While many freelance operators abounded with the Age of Exploration, national interests were also paying attention and quickly organized their own expeditions. The individuals on these ships were also frequently also explorers, but their main mission was to deliver the Rule of Law -- for each's respective country -- on the High Seas.

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Cayetano Valdes y Flores

aka: Valdés y Flores
a commander of the Spanish Navy, explorer, and captain general who served in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, fighting for both sides at different times due to the changing fortunes of Spain in the conflict. Also an explorer, most notable in the Pacific Northwest, where he and Dionisio Alcalá Galiano conducted the first circumnavigation of Vanc...
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Johan van Brakel

1638 ca1666-16901690, Jul 10
Dutch naval officer. In 1687 he was rear-Admiral in a fleet that was active against the Barbary corsairs. He died in battle during the Nine-Year War with France.
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Steven van der Hagen

the first admiral of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). He made three visits to the East Indies, spending six years in all there. He was appointed to the Raad van Indië. Van der Hagen protested against the harsh administration of the administrators, who wanted a monopoly on the clove trade and were willing to fight against their Spanish, Portuguese, Englis...
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Johan van Galen

aka: Jan
16041653, Mar 13
a Commodore of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands. He fought in the Eighty Years' War against Spain, becoming a captain in 1630 and a regular captain in 1635, mostly fighting the Dunkirkers. In 1639, he fought in the Battle of the Downs under the command of Joris van Cats. In 1645, as a Rear-Admiral, Van Galen was part of Vice-A...
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Jacob van Neck

aka: Jacob Corneliszoon, Jacob Cornelius
a Dutch naval officer and explorer who led the second Dutch expedition to Indonesia from 1598 to 1599. Van Neck was from an Amsterdam family in good standing, and received a thorough education. Since he came from a commercial background and was not experienced in sailing, he took extra classes in navigation. Following the success of the first Dutch expeditio...
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Jan van Speyk

aka: van Speijk
1802, Jan 311831, Feb 5
a Dutch naval lieutenant who became a hero in the Netherlands for his opposition to the Belgian Revolution. On February 5, 1831, a gale blew his gunboat into the quay at the port of Antwerp. The Belgians quickly stormed his ship, demanding Van Speijk haul down the Dutch flag. Rather than surrender his ship, he fired a pistol (some versions say he threw a lig...
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George Vancouver

1757, Jun 221772-17951798, May 10
an English officer of the Royal Navy, who explored and charted North America's northwestern Pacific Coast regions, including the coasts of contemporary Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. He also explored the Hawaiian Islands and the southwest coast of Australia.
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Edward Vernon

aka: Old Grog
1684, Nov 121700-17461757, Oct 30
a British naval officer. He had a long and distinguished career, rising to the rank of admiral after 46 years service. As a vice admiral during the War of Jenkins' Ear, in 1739 he was responsible for the capture of Porto Bello, seen as expunging the failure of Admiral Hosier there in a previous conflict. However, his later amphibious operation against Cartag...
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