1583, Sep 241604-16341634, Feb 25
a Bohemian military leader and politician who offered his services, and an army of 30,000 to 100,000 men, during the Thirty Years' War (1618–48), to the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II. He became the supreme commander of the armies of the Habsburg Monarchy and a major figure of the Thirty Years' War. An imperial generalissimo by land, and Admiral of the Baltic Sea from 21 April 1628, who had made himself ruler of the lands of the Duchy of Friedland in northern Bohemia, Wallenstein found himself released from service on 13 August 1630 after Ferdinand grew wary of his ambition.
 Timeline (11)
04/07/1625-Albrecht von Wallenstein appointed German supreme commander
04/25/1626-Battle of Dessau Bridge: Monarch Albrecht von Wallenstein beats Ernst von Mansfeld
04/29/1628-Sweden and Denmark sign defense treaty against Albrecht von Wallenstein 
08/13/1630-Ferdinand II fires supreme commander Albrecht von Wallenstein 
04/16/1632-Albrecht von Wallenstein appointed supreme commander of the armies of the Habsburg Monarchy
05/25/1632-Albrecht von Wallenstein recaptures Prague on Saksen 
09/03/1632-Siege of Nuremberg: Duke Albrecht von Wallenstein beats Sweden
11/16/1632-Battle of Lutzen: Sweden beats imperial armies under Albrecht von Wallenstein
01/24/1634-Emperor Ferdinand II declares Albrecht von Wallenstein a traitor 
02/18/1634-Ferdinand II orders commander Albrecht von Wallenstein's execution 
02/25/1634-Irish captain Walter Devereux kills duke Albrecht von Wallenstein
 Mentions (6)
Hans Georg von Arnim-Boitzenburg
...In 1626, although a Protestant, he was persuaded by Albrecht von Wallenstein to enter into the army of the Holy Roman Empire....
Walter Butler
...served as a Colonel (Oberst) in the Imperial Army under Albrecht von Wallenstein and was involved in Wallenstein's murder in...
Vilem Kinsky the rank of count in the Bohemian nobility when Albrecht von Wallenstein, to which he was connected, was elevated to Duke...
Walter Leslie
...Succession in Northern Italy, under the command of General Albrecht von Wallenstein.
Adam Erdmann Trcka von Lipa
...became a close associate of Imperial Generalissimo Albrecht von Wallenstein. He was killed in the Eger Bloodbath, the culmination...
Johann Tserclaes
...King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. Along with Duke Albrecht von Wallenstein of Friedland and Mecklenburg, he was one of two chief...
Albrecht von Wallenstein1583, Sep 241604
16341634, Feb 25

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16161616, Apr 22
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