A collection of world events between 1492 and 1859, focusing on the 17th and 18th centuries. Please refer to the Guide for more info, tips and Search examples...

EUScMd1572Aug18King Henry IV of France marries Margaretha van Valois
FR????1576Feb03Henry of Navarre (future Henry IV of France) escapes from Paris
EUScGv1577Feb06King Henry IV of France becomes leader of Huguenots
ITScRn1585Aug08Pope Sixtus V excommunicates Hendrik van Navarra ( Henry IV)
FRCfFr1587Oct20Battle of Coutras: Henry IV beats Catholic League
FRCfFr1589Sep18Battle of Arques ends: French king Henry IV beats Catholic League
FRCfFr1590Mar14Battle of Ivry: French King Henry IV beats Catholic League
ITScRn1591Mar01Pope Gregory XIV threatens to excommunicate French king Henry IV
FR???? Apr19Chartres surrenders to king Henry IV in France
FR???? Aug19French king Henry IV occupies Rouen
FRScGv Sep21French bishops recognize Henry IV of France as French king
FRScRn1593Jul25France’s Protestant King Henry IV converts to Roman Catholic
FRScGv1594Feb27Henry IV crowned king of France
FR???? Mar22French King Henry IV festival in Paris
FR????1595Jan17French king Henry IV declares war on Spain
ITScRn Sep17Pope Clement VIII recognizes Henry IV as king of France
FRCfFr1597Sep25Amiens surrenders to French King Henry IV
FR????1598Mar20French king Henry IV and duke van Mercour sign treaty
??????1600Aug06Henry IV of France invades Savoy after negotiations break down over Saluzzo, controlled by Savoy since 1588

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