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NAScBd1751Mar16James Madison, “Father of the Constitution,” is born in Virginia
NAScLc1787Oct27The "Federalist Papers" begins publication,the first in a series of 85 essays (published serially, until May 28, 1788) by "Publius," the pen name of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay, appears in the New York Independent Journal , calls for ratification of Constitution
NAScMd1794Sep15James Madison marries Dolley Madison (nee Payne Todd)
NAMeCp1806Jan25James Madison delivers report concerning British interference and impressment of sailors causing anti-British feelings to arise.
NAScGv1808Dec07James Madison elected U.S. president; George Clinton2 stays on as vice-president
NAScGv1809Mar04James Madison becomes first president inaugurated in American-made clothes
NAScCm Apr19Thomas Jefferson sells servant to James Madison
NAScCm1811Feb11President James Madison prohibits trade with Britain for third time in four years
NACf121812Jun30James Madison makes urgent call to commission more officers to fight the British
NAScGv Dec02James Madison re-elected president of U.S., with Elbridge Gerry as vice-president
NAScCm1815Dec11James Madison presents trade agreement to Congress
NAScBd1836Jun28James Madison dies at age 85

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