1By interchange of names, the Ouabache (Wabash) River appears on maps of this period as a tributary of the Mississippi, namely the Ohio, while the name Ohio River is given to its tributary, the Wabash.



4Up the Ohio. 

5Up the Ohio River.

6Tennessee River. 

7A trading post on the Bayou Saint John at the south side of Lake Pontchartrain.


9Tellico, a Cherokee town on the Tellico River near its junction with the Little Tennessee.

10Grapes (?).

11This paragraph is written in the margin of the manuscript.

12Alibamu, or Alabama Indians.

13A feudal tax supplementary to the taille.

14This note is in the margin of the manuscript.

15Alabama Fort, or Fort Toulouse, at the confluence of the Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers. 

16Creeks and Choctaws. 

17Limbourg was a kind of French cloth.

18This note is in the margin of the manuscript. 


20The identity of this place has not been established; but about this time there was in the Upper Creek country - N. by E. of Fort Toulouse - a village named by the French Conchaques, whose inhabitants spoke a dialect almost identical with the Alabamas. 


22A French settlement on the lower Mississippi.

Source: Travels in the American Colonies

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