1751, Sep 301832, Jul 18
claimed to be the first inventor of the steamboat. In 1773, Jouffroy d'Abbans met with the Perier (fr) brothers and studied in their workshop the Pompe à feu (Fire pump), which had been used as a motive force for the hydraulic machine developed by Chaillot, in order to apply to ship propulsion. In 1776, Jouffroy d'Abbans develop a 13-meter steamship, the Palmipède, in which the engine moved oars equipped with rotating blades. The ship sailed on the Doubs in June and July 1776.
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07/15/1783-Claude-François-Dorothée de Jouffroy, the marquis de Jouffroy d'Abbans, demonstrates the first successful steamboat, Pyroscaphe, on the River Saône at Lyon.
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