16611690s-17011701, May 23
Kidnapped servant turned pirate.....This Irish pirate was born in the north of Ireland, not many miles from Londonderry. Being left an orphan at the age of 18, he was sold to a planter in the West Indies for a term of four years. After the great earthquake at Jamaica in 1691, Mullins built himself a house at Kingston and ran it as a punch-house—often a very profitable business when the buccaneers returned to Port Royal with good plunder. This business failing, he went to New York, where he met Captain Kidd, and was, according to his own story, persuaded to engage in piracy, it being urged that the robbing only of infidels, the enemies of Christianity, was an act, not only lawful, but one highly meritorious. At his trial later on in London his judges did not agree with this view of the rights of property, and Mullins was hanged at Execution Dock on May 23rd, 1701.
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The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
This Irish pirate was born in the north of Ireland, not many miles from Londonderry. Being left an orphan at the age of 18, he was sold to a planter in the West Indies for a term of four years.

After the great earthquake at Jamaica in 1691, Mullins built him...
Darby Mullins16611690
17011701, May 23

William Moore1665 ca1690s c
1690s 91697, Oct 30
 English pirate, master gunner. He sailed on the ship Captain William Kidd ADVENTURE GALLEY in th...
Hendrick van der Heulunknown1690s c
1690s 91710 ca
 a Dutch privateer who served with Captain William Kidd as his quartermaster. He later purportedly...
William Bishop [2]unknown1680
 One of Avery's crew. Hanged at Execution Dock in 1691.
Captain William Mason [1]unknown1689
16921692 ca
 English captain and pirate. He served in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.... In 1689 he was a...
Captain Edward Coatesunknown1692
16921694 ca
 a colonial American privateer in English service during the King William's War and later a pirate...
John Cooke [2]unknown1680
1694 unknown
 an English buccaneer who led an expedition against the Spanish in the early 1680s. This buccaneer...
John Dannunknown1694
  sailed with Henry Avery, later arrested in Dublin at the trial testified against Avery.
Joseph Farrellunknown1694
 Farrell commanded the Portsmouth Adventurer until it was shipwrecked. He worked with both William...
Robert Gloverunknown1694
Captain Laurens de Graff16531682
16951704, May 24
 a Dutch pirate, mercenary, and naval officer in the service of the French colony of Saint-Domingu...
Captain William Mazeunknown1689
16951700 ca
 A notorious pirate; particularly mentioned in the royal warrant authorizing Captain William Kidd ...
Thomas Tewunknown1692
16951695, Sep
 a 17th-century English privateer-turned-pirate. Although he embarked on only two major piratical ...
Captain William Wantunknown1693
 Pirate Captain. Vessel: The Dolphin ……A Carolina pirate who commanded a ship named the “Dol...
George Drewunknown1695
Edward Forseithunknown1690
 One of Captain Avery's crew. Hanged at Execution Dock, 1696.
Captain Henry Every1659, Aug 231695
 an English pirate who operated in the Atlantic and Indian oceans in the mid-1690s. He probably us...
Richard Barlycorne16821696
16961750 ca
 William Kidd’s apprentice ....... English pirate. He sailed on the ship Captain William Kid...
George Bollenunknown1696
16961700 ca
 William Kidd’s Chief Mate ...... English pirate. He served in the Caribbean. He was an ally...
Robert Bradinham1650 ca1696
16961710 ca
 Ship’s Surgeon with William Kidd ........ English pirate ship's doctor and surgeon. He sailed...
Captain Samuel Bradley1650 ca1696
16961700 ca
 English pirate and captain. He served in the Caribbean. Sailed with William Kidd. Also Kidd’s b...
Edward Buckmaster1660 ca1696
16961696 ca
 owner of the tavern near the docks of New York, a secret agent of William Kidd. Sailed with Willi...
Frans Cordyneunknown1696
Isaac Deenesunknown1696
 the baker from New Jersey, joined William Kidd.
Saunders Douglasunknown1696
 the servant of New York, joined William Kidd, along with Michel Houdenom.
Patrick Dremerunknown1696
 working out of Philadelphia, joined William Kidd.
Benjamin Franksunknown1696
Edward Grayhamunknown1696
 New York carpenter, signed on with William Kidd.
Tom Greenunknown1696
Joseph Jonesunknown1696
Samuel Kennelsunknown1696
Henry Meadunknown1696
 Experienced seaman or Officer
Abeel Owenunknown1696
16961710 ca
 Ship's cook.....English pirate. He sailed on the ship Captain William Kidd ADVENTURE GALLEY in th...
