walter Rawleigh in Ireland.

Sir Humphrey Gilbert attempted a plantation in some remote parts in New-England.

He perished in his return from New-found-land.

1584.The woful year of subscription so called by the Brethren, or Disciplinarians.

Sir Walter Rawleigh obtained of Queen Elizabeth a Patent for the discovery and peopling of unknown Countries, not actually possessed by any Christian Prince. Dated March 25. in the fix and twentieth of her Raign.

April the 27 following, he set forth two Barkes under the Command of Mr. Philip Amedas and Mr. Arthur Barlow, who arrived on that part of America, which that Virgin Queen named Virginia, and thereof in her Majesties name took possession July the Thirteenth.

1585.Cautionary Towns and Forts in the low-Countreys delivered unto Queen Elizabeths hands.

Sir Richard Greenvile was sent by Sir Walter Rawleigh April the Ninth, with a Fleet of 7 sail to Virginia, and was stiled the General of Virginia. He landed in the Ifland of ^'t. yoh7i de porto Rico May the Twelfth, and there fortified themfelves and built a Pinnaffe, &c. In Virginia they left 100 men under the Government of Mr. Ralph Lane, and others.

Sir Francis Drake's voyage to the West- Indies, wherein were taken the Cities of St. Jago, St. Domingo Cartagena, and the Town of St. Augustine in Florida.

Now (say some) Tobacco was first brought into England by Mr. Ralph Lane out of Virginia.

Others will have Tobacco to be first brought into England from Peru, by Sir Francis Drake's Mariners.

Capt. John Davies first voyage to discover the North-west passage, encouraged by Sir Francis Walsingham, principal Secretary.

1586.Mr. Thomas Candish of Trimely, in the County of Suffolk Esq, began his voyage in the ship called the Desire, and two ships more to the South-Sea through the Streights of Magellan (and from thence round about the circumference of the whole earth) burnt and ransack'd in the entrance of Chile, Peru and New-Spain, near the great Island of Calformia in the South-Sea; and returned to Plimouth with a pretious booty 1588. September the Eighth, being the Third snice Magellan, that circuited the earth, our English voyagers were never out-stript by any.

The Natives in Virginia conspired against the English.

The same year Sir Richard Greenvile General of Virginia arrived there with three ships, bringing relief from Sir Walter Rawleigh to the Colony.

Mr. John Davies second voyage to discover the North-west passage.

1587.Sir Walter Rawleigh sent another Colony of 150 persons under the Government of Mr. John White.

Mr. John Davies third voyage to discover the North-west passage.

Sir Francis Drake, with four ships took from the Spaniards one million, 189200 Ducats in one voyage.

1588.Queen Elizabeth opposed her Authority against the Brethrens books and writings.

Sir Francis Drake Vice-Admiral of the English Fleet, the Lord-Admiral bestowed the order of Knight-hood upon Mr. John Hawkins, Martin Forbisher and others, July the Five and twentieth.

The Spanish Armado defeated, consisting of 130 ships, wherein were 19290 Souldiers, 2080 chained Rowers, 2630 great Ordnance, Commanded by Perezius Guzman Duke of Medina Sedonia, and under him Johannes Martinus Recaldus a great Seaman; The Fleet coming on like a half-moon, the horns of the front extending one from the other about 7 miles asunder, it was preparing 15 years, and was blackt to make it seem more terrible.

1589.The Portingal voyage under the conduct of Sir Francis Drake.

Mr. Thomas Candish now finished his voyage about the world, as some will have it.

1590.Now Tobacco first used in England, as some will have


1591.The first Englishman that ever was in the Bermuduze or Summer-Islands, was one Henry May.

The voyage of Capt. Newport to the West-Indies, where upon the coast of Hispaniola, he took and burnt three Towns, and Nineteen sail of ships and Frigats.

Mr. Thomas Candish last voyage, in which he dyed.

1593.Sir Martin Frobisher Commander of the English Fleet slain in the quarrel of H. King of Navarr.

The last voyage of Sir Francis Drake, and Sir John Hawkins to the West-Indies with six ships of the Queens, and twelve other ships and Barks containing 2400 men and boyes, in which voyage they both dyed, and Sir Francis Drakes Coffen was thrown over board near Porto bello.

1594.Sir Robert Duddeley’s voyage to Trinadad, and the coast of Paria.

Mr. James Lancasters voyage to Fernambuck the port Town Town of Olinda in Brazil, in which voyage he took 29 ships and Frigats, surprized the said port Town, and there found the Cargazon or fraught of a rich Indian Carack, which together with great abundance of Sugars and Cottons he brought from thence; lading therewith fifteen sail of tall ships and barks.

1595The voyage of Sir Amias Preston, & Capt. George Sommers to the West-Indies, where they took, sackt, spoiled and abandoned the Island of Puerto Santo, the Island of Cock near Margarita, the Fort and Town of Coro, the stately City of St. Jago de Ieon, and the Town of Cumana ransomed, and Jamaica entered.

Sir Walter Rawleigh’s voyage now to Guiana, discovered by him. In which voyage he took St. Joseph a Town upon Trinidado.

The Sabbatarian doctrine published by the Brethren.

1596.The voyage to Cadez, Sir Walter Rawleigh Rere-Admiral.

The voyage of Sir Anthony Sherley intended for the Island of St. Tome, but performed to St. Jago, Dominga, Margarita, along the coast of Terra Firma to the Island of Jamaica, situated between 17 and 18 degrees of the North-poles elevation (which he conquered, but held it not long) from thence to the bay of Hondurus, 30 leagues up Rio dolce, and homeward by New-found-land.

