While many freelance operators abounded with the Age of Exploration, national interests were also paying attention and quickly organized their own expeditions. The individuals on these ships were also frequently also explorers, but their main mission was to deliver the Rule of Law -- for each's respective country -- on the High Seas.

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Jean-Francois de Galaup

aka: comte de La Pérouse, Jean-François
1741, Aug 231788 ca
a French Naval officer and explorer whose expedition vanished in Oceania. Explored Australia and the Pacific Rim. Lapérouse wrote that he expected to be back in France by June 1789. The documents that he dispatched with the Alexander from the in-progress expedition were returned to Paris, where they were published after his presumed death. However, neither ...
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Dionisio Alcala Galiano

aka: Dionisio Alcalá
1760, Oct 81805, Oct 21
a Spanish naval officer, cartographer, and explorer. He mapped various coastlines in Europe and the Americas with unprecedented accuracy, using new technology such as chronometers. He commanded an expedition that explored and mapped the the pacific Northwest. the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Strait of Georgia, and made the first European circumnavigation o...
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Ambroise Louis Garneray

1783, Feb 191857, Sep 11
a French corsair, painter and writer. He served under Robert Surcouf and Jean-Marie Dutertre, and was held prisoner by the British for eight years. At thirteen, he joined the Navy as a seaman, encouraged by his cousin, Beaulieu-Leloup, commander of the frigate F...
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Ferdinando Gorges

1565/681647, May 24
a naval and military commander and governor of the important port of Plymouth in England. He was involved in Essex's Rebellion against the Queen, but escaped punishment by testifying against the main conspirators. His early involvement in English trade with and settlement of North America as well as his efforts in founding the Province of Maine in 1622 earne...
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Guillaume Gouffier

aka: Seigneur de Bonnivet
1488 ca1525, Feb 24
a French soldier. The younger brother of Artus Gouffier, seigneur de Boisy, tutor of Francis I of France, Bonnivet was brought up with Francis, and after the young king's accession he became one of the most powerful of the royal favourites. In 1515 he was...
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Louis Guillouet

aka: comte d'Orvilliers
1708, Mar 261723-17831792
a French admiral. In 1777, France began assisting the American colonies in their fight for independence from Great Britain. D'Orvilliers was appointed Lieutenant-General of the Navy and prepared to engage the Royal Navy in the Atlantic. His greatest success came in July 1778 during the First Battle of Ushant, when his fleet managed to fend off an attack from...
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