Johann Heinrich Jonas Gudehus was a native of Braunschweig Germany and was an accredited schoolmaster prior to his emigration to the United States seeking wealth. He was born July 12, 1776 to Earnst Christian Gudehus and Catherine Elizabeth. On April 18, 1804, he married the daughter of a miller. Her name was Johanne Friederike Henriette Thormann. She was by his side on their trip to America but died prior to Heinrich. There was another young widow by his side when he died.

Gudehus applied for a teacher post on January 2, 1802 at 3301 Essehof and was installed into the position January 26. He was accepted as schoolmaster at 3341 Remlingen four years later. Before leaving Germany, his final destination was 3301 Vallstedt in 1811. At Vallstedt he taught 120-130 undisciplined children. He was a strict disciplinarian and frequently appeared in front of the local justice. However, his supervisor, Pastor Lungerhausen praised him as a competent teacher. Eventually the relationship between Pastor Lungerhausen and Gudehus deteriorated so much that Gudehus became sick with ulcers and palsy. He was inclined to seek another teaching post. It was during this time that he intended to travel to western North America. Officially he was discharged September 15, 1821. He did not care to travel during the winter months, and their was no immediate successor. He taught until the following March and was endorsed April 22, 1822.

What happened to Heinrich Gudehus? How were his travels through America? Did he continue to teach in his native German dialect? Did he remain in America? Read his journal "Journey to America" to find out!

Source: Edited by Bryan Wright

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