1597.The voyage to the Azores, Sir Walter Rawleigh Capt. of the Queens Guard Rere-Admiral.

Porto Rico, taken by the Earl of Cumberland.

1599.The Grand Canary taken by the Dutch Commander


1600.The Colonies in Virginia supplyed by publick purse.

1602.Queen Elizabeth dyed March the Four and twentieth

King James began to Raign.

The North parts of Virginia, i. e. New-England further discovered by Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold, some will have him to be the first discoverer.

Capt. George Weymouth's voyage to discover the North-west passage.

Divers of our English in the North of England entered into a Covenant of worshipping of God.

1603.King James came into England, the fifth of April. Monsieur Champlains voyage to Canada.

November the seventeenth Sir Walter Rawleigh Arraigned and Condemned.

1604.Monsieur du Point and du Monts voyage to Canada.

1605.Monsieur du Point and du Monts remove the French habitation to Port-Royal.

James Halle’s voyage to Groenland, and to find out the North-west passage.

1606.The province of Main possessed by the English by publick Authority King James, Sir John Popham, &c.

A Colony first sent to New-England by Sir John Popham chief Justice of the Common pleas.

James-town founded in Virginia.

James Halls second voyage, to find out the North-west passage.

Mr. John Knight his North-west voyage, lost his ship sunk by the Ice.

A Colony sent to Virginia, called by the Indians Wingandacoa, the first that took firm -possession there.

1607.Plimouth Plantation in New-England attempted.

St. Georges Fort built at the mouth of the River Sagadahoc, under the Presidency of Capt. George Popham and Capt. Ralph Gilbert, who built the Fort.

James Halls third voyage to find out the North-west passage.

Hudsons first voyage to find out the North-west passage.

1608.Virginia planted.

A Colony sent to New-found-land.

Capt. John Smith fished now for Whales at Monhiggen.

Hudsons second voyage to the North-west met a Mermaid in the Sea. That there be such Creatures see Plinie, Albertus Magnus, Aristotle, Elian, Theodorus Gaza, Alexander of Alexandria, Gorgius Trapozensus, Jul. Scaliger. Stows Annals in Anno Dom. 1204. at Oreford in Suffolk a Mareman taken.

1609.Sir Thomas Gales and Sir George Summers going to Virginia, suffered shipwrack upon the Bermudos-Islands where they continued till 1610.

Hudsons third voyage to New-found-land discovered Mohegan-River in New-England.

The Dutch set down by Mohegan-River.

1610.Capt. Whitburns voyage to discover the North-west passage, saw a Mermaid in the harbour of St. Johns at New-found-land by the River side.

Hudsons last and fatal voyage to discover the North-west passage, where he was frozen to death.

Dales-gift founded in Virginia.

Sundry of the English nation removed out of the North of England into the Netherlands, and gathered a Church at Leyden, where they continued until the year 1620.

1611.Sir Thomas Dale Governour of Virginia.

The famous Arch-Pirate Peter Easton.

1612.Bermudus first planted, and Mr. R. Moore sent over

Governour, the first that planted a Colony in the Bermudus.

James Halls fourth voyage to discover the North west

passage, was slain by the Savages.

Capt. Buttons voyage to discover the North-west passage.

1613.Port-Royal destroyed by Sir Samuel Argol Governour of Virginia.

Mr. John Rolf a Gentleman of good behaviour fell in love with Pocahontas, the only Daughter of Powhaton a King in Virginia and married her, she was Christened and called the Lady Rebecca, and dyed at Gravesend Anno Dom. 1617. Sir Lewis Stukely brought up her Son Thomas Rolf.

1614.Bermudus planted further.

Powhatons Daughter in Virginia Christened Rebecca.

Capt. Gibbins voyage to find out the North-west passage.

New-Netherlands began to be planted upon Mohegan-River, Sir Samuel Argol routed them.

1615.Sir Richard Hawkins voyage into those parts of New-England.

1616.Capt. Gibbins second voyage to find out the North-west passage.

A new supply sent by Capt. Daniel Tucker to the Bermudus.

Pocahontas and Mr. Rolf her Husband went for England with Sir Thomas Dale, and arrived at Plimouth the 12 of June.

1617.Sir Walter Rawleighs last and unfortunate voyage to Guiana, where he took St. Thome the only Town of Guiana possessed by the Spaniards.

1618.The Comet or blazing-star whose motion was by some observed to be from East to West.

1619.Sir Walter Rawleigh beheaded in the Parliament yard.

Bermudus-Islands divided into Tribes and Cantreds, to each tribe a Burrough.

1620.The English in Virginia divided into several Burroughs.

Letters Patents obtained from King James for the Northern part of Virginia i..e. New-England.

In July sundry of the English set sail from Holland for Southampton.

August the fift, they set sail from Southampton for America, and arrived the Eleventh of November at Cape-Cod, where they entered into a body politick, and chose one Mr. John Carver their Governour, calling the place where they settled New-Plimouth: in January and February following was a mortality among the English, which swept away half the Company.

Mrs, Susanna White delivered of a Son at new-Plimouth, Christened Peregrine; he was the first of the English that was born in New-England, and was afterwards the Lieutenant of the Military Company of Marshfield in Plimouth Colony.

New-Plimouth built, the first Town in new-England.

Squanto an Indian in new-England, carried into England by Mr. Hunt a Master of a Ship, but brought home again by Mr. Dormer a Gentleman imployed by Sir Ferdinando Gorges for discovery.

Source: Overview by Bryan Wright

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