Thomas Wakeunknown1696
16961700 ca
 Pirate Captain. Vessel: The Susannah ....... English pirate captain on the ship SUSANNAH, know...
William Wakemanunknown1696
 Shoemaker turned Pirate
John Walker [2]unknown1696
 Quartermaster to William Kidd
Alexandre-Olivier Exquemelin16451669
 a French, Dutch or Flemish writer best known as the author of one of the most important sourceboo...
Jean Bart1650, Oct 211672
16971702, Apr 27
 a French naval commander and privateer. He served in the Dutch Navy and later became a successful...
Laurens de Graaf16531672
16971704, May 24
 Characterised as "a great and mischievous pirate" by Henry Morgan, de Graaf was a Dutch pirate, m...
Jean-Baptiste du Casse16461676
 a French buccaneer, admiral, and colonial administrator who served throughout the Atlantic World ...
Adam Baldridgeunknown1685
 an English pirate and one of the early founders of the pirate settlements in Madagascar. Fleeing ...
John Burtonunknown1696
 Sailed with William Kidd ... English pirate, he worked in the Indian Ocean. It was originally...
Captain Blancunknown1697
16971700 ca
 participant of the attack on Cartagena ...... French pirate, he worked in the Caribbean. He pa...
Captain Bloutunknown1697
16971699 ca
 participant of the attack on Cartagena. ..... French pirate of the Caribbean. He participated...
Captain Cottuyunknown1697
 Buccaneer Captain
John Hoar16221697
16971704, Apr 2
 pirate.....During wartime, Captain Hoar captured a French ship. He was permitted to purchase her ...
Captain Macary unknown1697
Captain Paysunknown1697
Captain Pierreunknown1697
Captain Sales unknown1697
Richard Shiversunknown1697
 This South Sea pirate cruised in company with Culliford and Nathaniel North in the Red Sea, preyi...
Sir James Houblon1629, Jul1654
16981700, Oct
 an influential merchant and Member of Parliament for the City of London. He held appointments in ...
Sidi Abdulla Ben Aissaunknown1672
16981698 ca
 pirate who targeted French ships. ..... Berber (Moroccan) pirate. He served in the Mediterran...
Robert Culliford16661690
16981710 ca
 an English pirate from Cornwall who is best remembered for repeatedly checking the designs of Cap...
Antonio Fuetunknown1660
 This French pirate from Narbonne was known as Captain Moidore. Once, when he was attacking a ship...
Captain Allestonunknown1679
 Commanded a vessel of eighteen tons, no guns, and a crew of twenty-four. In March, 1679, sailed i...
Christopher Goffeunknown1680
 Originally one of Captain Woollery's crew of Rhode Island pirates. In November, 1687, he surrende...
Thomas Hawkins [2]unknown1680
 Born at Boston. Turned pirate and cruised with Captain Pound. Tried for piracy at Boston in 1690,...
Captain Knotunknown1680
 An old Massachusetts pirate who retired from the sea and was settled in Boston in 1699. His wife ...
Sion Arnoldunknown1690
 A Madagascar pirate, who was brought to New England by Captain Shelley in 1699.
Captain Burkunknown1690
 An Irishman, who committed many piracies on the coast of Newfoundland. Drowned in the Atlantic du...
Moses Butterworthunknown1690
 a crew member of Captain Kidd
John Carr [1]unknown1690
 A Massachusetts pirate, one of Hore's crew, who was hiding in Rhode Island in 1699.
Joseph Danunknown1690
 One of Avery's crew. Turned King's witness at his trial in 1696, and was not hanged.
 Corsair. An English renegade. When Roberts was cast away on June 12th, 1692, in Nio, a small isla...
Joseph Dawsonunknown1690
 Crew member of Charles the Second, captained by Henry Every. Captured and tried at the Old Bailey...
Baron Bernard Desjean1645, Oct 71690
16991707, Apr 24
 a French admiral and privateer. In 1697, he undertook his greatest expedition: the Raid on Cartag...
Francis Doleunknown1690
 Was one of Hore's crew. Lived with his wife, when not "on the account," at his house at Charlesto...
 aka James Kelly? ...Captain Knot's wife gave information to the Governor, the Earl of Bellomont, ...
William Jenkins16821690
16991750 ca
 Age 14. ....... English pirate, sailed on the ship Captain William Kidd ADVENTURE GALLEY in th...
