1600 ca1664
a French Calvinist theologian and philosopher. Derodon was born at Die, in the Dauphiné. He had the reputation of being one of the most eminent logicians of his time. His knowledge of philosophy was both extensive and profound. He taught philosophy at Orange, at Nismes, and at Geneva. He inclined to the doctrines of Pierre Gassendi rather than to those of the Cartesian philosophy. He had frequent discussions with the followers of Rene Descartes. He kept up a close correspondence with many learned men of his time, particularly with Galileo Galilei and Descartes. He admitted the truth of Aristotle's general principles, and made them the foundation of his public lectures on philosophy. Matter and form, the different principles of causation, the division of the soul into the vegetable, the sensitive, and the rational, may all be found in the speculations of Derodon. His great delight lay, however, in argumentation.
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