1800, Feb 61857, Dec 23
a French painter and lithographer known for his portraits of famous writers and artists. By 1830 Devéria had become a successful illustrator and had published many lithographs in the form of notebooks and albums (e.g., his illustrations to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Faust, 1828) and romantic novels. He also produced many engravings of libertine contents. Devéria's experience in the art of the vignette and Mezzotint influenced his numerous lithographs, most of which were issued by his father-in-law, Charles-Etienne Motte (1785–1836). Most of his work consisted of "pseudo-historical, pious, sentimental or erotic scenes". (Wright) Since he rarely depicted tragic or grave themes, he appears less Romantic than many other artists of the time. His paintings were mainly done using watercolours.
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