a Spanish pirate active in the South Atlantic during the early 19th century. As well as committing acts of piracy, he was also responsible for several incidents of mass murder. The most infamous of these acts occurred in 1829 when his brig, the Macrinarian, captured the Liverpool packet ship Topaz near St. Helena while en route from Calcutta to Boston. After he and his men had finished looting the ship, Alcantara had the entire crew murdered.
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The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
A Spaniard. Commanded a pirate brig, the Macrinarian. Committed many outrages. Took the Liverpool packet Topaz, from Calcutta to Boston, in 1829, near St. Helena, murdering the whole crew. In the same year he took the Candace, from Marblehead, ...
Captain Mansel Alcantraunknown1829

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