A collection of world events between 1492 and 1859, focusing on the 17th and 18th centuries. Please refer to the Guide for more info, tips and Search examples...

NAScBd1758Apr28Future US President James Monroe is born
NAScMd1786Feb16James Monroe marries Elizabeth Monroe, nee Kortright
NAScGv1803Jan11James Monroe and Robert R. Livingston sail for Paris to buy New Orleans, but end up buying Louisiana
NAScGv1816Dec04James Monroe (VA), elected 5th president, defeating Federalist William R. King
NA????1818Apr28James Monroe proclaims naval disarmament on Great Lakes and Lake Champlain
NAScGv1819Feb22As part of the Adams-Onis Treaty that occurred during James Monroe’s presidency, Spain cedes Florida and all colonies east of the Mississippi to the United States for five million dollars
NAScGv1820Mar06James Monroe signs the Missouri Compromise
NAScMd  08James Monroe’s daughter Maria marries her cousin in the White House
NAScGv Nov07James Monroe elected 5th U.S. president
NAScGv Dec06U.S. president James Monroe re-elected
NAScGv1821Mar05James Monroe is first President inaugurated on March 5th, (because the 4th was a Sunday)
SAScGv1823Jan27President James Monroe appoints first U.S. ambassadors to South America
NAScGv Dec02President James Monroe declares his "Monroe Doctrine"
NAScBd1831Jul04James Monroe dies at age 73

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