1777, Jan 251861, Oct 6
Canneman began his career as deputy secretary of the General Lending Bank of the People of Holland from 1795, then he was from 1798 to 1801 chief of the office copy of the agent for Finance of the Batavian Republic; then head of the treasury titled clerk, secretary (1805-1806) respectively. Secretary-General of Finance (1806-1810). From 1810 to the end of 1811 Secretary General of the commissariat of Finance. After that, he was Director of Direct Taxes of the Department of the Mouths of the Meuse (1812-1813). In November 1813 he was helpful to the Provisional Government under GK of Hogendorp . As Commissioner General of Finance (in fact Minister of Finance ), he served from November 29, 1813 to April 6, 1814, when he was by William I as a member of the Council of State was appointed. From 1814 to 1819 he was in command of William I to Paris as State Councillor Extraordinary as Auditor-General in charge of the liquidation of the debt of France.
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11/29/1813-Elias Canneman (Lib) becomes minister of Finance 
04/09/1814-Elias Canneman (Lib) resigns as minister of Finance 
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