1606, Oct 121678, Sep 19
Prince-bishop of Münster. He was born into a noble Westphalian family. Reduced to poverty through the loss of his paternal inheritance, he took holy orders; but this did not prevent him from fighting on the side of Emperor Ferdinand III during the concluding stages of the Thirty Years' War. In 1650, he succeeded Ferdinand of Bavaria, Archbishop of Cologne, as Bishop of Münster. After restoring a degree of peace and prosperity in his principality, Galen had to contend with a formidable insurrection on the part of the citizens of Münster; but in 1661 this was solved by occupying the city. The bishop, who maintained a strong army, became an important personage in Europe.
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04/18/1666-Peace of Kleef: Netherlands and bishop Christoph Bernhard von Galen of Munster 
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