1598, Sep 271657, Aug 7
one of the most important military commanders of the Commonwealth of England and one of the most famous English admirals of the 17th century, whose successes have "never been excelled, not even by Nelson" according to one biographer. Blake is recognised as the chief founder of England's naval supremacy, a dominance subsequently inherited by the British Royal Navy into the early 20th century. Despite this, due to deliberate attempts to expunge the Parliamentarians from history following the Restoration, Blake's achievements tend not to receive the full recognition that they deserve.
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05/19/1652-Battle of Goodwin Sands (aka Battle of Dover): English Admiral Robert Blake drives out Dutch fleet under Lieutenant-Admiral Maarten Tromp
02/20/1653-Defeat of Dutch fleet under Admiral Maarten Tromp by Admiral Robert Blake off Portsmouth 
04/04/1655-Battle of Porto Farina (aka Ghar al Milh), Tunisia -- A Royal Navy squadron sent by Oliver Cromwell under the command of Admiral Robert Blake beats Barbary pirates [-ed 1654? NOT 'Postage Farina' which every other timeline has] 
04/28/1655-English Admiral Robert Blake beats Tunis pirate fleet 
04/20/1657-Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife: English fleet under Robert Blake sinks Spanish silver fleet
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