1765, Mar 181849, May 2
a Dutch soldier who fought both for and against Napoleon. He commanded the Third Netherlands Division that intervened at a crucial moment in the Battle of Waterloo. In 1830 he bombarded the city of Antwerp as commander of Antwerp Citadel during the Belgian Revolution. Chassé entered the Dutch army as a ten-year-old cadet in his father's regiment in 1775. He was promoted to second lieutenant in 1781. He resigned his commission in 1786 because of his sympathy for the Patriot party in their opposition to the autocratic regime of stadtholder William V, Prince of Orange.
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12/31/1808-Dutch Brigade under Brigadier General David Hendrik Chasse reaches Madrid
10/27/1830-Major-General Baron David Hendrik Chasse bombs Antwerp during the Belgian revolution
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