Crew of George Lowther:
Led by George Lowther
Churchill [2], John: A member of Captain {c704}’s crew. Captured in West Indies and hanged March 11, 1722, on island of St. Kitts.
Delve , Jonathan: Member of Captain {c704}’s crew in the “Happy Delivery.” Hanged at St. Kitts in 1722.
  • Happy Delivery, previously Gambia Castle (1721), merchant, 16 guns, 50 men
  • Ranger (1720s), sloop, 6, later 10 cannons, 60+ men, with Charles Vane
  • Delivery (1721), unknown type, 16 cannons, 50 men
The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
Sailed as second mate from the Thames in the Gambia Castle, a ship belonging to the African Company, sixteen guns and a crew of thirty men. On board as passengers were Captain Massey and a number of soldiers. Arriving at their destination, Massey quarrelled ...
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