1773, Sep 171842, Oct 20
a French antiquary, liberal politician and writer, a member of the Académie des Sciences morales et politiques (1832), under the rubric political economy. A mere list of Laborde's publications is an indication of the range of his interests, above all the works that diffused in Europe a realistic view of picturesque Spain, suffused with the interpretations of Romanticism. His topographic itinerary Itinéraire descriptif de l’Espagne proved unexpectedly useful in Napoleon's invasion of Spain.
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  • Description d’un pavé en mosaïque découvert dans l’ancienne ville d’Italica (1802)
  • Description des nouveaux jardins de la France et de ses anciens châteaux (1803–1815)
  • Lettres sur les sons harmoniques de la ...
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