1806, Mar 21871, Jul 3
a Norwegian politician. He graduated from the University of Oslo as cand.jur. in 1831. In 1828 he had been chairman in the Det Norske Studentersamfund for half a year. He was a member of the social circle Intelligenspartiet, whose most famous members were Anton Martin Schweigaard, Frederik Stang and Johan Sebastian Welhaven. Fougstad was a co-editor of their newspaper Den Constitutionelle from 1836 to 1837. He authored the publications Det norske Storthing i 1833, Repertorium for Oplysninger og Unders√łgelser vedkommende viktige Gjenstande for ottende ordentlige Storthings Virksomhed with three volumes in 1835 and 1836 (with Frederik Stang) and Det norske Storthing i 1836.
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