Before the advent of photography, if you wanted a picture of something or someone, you had to draw it yourself -- or hire someone to do it for you. Artists (at least the good ones) could make a good living painting portraits, cityscapes, scenes of commoners, or still lifes; and also preserving for us the particulars of their lives, the styles of their clothes and houses and the details of their world. Here are some whose works have lived beyond their lifetimes.

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Pedro de Uceda

a Spanish Baroque painter. His exact year of birth is not known. Not much is known about his life. He initially studied under Lucas de Valdes. He painted religious-themed works for church commissions.
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Giovanni da Udine

an Italian painter and architect born in Udine. A pupil of Raphael and one of his assistants in painting the frescoes of the Vatican
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Philipp Uffenbach

1566, Jan 151636, Apr 6
a German painter and etcher. He was born in Frankfurt, and trained under Hans Grimmer. One of his pupils was Adam Elsheimer.
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Jonas Umbach

1624 ca1693
a painter, designer, and engraver, was born at Augsburg about 1624. He was cabinet painter to the Bishop of Augsburg, and produced many landscapes with cattle, also kitchen pieces, feathered game, and a few historical subjects in chiaroscuro. He also etched 230 plates of biblical, historical, and mythological scenes and landscapes.
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Jacob van Utrecht

aka: Jacobus Traiectensis, Claesz, Claez
1479 ca1530 ca
a Flemish early Renaissance painter who worked in Antwerp and Lübeck. From 1519 to 1525 he is recorded as a member of the Leonardsbruderschaft ("Leonard's Brotherhood"), a religious confraternity of merchants in Lübeck among whose ranks the leaders of the Protestant Reformation in the 1530s could be found
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