A collection of world events between 1492 and 1859, focusing on the 17th and 18th centuries. Please refer to the Guide for more info, tips and Search examples...

EU????1493May23King Charles VIII and Maximilian I of Austria sign Peace of Senlis
EUScGv Aug19Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I also becomes Archduke of Austria
ITCfIt1495May31Emperor Maximilian I, Pope Alexander VI, Milan, King Ferdinand II of Aragon, and Isabella I and Venice sign anti-French Holy League
ITMeMu1498Jul07Emperor Maximilian I establishes boy’s choir of the Imperial Chapel in Vienna
EUScGv1502Feb25Austrian emperor Maximilian I reformats government machine
NEScGv Jun19Emperor Maximilian I and England sign treaty of Antwerp
EU????1504Apr23King Maximilian I routes troops to Bavaria
FRScGv Sep22Treaty of Blois: Philip I of Castile, Maximilian I and CenErr11556 agree to terms.
EUScGv1508Feb04Maximilian I proclaimed Holy Roman Emperor without being crowned by the Pope
NEScGv1509Mar18Emperor Maximilian I names Margaretha land guardians of Netherlands
FRCfIt1513Aug16Battle of Guinegate: Maximilian I and Henry VIII beat France
EUCfIt Sep23King Henry VIII and Emperor Maximilian I conquer Tournai
??????1518Oct02English cardinal Thomas Wolsey successfully presents Treaty of London to Charles V, Maximilian I, Francis I, and Henry VIII.
??????1619Aug08Duke Maximilian I of Bavaria and Emperor Ferdinand II signs Treaty of Munchen
EUScGv1623Feb23Duke Maximilian I of Bavaria becomes ruler of the Palatinate of the Rhine
FRCfTy1631May30France and Maximilian I of Bavaria sign the Treaty of Fontainebleau
EU????1648May17Emperor Ferdinand III defeats Maximilian I of Bavaria

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