15691630, Sep 25
a Genoese aristocrat, and Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece and of the Order of Santiago, who served as a Spanish general winning a number of important battles for the Spanish Crown. He is often called "Ambrosio" by Spanish speaking people and is considered one of the greatest military commanders of his time and in the history of the Spanish army.
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09/20/1604-Spanish army under Ambrogio Spinola recaptures Oostende 
08/18/1605-Spanish army under of general Ambrogio Spinola conquers Lingen 
10/28/1605-Spanish army under General Ambrogio Spinola occupies Wachtendonk
10/01/1606-Spanish troops under Ambrogio Spinola occupies fort Rhine birch 
06/05/1625-Siege of Breda ends, Spanish troops under Ambrogio Spinola take the city
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