Captain James Lewisunknown1690
 After being a prisoner in France, he managed to reach Spain, and was with Avery when he seized th...
William Neff16671690
 Born at Haverhill, Massachusetts, in 1667. A soldier, one of the guard at Fort Loyal, Falmouth...
John Sparkesunknown1690
 A member of Captain Avery's crew, and described by one of his shipmates as being "a true cock of ...
Ralph Stoutunknown1690
 In 1692 Stout was arrested in India while serving with James Kelley. The prisoners escaped by boa...
Dirk Chiversunknown1694
 a Dutch pirate active in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean during the 1690s. Dirk Chivers is first rec...
Captain William Kidd1645, Jan 221695
16991701, May 23
 a Scottish sailor who was tried and executed for piracy after returning from a voyage to the Indi...
Robert Lamley16841696
16991750 ca
 Age English pirate and an associate of pirate captain William Kidd. He sailed on the s...
Hugh Banksunknown1699
16991699 ca
 Suspected pirate ...... English pirate with paranoia. He was jailed captain Mathew Lowth.
Lewis Ferdinandounknown1699
 In 1699 he captured a sloop belonging to Samuel Salters, of Bermuda.
Evan Jonesunknown1699
 Captain of Beckford Galley.
Gabriel Loffeunknown1699
16991720 ca
 Swedish Pirate. He sailed on Captain William Kidd's ADVENTURE PRIZE in the Caribbean and the Indi...
Richard Roperunknown1699
Martin Skinesunknown1699
Stephen Smithunknown1699
John Smith [5]unknown1699
John Swannunknown1699
Matthew Tryerunknown1699
 A Carolina pirate, accused and acquitted on a charge of having captured a sloop belonging to Samu...
Humphrey Vieleunknown1699
Tee Wetherleyunknown1690
 A Massachusetts pirate, with only one eye. Captured in 1699 with the pirate Joseph Bradish and pu...
George Booth1660 ca1696
 an English pirate who was one of the earliest active in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. His cre...
Captain Joseph Bradish1672, Nov 281698
 A notorious pirate. Born at Cambridge, Massachusetts, on November 28th, 1672. In March, 1689, was...
Daniel Burgessunknown1700
 Captured the ship he was mate on – The Neptune
Richard Hornunknown1700
Richard Wildayunknown1700
Captain John Irelandunknown1700s c
1700s 91710 ca
 Irish pirate and captain. He served in the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of America and in the...
Thomas Howard [3]unknown1693
 a pirate primarily active in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea during the Golden Age of Piracy. He...
Anne Dieu-Le-Veut1661, Aug 281650
17041710, Jan 11
 a French Pirate. Alongside Jacquotte Delahaye she was one of very few female Buccaneers. She was ...
John Bowenunknown1700
 a pirate of Créole origin active during the Golden Age of Piracy. He sailed with other famous co...
Lionel Wafer16401679
 a Welsh explorer, buccaneer and privateer. A ship's surgeon, Wafer made several voyages to the So...
Abraham Samuelunknown1690
 a mulatto pirate, born in Martinique, of the Indian Ocean in the days of the Pirate Round in the ...
Captain Danielunknown1700
 Raided in the Caribbean, his adventures are described by the French missionary father Labat.
Captain William Mayunknown1680
 English pirate captain of the PEARL and also known as PEARL OF RHODE ISLAND. He served in the Ca...
Nathaniel North16711689
 a Bermuda-born pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy, operating in the Indian Ocean under John B...
 Although at one time a pirate, by some means or other he became appointed to the office of Deputy...
Major Thomas Jones [1]16651690
  as a young man, he joined the Irish who fought unsuccessfully for James the 2nd against the Brit...
Benjamin Parkinsunknown1690
 Crew member of The Charles, commanded by John Quelch
Captain Thomas Whiteunknown1690
 White migrated to Barbados from Plymouth after serving in the Royal Navy. Circa 1698, White was i...
Captain Brown [2]unknown1700
 On July 24th, 1702, sailed from Jamaica in command of the Blessing — ten guns and crew of seven...
Captain Christianunknown1700
 In 1702 the town of Tolu was sacked by Captain Brown of the Blessing. Brown was killed, and Chris...
Cornelis Gerritsunknown1700
 Gerrits was active as a privateer at the beginning of the 18th century. He was the Captain of the...
Mr. Hopkinsunknown1700
 Buccaneer and apothecary. First lieutenant to Captain Dover (a doctor of physic) on board the Duc...
