1642, Mar 21693, Apr 20
a Spanish Baroque painter. Coello is considered the last great Spanish painter of the 17th century. Coello was the last Spanish painter of eminence for some years, as from the time that Luca Giordano was summoned to Spain, the art sank gradually to its decay. Many excellent examples of his work are to be seen in the churches and convents in Madrid, Saragossa, and Salamanca. But his principal work is the famous altar-piece in the sacristy of San Lorenzo, in the Escorial, representing the 'Adoration of the Miraculous Host.' It is an immense composition, and occupied the painter seven years.
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Jose Claudio Antolinez
...Some note he played maddening jokes on his colleagues Claudio Coello and Cabezalero as well as Itizi, whom he called...
Teodoro Ardemans
...architect and painter. He was a disciple of the painter Claudio Coello, although he mainly practiced architecture;...
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