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sometimes called "the Napoleon of the West", was a Mexican criollo who fought to defend royalist New Spain and then for Mexican independence. He served as a Mexican politician and general. He greatly influenced early Mexican politics and government, and was a skilled soldier and cunning politician, who dominated Mexican history in the first half of the nineteenth century to such an extent that historians often refer to it as the "Age of Santa Anna". He was called "the Man of Destiny", who "loomed over his time like a melodramatic colossus, the uncrowned monarch." Santa Anna first opposed the movement for Mexican independence from Spain, but then fought in support of it. Though not the first caudillo (military leader) of modern Mexico, he "represents the stereotypical caudillo in Mexican history," and among the earliest.
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02/23/1836-Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (and 3,000 Mexicans) begins his siege of the Alamo -- entire garrison of 182 Texans eventually killed after 13 days of fighting
03/13/1836-Sam Houston retreats from Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna's army
04/22/1836-General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna captured by James Austin Sylvester, a Texan soldier under Sam Houston
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