Captain James [3]unknown1700
 About 1709 commanded a pirate brigantine off Madagascar. Sailed for some time in company with a N...
William Jones [1]unknown1700
 Tried for piracy at Boston, 1704.
Captain Thomas Larimoreunknown1700
17091704, Jun 11
 Commanded the Larimore galley. In 1704 was with the pirate John Quelch and several other pirates,...
Nicholas Lawrenceunknown1700
 Tried for piracy with the rest of John Quelch's crew at Boston in 1704.
Antonio Mendozaunknown1700
 A Spaniard from San Domingo. Mention is made of this unlucky mariner in a very interesting docum...
Peter Painterunknown1700
 A Carolina pirate who retired to live in Charleston, South Carolina. Became a respected citizen o...
Captain Charles Pickeringunknown1700
 Commanded the Cinque Ports galley, sixteen guns, crew of sixty-three men, and accompanied William...
Captain Daniel Plowmanunknown1700
 Captain of the Charles. Departed Boston in July 1703 on a mission to attack Spanish and French sh...
Captain John Pullingunknown1700
 Commanded the Fame, which set out in 1703 in company with William Dampier in the St. George on a ...
William Raynor1670 ca1700
17091710 ca
 an English pirate, he worked in the Caribbean. He was a member of the crew of the pirate ship The...
Captain Ort Van Tyleunknown1700
 A Dutchman from New York. A successful pirate in the days of the Madagascan sea-rovers. For some ...
William Dampier1651, Sep1673
17151715, Mar
 the first Englishman to explore parts of what is today Australia, and the first person to circumn...
Alexander Dalzeel16621685
17151715, Dec 5
 a seventeenth-century pirate and former officer under Henry Avery. According to pirate lore, Dalz...
Captain Samuel Burgess16501690
 Burgess was a member of Captain William Kidd's crew in 1690 when the Blessed William was seized. ...
Stephen Jamesunknown1690
 Tried and hanged for piracy at Charleston in 1717.
Joseph Riversunknown1690
 Joseph Rivers was a rarity: a pirate with a long resume. Most pirates died young, sometimes at th...
Captain Dennis McCarthyunknown1690
 ref: the history of pirates. Of New Providence, Bahama Islands. This pirate and prize-fighter wa...
Joseph Palmerunknown1690
17191720 ca
 English pirate. He sailed on the ship Captain William Kidd ADVENTURE GALLEY in the Caribbean and ...
Hugh Parrotunknown1690
17191720 ca
 English pirate. He sailed on the ship Captain William Kidd ADVENTURE GALLEY in the Caribbean and ...
Alexander Selkirk16761690
17191721, Dec 13
 a Scottish sailor who spent more than four years as a castaway after being marooned on an uninhab...
Emanuel Wynnunknown1690
 a French pirate of the 18th century, and is often considered the first pirate to fly the Jolly Ro...
Jan Andriessenunknown1700
 Dutch privateer in the eighteenth century. Captain of the yacht the Fortuyn between 1701 and 1719.
Black Caesarunknown1700
 an 18th-century African pirate. For nearly a decade, he raided shipping from the Florida Keys and...
John Clippertonunknown1700
 Sailed with William Dampier in 1703
Jonas Berntsson Lambert-Wenman1665 ca1680
 Jonas Berntsson Lambert-Wenman was born in Ume, Vsterbotten, Sweden in approximately 1665. He was...
Conajee Angria1669, Aug1698
17291729, Jul 4
 the first notable chief of the Maratha Navy in 18th century India. He fought against the British,...
Captain Miguel Henriquez1674-801700
 a privateer from San Juan, Puerto Rico who operated during the early 18th century. A mulatto born...
Réné Duguay-Trouin1673, Jun 101690
 Privateer......This Breton corsair from St. Malo became so famous for his attacks on British ship...
Lancelot Blackburne1658, Dec 101680
17431743, Mar 23
 an English clergyman, who became Archbishop of York, and – in popular belief – a pirate. He w...
Jean Francois Chambrayunknown1687
 Knight of Malta
La Marquise de Fresneunknown1680
 Female pirate. Active late 1600's, Mediterranean Pirate
Captain James Missonunknown1690
 The account of Captain Misson is highly disputed by historians. He is described in the 2nd volume...
Jan Lensunknown1700
 Dutch privateer in the 18th century. Sold one of the prizes he captured, together with Erasmus Mu...
Erasmus Mullerunknown1700
 Dutch privateer in the 18th century. Sold one of the prizes he captured, together with Jan Lens, ...
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