While many freelance operators abounded with the Age of Exploration, national interests were also paying attention and quickly organized their own expeditions. The individuals on these ships were also frequently also explorers, but their main mission was to deliver the Rule of Law -- for each's respective country -- on the High Seas.

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Charles Napier

1786, Mar 61860, Nov 6
a British naval officer whose sixty years in the Royal Navy included service in the War of 1812 (with the United States), the Napoleonic Wars, Syrian War and the Crimean War (with the Russians), and a period commanding the Portuguese navy in the Liberal Wars. An innovator concerned with the development of iron ships, and an advocate of humane reform in the R...
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Charles Elers Napier

1812, May 221847, Dec 20
a British naval officer. In 1830 he was assigned, with the rank of mate, to the frigate HMS Galatea, then commanded by his stepfather, remaining in her until she paid off in January 1832. Later that year he passed the examination for Lieutenant and was assigned to the gunnery school in HMS Excellent.
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Jose Maria Narvaez

aka: José María Narváez
17681780s-18311840, Aug 4
a Spanish naval officer, explorer, and navigator notable for his work in the Gulf Islands and Lower Mainland of present-day British Columbia. In 1791, as commander of the schooner Santa Saturnina, he led the first European exploration of the Strait of Georgia, including a landing on present-day British Columbia's Sunshine Coast. He also entered Burrard Inlet...
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Horatio Nelson

aka: 1st Viscount Nelson, 1st Duke of Bronté, Bronte
1758, Sep 291771-18051805, Oct 21
a British flag officer in the Royal Navy. He was noted for his inspirational leadership, superb grasp of strategy, and unconventional tactics, which together resulted in a number of decisive naval victories, particularly during the Napoleonic Wars. He was wounded several times in combat, losing the sight in one eye in Corsica and most of one arm in the unsuc...
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John Newton

1725, Jul 241807, Dec 21
an English sailor, in the Royal Navy for a period, and later a captain of slave ships. He became ordained as an evangelical Anglican cleric, served Olney, Buckinghamshire for two decades, and also wrote hymns, known for "Amazing Grace" and "Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken".
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Frederic Louis Norden

aka: Frederick, Frederik, Friderick, Ludwig, Ludvig and Lewis
1708, Oct 221742, Sep 22
a Danish naval captain and explorer. Norden made a voyage through Egypt all the way down to Sudan in 1737–1738, on the request of King Christian VI of Denmark. Norden made abundant notes, observations and drawings of everything around him, including people, pharaonic monuments, architecture, installations, maps etc., all of which was published in the posth...
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