A collection of world events between 1492 and 1859, focusing on the 17th and 18th centuries. Please refer to the Guide for more info, tips and Search examples...

NEScGv1528Oct20Treaty of Gorinchem between Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Duke Charles II of Guelders
EUScRn1536Oct20Danish/Norwegian king Christian III leads reform in Catholic possessions
NE????1576Oct20Spanish troops occupies and plunder Maastricht
FRCfFr1587Oct20Battle of Coutras: Henry IV beats Catholic League
PACfSk1603Oct20Chinese uprising in Philippines fails after 23,000 killed
GBScGv1634Oct20English King Charles I disbands new "Ship Money" tax
GBScGv1714Oct20Georg Ludwig of Hanover crowned as English King George I
EUScGv1740Oct20 Maria Theresa becomes ruler of Austria, Hungary and Bohemia
??????1751Oct20Royal ship Duc de Bourgogne launches at Rochefort
NAScCm1774Oct20Congress creates the Continental Association, implementing a trade boycott with Great Britain.
NASeAy1786Oct20Harvard University organizes first astronomical expedition in U.S.
NAScGv1803Oct20U.S. Senate ratifies Louisiana Purchase
EUScGv1813Oct20German Kingdom of Westphalia abolished
NAScGw1817Oct20First Mississippi "Showboat," leaves Nashville on maiden voyage
NAScGv1818Oct20Treaty of 1818 (aka London Convention, Anglo-American Convention): 49th parallel forms as border between U.S. and Canada; U.S. and Britain agree to joint control of Oregon country
NAScBd1819Oct20Future Union General Daniel Sickles is born
NAScGv1820Oct20Spain sells part of Florida to U.S. for $5 million
GBMePr1822Oct20First edition of The Sunday Times (London)
EUCfGi1827Oct20Battle of Navarino: Engl/Russian/French fleet beat Turk/Egyptian fleet
NAMvEx1833Oct20Charles Darwin reaches river mouth of Parana
SAMvEx1835Oct20HMS Beagle leaves Galapagos Archipelago/sails to Tahiti
NAScLc1842Oct20Fugitive slave George Latimer captured in Boston
SAMvRl1843Oct20First Chinese immigrant arrives in Suriname
??????1847Oct20Little William Allnutt poisons his grandpa, Samuel Nelme
FRScBd1853Oct20Poet Arthur Rimbaud is born
NEScGw1856Oct20Arnhem-Oberhausen railway in Netherlands opens

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