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GBScLc1605Nov05King James II learns of the Gunpowder Plot (Catholics try to blow up English Parliament)
GBMeTh1606Dec26King Lear performed at King James II’s Court
GBScGs1661Oct01Yachting begins in England with the first yacht race between King Charles II of England and his brother James II (Charles wins).
GBScGv1673Jun12Charles II’s brother duke James II resigns as Lord High Admiral
??????1679Oct23Supposed Meal Tub Plot against James II of England
NAScGv1682Aug24Duke James II gives Delaware to William Penn
??????1685Jun11James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, rebels against Catholic king James II
GBCfMr Jul06Battle of Sedgemoor: King James II beats James Scott, Duke of Monmouth
GBScGv1687Apr04English king James II issues his Declaration of Indulgence, to be read in churches
GBScGv Jul02King James II disbands English parliament
GBScGv1688Oct27King James II fires premier Robert Spencer
GB???? Nov26King James II escapes back to London
GB???? Dec09King James II’s wife and son flee England for France
GB????  10King James II flees London
GBScLc  11King James II captured attempting to flee to France
??????  15Lord Delamere sides with King James II
??????  19King James II’s wife and son flee to France
GB????  21Pro-James II-earl of Devonshire occupies Nottingham
??????  22Pro-James II-earl of Danby occupies York [Thomas Osborne, occupied York in Nov-12/26]
GBCfGr  23English king James II allowed to flee to France
FR????  25English king James II lands in Ambleteuse, France
GB????   Lord Delamere sides with King James II
??????  31Pro-James II-earl of Devonshire occupies Nottingham
??????1689Mar12Former English King James II lands in Ireland
GB????1690May20England passes Act of Grace, forgiving followers of James II
GBCfNy Jul01Army of England’s Protestant King William III defeats Roman Catholic King James II in Battle of Boyne in Ireland
GBCfNy   Battle of the Boyne -- William III of Orange beats Irish Jacobite forces under King James II
GBCfNy1691Jul12Battle of Aughrim (Aghrim) England, William III beats James II
GBScGv1702Mar08James II’s daughter, Queen Anne Stuart, becomes Queen of England upon the death of King William III

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