unknown1719, Jun - 1723, May1723, May
an early 17th-century English pirate who sailed with Captain Bartholomew Roberts and later had a brief partnership with Thomas Anstis. Although much of his early career is unrecorded, he was a member of Captain Roberts's fleet in June 1719 to April 1720, until leaving with fellow member Thomas Anstis, who was awarded command of the 21-gun Morning Star shortly before leaving the West Indies for the West African coast during the night of April 21, 1721.
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Crew of Bartholomew Roberts:
Anstis , Thomas: an early 18th-century pirate, who served under Captain Howell Davis and Captain Bartholomew Roberts, before setting up on his own account, raiding shipping on ...
Armstrong : Born in London. A deserter from the Royal Navy. One of Captain Roberts's crew taken by H.M.S. Swallow, from which ship he had previously des...
  • Morning Star (1721), brigantine, 32 cannons, 100 men, with Thomas Anstis
  • Antelope, Sloop 24 Guns
The Pirates' Who's Who:
(P. Gosse, 1924)
In the year 1721 Captain Anstis took prize a stout ship, the Morning Star, bound from Guiney to Carolina. This ship the pirates armed with thirty-two pieces of cannon, manned her with a crew of one hundred men, and placed Fenn in command, who had until then ...
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