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??????1515May19George of Saxony sells Friesland for 100,000 gold guilders to arch duke Charles V
??????1518Oct02English cardinal Thomas Wolsey successfully presents Treaty of London to Charles V, Maximilian I, Francis I, and Henry VIII.
EUScGv1519Jun28King Carlos I elected as Roman Catholic German emperor Charles V
??????1520Jul10King Charles V and King Henry VIII signs treaty of Calais
EUScGv Oct26Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, coronated in Germany
EUScGv1521Apr28Diet of Worms: Emperor Charles V names his brother Ferdinand I Arch duke of Netherlands-Austria
?????? May28Pope Leo X signs treaty with German emperor Charles V
NEScLc Oct25Emperor Charles V bans wooden buildings in Amsterdam
?????? Nov19Battle of Milan: Emperor Charles V’s/pontifical/Spanish/German troops beat France and occupy Milan
NEScGv1522Apr29Emperor Charles V names Frans van Holly inquisitor-general of Netherlands
??????1524Jul15Emperor Charles V bans German national synode
?????? Aug19Emperor Charles V’s troops besieges Marseille
?????? Sep29Emperor Charles V’s troops give siege of Marseille
ITCfIt1525Feb24Battle of Pavia: Emperor Charles V’s Imperial troops beat French king
SPCfIt1526Jan14Charles V and Francis I of France sign Treaty of Madrid -- Francis I forced to give up claims in Burgundy, Italy and Flanders
EUScMd Mar10Emperor Charles V marries princess Isabella of Portugal
ITCfIt1527Jun07Sack of Rome: Pope Clement VII. Charles V surrenders to emperor CenErr11204’s armies
?????? Nov26Pope Clement VII signs treaty with emperor Karel I
??????1528Jan22England and France declare war on Emperor Charles V
NEScGv Oct20Treaty of Gorinchem between Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Duke Charles II of Guelders
??????1529Jun29Emperor Charles V and Pope Clement VII sign Treaty of Barcelona
FRCfIt Aug05The Treaty of Cambrai -- aka the "Ladies’ Peace" -- signed by emperor Charles V and King Francis I of France
EUScGv1530Feb24First imperial coronation by a Pope, Charles V crowned by Clement VII
??????1531Jun09Pope Clement VII and Francis I of France sign secret treaty against Charles V
EUScGv1532Jun23Henry VIII and Francis I of France signs secret treaty against emperor Charles V
?????? Jul23Charles V and evangelical monarchy signs Peace of Nuremberg
NEScRn1534Feb26Pope Charles V appoints George van Egmond as bishop of Utrecht (confirmed in 1535 by Pope Paul III)
NEScRn Oct26Charles V names George van Egmond as bishop of Utrecht
??????1535Jun14Charles V’s fleet sails under Andrea Doria to Tunis
AFCf?? Jul14Emperor Charles V conquers Tunis
??????1536Feb18France and Turkey sign miltitary/trade agreement against King Charles V
EUCfIt1538Jun18Truce of Nice: ends war between Emperor Charles V and King Francis I of France
?????? Jul15Peace talks between Charles V and King Francis I of France
??????1539Feb01Emperor Charles V and King Francis I of France sign anti-English treaty
??????  15Emperor Charles V receives Cardinal Reginald Pole in Toledo
EUScGv Apr19Holy Roman Emperor Charles V signs Treaty of Frankfurt
EUCfSk1540Feb14Emperor Charles V enters Ghent without resistance, executes rebels
EUScGv Apr29After a revolt, emperor Charles V revokes all historical privileges in Ghent with the Caroline Concession
EUScGv Aug29Emperor Charles V deprives city of Ghent definitive rights/privileges
??????1543Feb11Charles V and Henry VIII sign anti-French covenant
?????? Aug22Emperor Charles V’s army occupies Duren
NECfIt Sep07Treaty of Venlo: Duke William of Julich-Cleves-Berg surrenders to Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
EUScGv1544May23Holy Roman Emperor Charles V recognizes king Christian III of Denmark
FRCfIt Sep18HRE Charles V of Germany and Francis I of France sign Peace of Crepy
EUCf??1547Apr24Battle of Mühlberg: Emperor Charles V vs John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony
EU???? May16Protestant German monarch surrenders to Charles V in Wittenberg
??????  19Duke John Frederick I surrenders to Charles V
?????? Sep01Charles V demands creation of Imperial League (German state)
EUScRn1548Jun30Emperor Charles V orders Catholics to become Lutherans
EUScGv1550Apr29Emperor Charles V gives inquisiters additional authority
EUScGv1551Mar09Emperor Charles V appoints son Philip II as heir to the throne
EU????1552Apr19Maurice of Saxony captures Charles V
EUScRn Aug02Peace of Passau: Emperor Charles V accepts Lutheran religion
?????? Oct31Emperor Charles V and Albert, Duke of Prussia, strike siege for Metz
NEScGv1555Oct21Emperor Charles V makes Erard of Pallandt earl of Culemborg
EUScGv  25Emperor Charles V puts his son Philip II in charge of Netherlands/Naples/Milan
SPScGv1556Jan16Emperor Charles V appoints his son Philip II as king of Spain
SPScGv Mar28Charles V’s son Philip II crowned king of Spain
EUScGv Sep12Holy Roman Emperor Charles V resigns, his brother Ferdinand I takes over
SP????  13Charles V and Maria of Hungary march into Spain
??????  15Vlissingen ex-emperor Charles V returns to Spain
NE???? Oct17Ex-emperor Charles V departs Netherland for Spain
EUScBd1558Dec29Holy Roman Emperor Charles V buried
EUCfOh1687Aug12Battle of Mohács: Charles V, Duke of Lorraine, routes Ottoman invaders of Hungary

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