Dutch corsair who commanded a WIC expedition to Brazil bringing back over 12 Portuguese and Spanish prizes. In 1628 Uitgeest commanded a fleet of 12 ships on a privateering commission of the Dutch West Indies Company to Brazil. When he returned with his fleet in April of 1629 it was with a very good result: he had captured more than 12 Spanish and Portuguese ships during his voyages. One of the ships under his command was the Ter Veere. The Captain of this ship was Jacob Hendrikzoon Lucifer, the son of Hendrik Jacobszoon Lucifer......THE year 1628 was for the West India Company one of extraordinary activity Fleet after fleet left the Dutch ports well equipped and under experienced leaders to attack the king of Spain in the western seas The first of these under Dirk Simonszoon van Uitgeest 1 consisting of twelve 2 ships and yachts sailed from the Texel on 24 Jan bound in the first instance for the coast of Brazil On the very same day a squadron under Pieter Adriaan zoon Ita put to sea its destination being the West Indies This detachment was followed in the course of the next month by other vessels belonging to Ita's fleet which was equal in number to that of Uitgeest but the ships of larger size and more powerful armament The voyages of both commanders were attended by exceptional success Uitgeest had the good fortune to capture a Portuguese fleet returning from Goa richly laden with the products of the East including a number of large diamonds and other precious stones while besides lesser prizes on 1 Aug after a desperate struggle in which 300 Spaniards lost their lives Ita made himself master of the two large and well equipped galleons the Nuestra Seiiora delos Eemedios and the S Jago which carried on the traffic between the mother country and the Honduras 3 and whose cargoes consisting of hides indigo ginger and other articles were of great value The success of these expeditions however was entirely cast into the shade by the great feat of Piet Hein to which I have already referred 4 At the end of May 1628 the renowned admiral was once more at sea having under his command a fine fleet of thirty one mostly powerful vessels 9 .....
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Dirck Simonszoon van Uitgeestunknown1628/29

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Dirck Simonszoon van Uitgeest1590 ca1620
16291635 ca
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1639 unknown
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Zheng Zhilong16041623
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Cornelis Evertsen the Elder1610, Aug 41626
16661666, Jun 11
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Grillo Diego unknown1620
  Spanish but worked for the French, Hanged
Pierre Le Grandunknown1620 or 1660
 a French buccaneer of the 17th century. He is known to history only from one source, Alexandre Ex...
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