Crew of Bartholomew Roberts:
Anstis , Thomas: an early 18th-century pirate, who served under Captain {c684} and Captain {c669}, before setting up on his own account, raiding shipping on ...
Armstrong : Born in London. A deserter from the Royal Navy. One of Captain Roberts's crew taken by H.M.S. Swallow, from which ship he had previously des...
  • Good Fortune (1721), brigantine, 18 cannons, stolen from Bartholomew Roberts
  • Morning Star (1721), brigantine, 32 cannons, 1...
The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
The first mention of the name of this notorious pirate occurs in the year 1718, when we hear of him shipping himself at Providence in a sloop called the Buck in company with five other rascals who were conspiring together to seize the vessel and with her go ...
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