1578 ca1652
a Dutch Golden Age painter. According to Karel van Mander he was a good painter, disciple of Jan Nagel, related to Maarten van Heemskerck, and specialized in landscapes. According to Houbraken who mentions that he was listed on the last page of the Schilder-boeck, his works hung in the Alkmaar city hall when he was writing, and he mentions landscape views of Egmond Abbey, a Judgment of Solomon, portraits, and other historical allegories. He helped set up the Alkmaar Guild of Saint Luke in 1631. According to the RKD he helped set up the Alkmaar Guild of Saint Luke in 1632, and much of his work hangs in the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. Several of his landscapes of Egmond hang in that museum and one of them shows a landscape of Egmond aan Zee as it looked before it was washed to sea in 1717.
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