Adventure Galley Crew:
Led by William Kidd
Barlycorne , Richard: {c701}’s apprentice ....... English pirate. He sailed on the ship Captain William Kidd ADVENTURE GALLEY in the Caribbean and the India...
Bollen , George: {c701}’s Chief Mate ...... English pirate. He served in the Caribbean. He was an ally of William Kidd. Twelve-year-old broke a lifegua...
Letter of Marque:
(Could have saved his life, not found for 200 years; see the Gallery for image.)
William the Third, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland,

defender of the faith, &c. To our trusty and well beloved Capt. Robert Kidd, commander of

the Adventure Galley with a crue of 80 men and mounting 30 carriage guns...
  • Adventure Galley (1697), merchant galley-Frigate, 34 cannons, 150 men
  • Adventure Prize (1698), formerly Queda Merchant ex-Moorish merchant ship, 34 cannons, 400 tons
  • New York Revenge, unknown ...
The Ballad Of Captain Kidd:
included in The Pirates' Who's Who
A popular ballad was sung to commemorate the life and death of Kidd, who, for some reason, was always called Robert Kidd by the populace. It consists of no less than twenty-four verses, and we here give fifteen of them:


The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
In the whole history of piracy there is no name that has so taken the world's fancy than has that of William Kidd. And yet, if he be judged by his actions as a pirate, he must be placed amongst the second- or even third-rate masters of that craft. He took but two ...
  • 1698, takes £45,000 from the Quedah (400 ton Merchant Treasure Ship) near Rio de la Hacha, Venezuela
Treasure Maps:
George Edmund has spent years researching Captain Kidd's treasure charts. Kidd's Pirate Treasure Charts website discusses the charts, the solution, and his conclusions.

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