A collection of world events between 1492 and 1859, focusing on the 17th and 18th centuries. Please refer to the Guide for more info, tips and Search examples...

EUScMd1515Jul22Anne of Bohemia and Hungary (12) marries Ferdinand I of Austria
EUScGv1521Apr28Diet of Worms: Emperor Charles V names his brother Ferdinand I Arch duke of Netherlands-Austria
EUScGv1526Oct24Ferdinand I of Austria chosen as King of Bohemia
EUScGv1527Feb24Ferdinand I of Austria crowned as king of Bohemia
EUScGv Nov03Ferdinand I of Austria/Bohemia coronated as king of Hungary
??????1531Jan31Kings Ferdinand I of Austria and John Zapolya of Hungary accept each other
ASCfSk1533Jul22Ferdinand I of Austria and (Ottoman Empire) sign the Treaty of Constantinople
EUScGv1538Feb24King Ferdinand I of Austria and King John Zapolya of Hungary sign Peace of Grosswardein
EUScGv1541Dec29Isabella Jagiellon of Poland and King Ferdinand I of Austria sign the Treaty of Gyalu
??????1547Jun13King Ferdinand I of Austria subjects himself on Turkish sultan Suleiman I
EUScGv1551Jul19Treaty of Weissenburg (aka Treaty of Karlsburg): arch duke Ferdinand I of Austria recognized as king of Hungary/Transsylvania
??????1556Sep09Pope Paul IV refuses to crown Ferdinand I emperor
EUScGv  12Holy Roman Emperor Charles V resigns, his brother Ferdinand I takes over
EUScGv1558Mar14Ferdinand I coronated as Holy Roman emperor
??????1562Jun01Emperor Ferdinand I and Sultan Suleiman I signs treaty
EUScGv1848Apr11Hungary becomes constitutional monarchy under king Ferdinand I of Austria

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